Thursday, February 01, 2007

Workouts, crockpots, and Budget Honeymoon or Second Honeymoon Ideas

Workouts, crockpots, and Budget Honeymoon or Second Honeymoon Ideas

Work out
I want to get back to my Tony little stepper if only a few moments a day.
I should have taken a walk Wednesday but I felt I wanted to sit at home and do nothing. I worked out at home.
My sweet husband loved the soup I made. He even commented that he's not a veggie lover but loved it. Crock pots are amazing ways to make soup. They transcend simple ingredients with a slow cooked taste. My soup was just canned vegetable soup, green beans, canned potatoes, a lot of water and lean meat.

Budget Honeymoon or Second Honeymoon Ideas
Honeymoons can be budget buster.
1. Go to the library and look up budget travel for inspiration.
2. Think domestic. We went to DC because we love museums.
3. One tank trip is there a city or state close by you wouldn’t mind visiting? This would most likely be one of the least expensive options. But check hotel ratings are hotel in DC didn’t have handicapped parking if we read reviews we would have known that. Are they any amusement parks theme hotels close by? Anything unusual like a giant toy store,
Free museums, art shows.
4. House sting dirt cheap but to me sounds like the least fun.
5. Allow some small splurges. Set a side a small honeymoon budget for shopping and restaurant. Could you each set aside $5 to ten dollars a week without? By the end of three months you’ll have something reasonable to play with.
6. Can you bring a cooler to store some snacks like fruit and only eat out once or twice a day that ay you can choose a nicer restaurant instead of three budget ones. Picnics can be romantic. Who says they have to be indoors either?
7. Go to at least one splurge restaurant.
8. Breakfast is cheapest but some hotels give breakfast free.
9. Get good directions to the hotel if you buy hotel online. You might find yourself paying for two hotels if you don’t. Yes this happened to me.
10. Find out what if there are off seasons.
11. Set budgets on souvenirs, post cards are cheap and you can use some and put others in a scrap book. They take up less room in your bags too.
12. Take a fun board game and some inexpensive home spa stuff for times you just want to relax in the room or if some activities have been called off do to whether.
13. Do not pack to heavy, a nice outfit for dinning out and some classic but good looking casual clothes, deodorant, a digital camorra, tooth brush, comb, and sun screen are good starters.
14. Lunches a cheaper than dinners.
15. Instead of a full cruise you could do a diner cruise.
16, Relax and keep everything low key and fun.
17. I read in a travel magazine which I agree with to do the things you really want to do your first day or too in case something happens. Do not save the best for last.


Blogger Living to Feel Good said...

I love the crockpot! I like to make chili in it.

3:16 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

mmm Oh I have been wanting to make chili for the past few days
I think I will do it next week.

12:49 PM  
Blogger NIUiceprincess said...

thanks for these tips...they are going in the "wedding/honeymoon" file!

10:01 PM  

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