Friday, November 03, 2006

Love Your Size

Hopefully I will watch a DVD with my husband later tonight. I promised myself I’d exercise but I don’t feel like it so I better start exercising now.

I sometimes read diet blog.
I read some disturbing posts and a sad response about a size four teen whose mom put her on subscription diet pills. They were obtained illegally.

1. Size four isn’t fat.
2. It’s not better that we have anorexia or are children have anorexia than be fat. Anorexia is a mental disuse and some anorexics hear voices. Wishing anorexia on a fat relative or on ourselves is not okay.
3. Women need some body fat or we’d be like men. I like being a girl.
4. We get too much in the ascetics of thin what about health? I lost weight because I have diabetes running in my family. I witnessed ugly ulcers on my grandmother’s leg and the leg’s eventual removal. Even now I have a hard time not binging.
5. It’s not okay to force your kids on fad diets and give them herbal diet pills. Remember when I stated in a past post tobacco is an herb.
6. I want you to love yourself if you are a size 12 love yourself, a size 24 love yourself, if you are 8XXL or size 7 love yourself.
7. Candy is not evil it can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet.
8. Sometimes we fail and our weight come back but sometimes it sticks we are not bad or good people due to our weight.


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