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In Defense of the Homemaker.

In Defense of the Homemaker.
VH Melville

Iportion talk about a couple of issues, health, saving money, and sometimes tech stuff
Review. New Trend: The Demise of the Trophy Wife
The article is a thinly veiled attempt to attack the homemaker as well as abuse women.
“You ate chocolate today you’re a Toxic Wife.” smack with a fist. “Now get me a beer! You free loader.”
It’s also playing up it’s an us against them like working woman vrs the homemaker which childish. I have many friends who work and want to. I have friends who like to stay home.
The tone of the whole article New Trend: The Demise of the Trophy Wife is negative and ugly.

Yes it’s faboulsas that women are now earning more but why attack the homemaker.

Homemakers are not trophies wives. Domestic Goddesses and House wives aren’t even trophy wives. What is a trophy wife, a much younger beautiful wife of a wealthy man.
There are very few of these woman to begin with.
I am a homemaker and a Domestic Diva.
I don’t buy 2,000 dollar purses and 1000 dollar shoes. I do not really like 2000 dollar purses. I feel a lot of them are just ugly and over priced.
Give me a $10 to $20 dollar pair of crocs, diet caffeine free coke, fat free chips, and books on Amazon and I am happy girl.
In-fact the stability ball my husband got me for surprise won my heart over like no bauble at Tiffney’s could. I don’t have basic cable because I like to get away from commercials, soaps and bad TV. I would keep the cooking channel, discovery and maybe fit TV. For mother’s day I would rather get an easy bake oven or a hand vac than a diamond.

Yes it be nice to go to a spa or retreat but I’d really only want to do something like that if I could drag the husband along. I like spending time with him and getting a back rub from him is often good enough for me.

Here are some myths of homemaking.

Myth one: Homemakers make no contribution to the family. I do not help create wealth but I do. Homemakers save on day care on cleaning expensive without me our family would have to be ran by nannies. Trophy wives can take care of their children but choose nannies.

Myth two: People have two incomes because they want to: Many people have to have too and many woman and men would love to spend more time with their children/

Myth three: Trophy wives don’t have jobs, are stupid. Yes many trophy wives jobs. Trophy wives aren’t stupid. Sandra Lee of Semi home cooking was one such Trophy wife. Though she might not admit it Sandra is a trophy wife. She is beautiful and much younger than her soon to be ex husband and had amassed a small fortune because she is brilliant. She realized people hate to cook and did something a bout it. Many true trophy wives are models and make their own money or are heiresses and inherited money.

Myth Four: Homemakers are unfulfilled losers: I am a published novelist

Myth Five: Trophy wives are really on the decline:
If trophy wives/husbands were really in the decline divorces would be down.

Myth Six: We lie about what we spend. I am honest with what I spend and admit to my mistakes. I like to enjoy life but I also don’t like waiting money on things I will never use.

Myth Seven: All homemakers are women: Some female doctors/lawyers business women work and the husband stays home this is so that the children aren’t raised

Myth Eight: Only homemakers can be toxic: There many women who work who are toxic to their spouses treating your spouse meanly has nothing to do with weather someone is working outside the home.

Myth Nine: Working inside the home isn’t work: Try it some time.


Blogger PearShapedGirl said...

You bring up some good points, iPortion. I was raised by a homemaker mother and she worked/works harder than ANYONE I know. She contributed far more to the family by staying at home than she would have by joining the workforce. I currently work, and most likely will continue to work once my husband and I have children. I see nothing wrong with either option as long as you contribute to the family and are a loving spouse and parent. And yes, Trophy Wives and Homemakers are VERY different.

Take care,

1:12 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

Thank you PearShapedGirl

2:52 PM  
Anonymous NIUiceprincess said...

Nice post. I don't think homemakers get enough respect or credit in our society that "values" 80 hour work weeks and such.

By the way, what is the name of your novel?

9:53 AM  
Blogger Dori said...

Although I just completed my teaching certification and went "back to work" because I homeschooled a special needs child who is now a college student and have another in highschool. I left my full-time job to become a full-time homemaker eight years ago. We become a one income family by choice and if it is important to a family that they become this way, it is possible with teamwork, dedication, and sacrifice.

Anyway I actually came to say, "High fives to homemakers!"

5:43 PM  

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