Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Computer, changes, Free PR, thankful list

My Computer
My computer would not start in anything but safe mode with networking
Today. I will try to get my computer to run regular. I am trying to lower my electricity bill by being green.

What's happening to the blog beside the name change?
I am working on an ebook on being green and it will be free or a dollar but I am leaning to free. I feel free will help more people. I want to offer free children's self help books as well. I want to offer free resources to people with delayed children. I feel that they have been ripped off enugh.

Free PR for Work at home
Q What's with the allowing people to post ad days?
We will be running this free PR opportunity for the next couple of weeks
1. Stay at home business are greener because they use less fuel
2. Also with this economy I want to help as many people as possible.
Q do you post for me?
A. No you put your information in the comment section. I do not post them for you.
Q What don't you want posted?
1. Any site that is diet supplement heavy
2. Sites Pornography
3. Something that doesn’t have a real product. No you give money to five people sort of business.
4. Items that are highly damaging to the ecosystem.

Q are you responsible for posts
A No be careful even if it seems legitimate do your research.

Q Do you have anything to sell?
A. Not right now.
Q how many times may I post
A. Every day but do not do the same add over and over again. Spam is boring talk about other issues as well. Tell us about yourself why you started your business.

Q What can I advertise?
1. A café press, zazzle, etsy or ebay store.
2. A book you have written, children's, green, educational, cooking, fitness, self help, sweet romance novels, sci-fi, fitness and more.
3. A recycled jewelry
4. Homemade Earth friendly products
5. A green or educational blog
6. An Amazon affiliate store
7. A used mail order store

Thankful List
Husband girls
Strength training
My new green supplies
The fact I can get in safe mode with network.


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