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Fad Diets Not for Children and Teens

Fad Diets Not for Children and Teens
VH Melville
I started to gain weight at ten.
When I was a teen family and tried to “help” me by making me go on “diets” that they either read bout in a magazine. They didn’t realize their was a book for sale or worse a diet they tried and failed.
I remember this ghastly only fruit in the mourning diet. I love fruit and eat it often for breakfast but all this diet did was make me crave food like bread, cheese, ham and tortilla chips.
Another diet was a awful powdered pre packaged meal plan. We’re not talking Jenny Craig here. This stuff left me starved and was bland as anything. None of these diets worked. I really didn’t like being on them. I also was tired of adults getting mad at me for my weight problem. I felt unsupported and unloved. I met my husband. This time I felt cherished at over 200 pounds. I wanted to lose in a healthy way.
If you feel your child or teen is overweight go to the doctor or if your teen feels she/he is over weight a doctor can help. Some teens who aren’t overweight see a distorted mirror and some parents as well.
1. Children will not eat healthy if you don’t. It’s not selfish to eat healthy and exercise.
2. Being too restrictive can cause binge eating disorders. In children that can last well into adult hood.
3. Diet pills are not for children. They aren’t even for you.
4. Go seek professional help. A child is not a mini adult when diet is concerned. Children do poorly on the kind calorie/carb restriction journaling that is for adults. See what exercise will be best.
5. Get them moving and be active with them. Have fun, walk together, take up sports together. Buy them activity toys like jump ropes, dance pads, twister, or a hula hoop.
6. Teasing yourself is fine but do not be abusive your family picks up on that. They pick up your habits.
7. Making fun of your child or teen is not very helpful either. You might think your telling it like it is but in reality you might have issues that you’re taking out on other people. Our you afraid your child will get the attention?


Anonymous thinkoffthefat said...

Dear iportion, Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog again. I was away in Vegas for five days and came home with 2 pounds instead of 2 dollars. I just love your advice and the info on your blog. Truthfully, I'd rather learn something from what I read than to just read whatever is in front of me. I don't mind the two pounds, I know the steps to take to improve my dilemma. Actually, in my spare time, while on vacation, I read a very different kind of diet book and took some notes. I need to sort them out before I talk about it. Congratulations on your race efforts. Nothing beats mobility. Use it while you can. How little we appreciate those little blessings in our lives. My mobility is somewhat limited at this present weight. I am striving for the return of being healthy enough to walk or run as I once was able to do. It sounds like you have such a nice family, that too is a blessing! God continue to Bless you all.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Living to Feel Good said...

# 3. Diet Pills are evil. I've never taken them, but my husband and some friends have and all of them got panic attacks and their hearts started racing all the time. Not good.

Good blog!

4:57 PM  

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