Monday, January 29, 2007

Took a walk and Do Not Go Broke Getting Married

I did strength training in the morning. I tided the house took a walk to today to get grocery shopping and got plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. I binged over the weekend.

Do Not Go Broke Getting Married

I read an article in money magazine. I got the magazine free as a discard at the library.
The article I read about a couple’s wedding ran over 30,000 which is fine if you have the money for this sort of thing but though this couple had good paying jobs they both had massive amounts of debt. I like to spend money and I do on things that I value. I do use my kitchen gear.

This is for guys as well as girls. Things like rings and honeymoons can get out of hand.
Too many marriages start on the wrong footing when it's about the party and not the marriage.
Yes I love beautiful ranged flowers and candles on banquet tables but debt is not worth a few hours.
Chances are your expensive wedding to remember is just like all the other over priced weddings with nothing unique about them. In fact I’ve heard people complain about some $40,000 weddings of being boring. So the couple most likely ended up broke with their friends griping instead of enjoying themselves.

A lot of stress is added with a lot of debt. Your idea of a big wedding might be more than your parents can afford if they are helping pay.

Extras Add up.
I bought a lot of things at thrift stores and yard-sells when I was working for an online bridal magazine. They folded but I ended up gathering a nice hope chest. I had a stylish veil, a cake server, a pillow. Then I gave some items away to marrying friends.

A couple years later I met the man of my dreams and things worked out where it was better to marry sooner or later. We had to re-due are wedding invitations because of this I was out 27$ bucks. We luckily decided to make our own invitations at staples. I saw these lovely engravings of temples sold by print shops and they were 100’s and 100’s dollars. I emailed someone permission to use his photograph for my invitation. I made it into a sketch photo with an art program. I did 4 per page on my computer. I went to staples. I used lovely off white card type paper and had them print. You couldn’t tell any difference between mine and the pricey invitation.
I paid Staples extra for the cutting fee after I made my copies. Unless you own a cutting board or have a really steady hand I would suggest the cutting fee.

I got wedding bubbles on sale. They were dust covered and I had to wash them but the matched my wedding theme.

Now if you want your wedding catered look online for local caterers and also ask around. Your friends and family might have an idea.
Think outside normal wedding channels. These foods are generally less expensive than other wedding options, barbecue, breakfast, and pasta. Pasta and breakfast options can also be good option for vegetarians.
A lot of catering places who don’t list their prices jack up their prices when they hear the word wedding. Also be weary of cake cutting and serving fees are often not included.
Our food was part homemade from Mom and our friend Beth and partly from Walmart.
They provided fried chicken, potato salad, chips. We wanted something simple and enjoyable.

We served no alcohol. This was for spiritual reasons but it also saves a lot of money.

My mom got a sheet cake for a grooms cake and the wedding cake at Wal-Mart. She bought some food at walmart, chicken and potato salad. Then she made some. The food was good. I was a bit upset at walmart because they wouldn’t or didn’t know how to make the cake featured on the cover. But the cake I ended up with was pretty.
I was rush and our first choice was booked. I would have saved money if I baked it myself but my decorating skills are lacking. I plan to improve.

Wedding Dress:
My mom paid $360 that included the alterations for a mildest designer gown at this beautiful wedding shop where we live. The $299 dress was originally marked $800 and looked like it was a $1000 dress. It was also a one of a kind. They are discount house but are cute so I got my dress within a week or two.

Our church was free to hold our reception in. We held are reception 2 moths after we got married. I think that was a great way to have a reception.

If you do go to David’s bridal which I decided against in my case. Word to the wise do not do David’s layaway pay for it there and get your own people to alter it. I’ve heard they have really bad problems about the layaway. They will also refuse to alter some dresses as was with my first choice.
I picked a $99 dollar dress at David’s but they said it was too complicated to alter and if they did they would add 100’s to the bill. All I needed them to do was take it in a few sizes. I didn’t like any of the other $500 dresses not just on price but I wanted something modest. It wasn’t just because I was a bigger bride at the time but I had specific modesty restraints that she was totally oblivious to.
My sales lady didn’t seem to understand my religious need for a dress with sleeves. The dress that she did bring that had sleeves was backless.


Blogger NIUiceprincess said...

more tips for me...thanks for sharing. i am gonna go for david's bridal for my gown, so with your comments about them about refusing to alter some designs...i'll keep them in mind!

9:58 PM  
Blogger Weight Master said...

Good post. I recently gave my girlfriend of 3 yrs a ring. You're right, most are way overprice, along with most wedding related "stuff". Thanks.

8:40 AM  
Blogger diet dilemma magmem stlye said...

Hi Iportion, It is starting to feel good again, to read good advice from someone who walks the talk. I was more dedicated when I posted daily on my blog but I will not give up. Your life certainly is not boring. Good job, keep up the maintenance! God Bless you.

1:49 PM  

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