Thursday, October 18, 2007

Restaurant Confession, Thrift and Luxury, Free Charity, thanks

Restaurant Confession
If I could go try any restaurant in the world it would be Moto in Chicago. I am busy though. I love food, I love science, and I love entertainment. Chef Cantu food is expensive but where else could you eat edible menus and food prepared with a class four laser?
I wish that people that couldn't get there could mail order it and get a DVD with an edible invoice and some fun but elegant food? How cool would that be?
I also wouldn't mind Trying out Teany it sounds like a cute little tea shop and the fact they have herb teas as well sounds cool.

Thrift and Luxury
I am doing well but would like to reduce spending even more just to see if I could. I feel I have been spendy lately. I am addicted to good chocolate, fruits and vegetables. Does anyone read books about thrift and which ones do you like?

Free Charity
All you do is have to click on a link to help others

Give away free books to children in need

Donate a free mammogram

Feed People

Thankful List
My husband
My little ones
Corn tortillas
Green vegetables
Lean meats


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