Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Treat yourself to a yummy mini pedicure

Even though summer is over and your feet are going to be mostly covered up, there's no need to walk around with icky feet! Here are my steps for a mini pedicure, perhaps you're tired and don't want to do a full pedicure or you just need a pick me up. This is the perfect minipedi for you!

You will need:
Foot scrub or some sorta scrub (btw - sugar and olive oil or coarse salt and olive oil makes a great scrub)
Nail polish (and your topcoat/basecoat)
Moisturizer and oil.
Nail file / buffer.
Nail brush

Do this immediately after showering to skip the soak.
Remove your nailpolish and file/buff nails before showering.
Use the scrub or a pumice stone in the shower along with scrubbing your nails with the nail brush.
After showering, apply moisturizer liberally.
Apply a tiny bit of oil to nails and surrounding areas and massage in well.
Tissue off or swipe nails with a cotton ball moistened with polish remover to get rid of excess grease
Paint nails and voila, instant fab feet!
Feel free to skip any steps you don't have time for EXCEPT for moisturizing and some sorta scrubbing!

Treat yourself!
(this was reposted from my personal blog Casting-On)

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