Monday, March 05, 2007

Shopping, Why I strength train, goals, and tip Tag

I finished my review of the Shangri la diet but I have major editing to do on it.
I walked to the closest store today. It was way too cold to walk to the other one but I got my work out walking around the store going and re going over my list. I remained on my budget even though I had to buy laundry soap and dish detergent stuff. I am not on a budget because I have to but because I want to be on a budget. I like being a stay at home mom which I know is not to everyone’s liking. I like to be able to buy books and bath luxuries via mail.

Why I strength train.I strength train to build up my back muscles even with my weight loss my back is a bit tender. I strength train not to burn calories since strength burn is minimal but it makes cardio burn more efficient. I strength train to be stronger.

What are your goals besides weight loss, weight gain or maintenance?
Weight should never be your sole goal. I want you to think about your goals and research them.

Tip Tag if you read this you’ve been tagged share a healthy eating, budget, cooking, or fitness tip on your site.
# Use vegetables to bulk up your sandwiches this are a great way to have a bigger sandwich and feel fuller.
# Figure out what things you buy that do not give you pleasure if you are always feeling guilty about buying them how can they be a need or even a want?


Blogger Justin said...

I agree with you that weight loss should not be the sole goal. By the way, my goals are posted on I also liked you tips. Thanks,


11:06 PM  

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