Friday, November 02, 2007

Sick Again, not A diet, I love, The reason. I keep posting the free Charity Links, Splurge, spa Questiom

I am sick again.
I had a funny tummy for a day and now I developed a sore throat which is why I am snacking on suckers.
MMMM suckers a great way to feel better :-)P
I weight trained yesterday and hope to do that again too.

Not A diet

I was reading a popular food zine and the calorie content of this one appetizer was 2,000 calories and an insane amount of points due to the fat. While this dish was not even remotely appetizing and it was the calories most people should have in a day but I still wanted it because I made it a forbidden food.
It was meant to be shared. While it had more fat than is normal. I can eat that monstrosity. I just do not want to. I do not believe all fats are bad. I do not believe all body fat is unhealthy either.
I remember I did so well on WW before the baby because I made it a lifestyle and not a diet. I use the term OP.
I am doing well weight wise but feel I could be eating even better.
I did include some Halloween candy so not to feel deprived also suckers sooth my sore throat. But I feel feel I am ready for this to be a life style. I already tweaked my plan enough that it can no longer be called following weight watchers. I love weight watchers but I have no meetings here yet. I feel WW works better for me with the meetings. I need to buy some WW stuff the next time I am out of town,
I felt I needed more motivation to eat more nuts and eggs. I am now tweaking it again to motivate myself to eat healthy oils. I hope not to go overboard.

I love
My husband and little ones
My mother in law

I am thankful for my family

The reason. I keep posting the free Charity Links.

" Why do I post this Every day. It is to remind me to click.
I would forget to do so without posting it again.
I believe we are put on this earth to Spread the love and learn to be better people.
If I remind someone else to click that is just a bonus but I am the reason I post this.
Click the charity links
All you do is have to click on a link to help others
Give away free books to children in need
Donate a free mammogram
Feed People

I have decided the mini pedals will make a great award and maybe some make, home spa stuff up or a pedometer to go along with it.

Spa or Home Spa
Has anyone gone to a spa? Did you like it?
Does anyone home spa and what do you like? I don't have the time to do a real spa.


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