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My ADHD rant:
I have adult ADHD. My disorder is real. I read by some misinformed web person on post it’s a made up disease. ADHD is real though it can be misdiagnosed. My ADHD did not cause my morbid obesity per say that was a traumatic event when I was ten years old but ADHD has made it harder for me to keep track which is why I must journal.
I am at happy weight now but I know if I stop journaling I will go back to my old Eating.
It’s harder to clean when I am not journaling my cleaning.

1. A teacher, Annalist, cannot diagnose ADHD. A pediatrician for children
Or a psychologist with ADHD training are best to diagnose.

2. Medicine has been helpful to some but it will not work a lone. You must work on structure along with the medicine. Having to give medicine does not mean you’re a bad parent but some children have more severe forms of ADHD. Ask about the side effects.

3. Diet really has nothing to do with it. There was a poorly done medical study that said milk effected ADHD. Most doctors toss the study out because it was not a great study but media often quotes it. They also often quote that only %5 of the people who lose weight
keep it off as well. (The weight loss study is very old and has been miss proven by many studies)

When I was my most productive I ate a lot of dairy. The dairy didn’t cause my ADHD or help it. MY ADHD was helped by structure and journaling. I was doing fly lady and going to a support group with ADHD.
I am hyper/distracted if I have sugar or not.


Blogger Marshmallow said...

Thank you very much for this post, iPortion. My Mum works with a lot of kids diagnosed with ADHD, and there are a lot of misconceptions out there about this disorder. I feel your frustration when ignorant folk assume the 'armchair expert' position and declare that ADHD is a madeup disease to excuse people from keeping focused.

I did remember seeing an article on TV a while back that claimed that there should be certain foods that people with ADHD should eat, but when I watched the article we found out that foods they mentioned would benefit EVERYONE, not just ADHD sufferers, and all for the same reasons.

8:43 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

Thank for posting. How are you doing?

6:51 PM  
Blogger Marshmallow said...

I'm doing all right - been busy with University, and now the rest of my family are on school holidays so whenever I have a couple of hours free they're whisking me off somewhere to have some delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner somewhere, so the weight loss in the past week or so hasn't been that good.

Other than that, I've been okay. Btw, you posted on my blog about scones? The ingredients mentioned in that post you linked to seems quite different to the style of scone that is made here - here a scone is pretty much a halfway between a plain bread roll and a piece of cake.

I'll see if I can find you some recipes that don't require ingredients that you have to order in :-)

8:07 PM  
Blogger TC said...

My sister has Adhd. and I have heard all of these misinformed comments as well.

(actually Prince Charming and I truly believe that he has undiagnosed ADHD. I think we should take him to get tested but I am not sure that being diagnosed would change anything, you know?)

11:15 AM  

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