Monday, October 15, 2007

Date Night, Update: Environment Blog Action

Date Night
I got smoked pork hocks and ginger for my husband's iron chef supper. Of course he won, he's seeing the judge and he's the only contestant. He made a really rich tasting rice pilaf with a ginger ham cream. I used my flex points. It was so worth it.

What I do for the environment
I guess today is Blog Action Day
Found out from Jodi's Just Another Weigh

I use powdered milk
I walk to the grocery store
I use cloth napkins
I sometimes use cloth wipes sometimes use toilet paper.
I brown bag my husband's lunch
I buy food in bulk sometimes
I write articles with tips for others
I buy ebooks as well as paperbooks

Last week I did really well with grocery budget and that was combined with date night food.

Stall Broken
After three weeks I finally broke my stall and get this it was from upping my calories and lost two pound. I just upped them by around 100 calories a day and it had really helped. I still have a deficit but I am less hungry. Two pounds over three four weeks might not be a lot but I will take it. You can't always lose constantly. But some people have massive stalls that last for months. Due to everything from not eating enough, illness or medication.
Many people who've had big losses give up when the weight slows down or stalls. Sometimes you won't lose.
The scale sometimes lie. Some ways to break stalls is change your exercise adds more or less calories or drink more water.

Thankful List
My husband
My little ones
Good Food like veggies, apples, low fat cheeses, mmmm
Soft pillows '


Blogger jodi said...

date night sounds like a lot of fun, i may have to steal that 'iron chef' idea... :o)

congrats on your loss! trying to lose weight is such a test against patience... giving-up is not the answer because your body is going to do what it's READY to do... i've heard that upping calories can get things moving again, so nice job! :o)

4:54 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

It was my husbands idea and it's a lot of fun. I also get a day off of cooking. :-)

Adding the 100 calories a day really helped me. Also adding lots more veggies :-) mmmmmmmm

5:42 PM  

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