Saturday, June 02, 2007

Budget Luxury: Help the earth and Your Wallet in Luxury, Thankful,

Budget Luxury: Help the earth and Your Wallet in Luxury, Thankful,
VH Melville
This list of green ideas does three things; they care for the environment, save money and even add luxury. This way you can also save on the things you want.
1. Use real cloth napkins instead of paper. Unless you’re doing a huge picnic cloth is a good chose. This look elegant, make less trash ad save money.
2. Use powdered milk. Powdered milk wastes less than both regular or raw because you only make it when you need it. Powdered milk also saves gas since you are less likely to have to rush to the store. Powdered milk is also used in many expensive smoothie mixes and they even sell organic powdered milk if you want organic.
3. Use pretty rags as paper towels. Cut up good looking cloth to do wipe downs instead of ugly cloth you don’t want to use.
4. Unless you’re using your grocery bags for trash bags you might want to bring cloth bags to the store and have the groceries fill that instead of paper or plastic. Plastic bags cost the store money which add to your prices.
5. Visit the library: There is something mystical about the library. You can find which books are worth your money.

Thankful list
My husband and little one
Finding the battery charger
My stability ball


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