Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Two more Books

I bought two books this week that I felt would help me make major changes in my life. They have not shipped yet. I did a month of research to pare it down to these two books. The original list was very large.
I gave away and threw out more books than I bought today. I will add a couple more books to my give away pile. I find cookbooks even ones I don't use or like are the hardest to give up. I am paring down my cookbook collection. I discovered an activity book I actually needed near my cookbooks.
When I moved here our stuff didn't arrive till months later. I really missed favorite pots and pans, food storage, photo albums and favorite DVds. There was a lot I didn’t miss cleaning. We brought our scriptures, clothes, roomba and blender.
I want to de-clutter at least one more cookbook and one more book that I will never re-read.

I am making many positive changes in my life. I really like this new me.

I hope to start eating well again Monday. I am not going to lie I have some fun eating this weekend. I was thinking of slim fast to jump start into WW again but they don't sell it in powder just the packaged ones. I feel it be better for the earth.

Thankful list


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