Thursday, November 08, 2007

I gained a pound, Exercise Goal, 25 pounds

I gained a pound or maybe two. I ate too much candy. I also was sick so some of my loss was a fake loss. I got sick yesterday to so that might make a false loss on the scale.

Exercise Goal
I plan to exercise for 5 min before bedtime.

Up to 25 pounds
According to a new study being up to 25 pounds overweight won't increase your risk for cancer or for heart disease. There might be a slight risk in survivable diabetes. If thirty pounds overweight there is much more of a risk.
But did the study do just people overweight or overfat?
You can also be at a healthy weight and underfat.
I think one of the reasons is that the BMI is wrong. A body builder will have a larger BMI than a junk food junky who is just thin.
Extra fat isn't always bad as well, extra body fat is not the same as obesity.
While I am not sure adding 25 pounds to a BMI. I do think the BMI should be more realistic and adjusted to at least a ten to 15 pound range and ask factors about gender, if a person is a body builder, body shape, age or if they are in child baring years.
We should strive for health.
Some people do need to be thinner than others.

Click the charity links
All you do is have to click on a link to help others
Give away free books to children in need
Donate a free mammogram
Feed People

I am thankful for
My husband and Little ones
My Mother in Law


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