Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Our little Excuses

I am still unpacking. That will be my exercise for the day as well as berry picking later. I need to get my exercise equipment ready so I can exercise while on the comp. It might sound silly but it’s a lot of fun. I’ve gotten much further last night and actually got some of the books put up. My feet hurt and I feel like some major pampering. I need it. I think I have one DVD of the reality show Manor House on Netflix that just came. It makes people live as the Edwardians have lived and shows more of the t dark history even more so Than Even Upstairs Downstairs.

I have Excuses for getting unhealthy again. I am too busy is one of mine.

What are Our Excuses for Not Trying to get Healthy?

I am not a celebrity and they have it easier:
There will always be someone who has it easier or harder than you. There are some people things are just harder for and some people who can’t afford 11$ a week for a weight watcher and a $26 dollar copy of Yourself! Fitness. Most of us who say we’re not a celebrity have enough or more resources.
I am thinking it might not be any easier for celebrities with body issues then us. They are treated differently, A normal to thin person in the real world is called fat in the celebrity world. Then they have more access to crazy weightless schemes because scam artists would be drawn to the money and hope of getting their diet out. Yes stars may get thinner faster doesn’t mean they are healthier. Being able to have a trainer is great but some trainers are more about selling supplement than they are about training. Many of these trainers have little or no education in supplements or in diet plans. You might find a better trainer at your gym than some celebrities have.

I Eat the Same Foods Everyday Why is this not working?
You might be eating the same foods but not the same amount. A man complained to his ww leader about this. I met the leader. He finally journeyed and lost weight. He found out in an evening he was eating the same 1 point snack he always did 17 times. If measuring your cereal bores you why not get bowls in half and one cup sizes. I do not care what diet your on, WW, south Beach, all are helped by journaling.
I can quit after I get down to the size I want.
If you quit you will gain your weight back. No diet will teach you to eat thin. You will eat more to maintain but you still

I don’t have the Willpower:
Will power will get you nowhere. None of us really have all that much of it. Do not deprive yourself with crash diets of fasting or only eating lemons, turunups and celery all day and then you find yourself eating half a cheese cake, three slices of pizza, and four containers of Chinese food.
Ephedra got Banned:
Ephedra is unsafe.
People have died from these pills. If transfats resulted in weight loss people would be screaming for transfats. Ephedra-based diet supplements have finally been completely and full banned in august.
Some diet pills even make it harder to lose the next time. What a lot of people do not know is that due to a law passed by congress it’s extremely hard for the FDA to currently ban anything. Meaning the evidence was overwhelming about Ephedra.
Steve Bechler took just three pills. He thought since it was over the counter the pills were safe. Steve's life was cut short.
A lot of people like to blame Steve's death on him. It wasn't Steve’s fault.
Another death
http://www.lexisone.com/news/nlibrary/m071404d.htmle has to be extrodinanry for anything to get banned.

I will never look like a Barbie/Ken Doll.
Barbie and Ken dolls aren’t normal they are plastic dolls with rubber heads filled with air. Be the healthiest-strongest you. Be the you that loves himself/herself at any weight.
I am Gaining a couple pounds in single Day
You frustrated when you weighed in after dinner. You are journaling but are 4 pounds since your morning weigh in. Did I eat too many carbs or calories? Most likely you did nothing wrong. You can gain on average 6 pounds of fake weight in a day. It did not mean you ate too much calories or carbs. Some people gain this water weight because they had a salty meal, or have bowel problems.

Update Bunny Food
Is doing a quote tag. Sounded like fun.

Never give up never surrender
Galaxy Quest

To maintain do the same things you did while dieting but eat more food


Blogger Cookie said...

Excellent post, I think we all let ourselves dwell in the excuses until we believe them. It's important to look at the reality behind what we are telling ourselves.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

Personally my excuse is...well, I can start exercising whenever. This is terrible because I keep pushing the date. It's so easy to fall into a trap and it's a vicious cycle.
Have fun berry picking!

5:41 PM  
Blogger Lily T said...

I found this quote behind one of my exercise DVDs "Be the best possible version of yourself. I like it.

I find that most of the excuses (in terms of exercise) is because it seems difficult to do, make time for, etc. I've read in the newspaper that the more work something is, the more happier it will make you. Sure, watching T.V. makes you happy, but going out for a walk will make you even happier. Think about that.

Nice post.

6:10 PM  
Blogger TC said...

These are great! I absolutely agree with every one of your comments.

10:36 AM  
Blogger It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and seeing our cat Simon. He looks sweet but not very...Siamese so only on his terms.
I always love new people stopping by

9:18 PM  
Anonymous iFitandHealthy said...

It seems easy to find an excuse not to exercise, but what do you do with people that exercise too much?

3:41 PM  
Blogger Penrick said...

Great post. I do agree that we all have excuses but at the same time, the outside forces need us to have reasons about our weight, health and choices.

My daughter is 19 and feels that folks who can't work out every day are just lazy. She is wasting away to nothing. It's not healthy.

7:55 PM  
Blogger KleoPatra said...

"It's all about me" has to be a motto.

Please understand that i love people --- i love animals!

But we all come into the world as just one being and we'll go out just the same, as just our self.

So to not take care of the self while living is just plain selfish.

What i mean is: Lookin' out for No. 1 means making thoughtful choices for the only body, heart and soul you have at the present moment in space and time...

Just a thought.

3:20 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

Penrick and iFitandHealthy
Exercising too much can also be unhealthy. I'd talk to a health care professional in that case. Some people just exercise a lot and like it but some people might have disordered thinking with exercise. I think getting healthy is more than getting skinny or being skinny. If I am at a bmi of 22.1 I look unhealthily skinny. I have been put on more calories/points to get at a healthier weight. I want this blog for people who have food issues and want to get healthy or stay healthy. They might need to lose or gain it.

KleoPatra I understand. Not taking care of yourself shows no love because your being an example to others. The people around you see what you do. You teach your children how to eat, how to treat others by what goes in and out of your mouth. I believe you can’t love yourself without being able to love. People who treat people poorly can’t really love themselves because can you love something that is hurtful.

TC thanks :-) I hope some people find them useful.

Cookie, we do tend to belive our own excuses.

Becky, never got to go berry picking. It was raining so hard. I am not sure I will get berries this year and that’s sad.

Lilly thanks for the quote. :-)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World I had a Siamese. He found him. He was an old cat de-clawed and nearly starving. He was the best cat my family ever had.

10:32 PM  

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