Monday, June 04, 2007

Low Carb, thanks

Low Carb
I don't do low carb but I found a great low carb article For low carbers I found this great article on Top Ten mistakes Low carbers make. article shows you where you can get low carb sources of fiber. Many people confuse high carb with high fiber. A lot of high carb foods have little or no carbs since they are mostly sugar. I found poor articles written on low carb in the past that fiber is not needed. Fiber is not a mircle diet food but the reason we need it, because without it we’re constipated and grumpy. You don’t want to down large almounts of fiber mixes that can cause bloating especially if the person is a soda drinker.

Thankful list
My husband and little one
De-cluttering things I don’t need that may


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