Friday, February 23, 2007


I am so thank full that web girl posted. I’ve been so exhausted and busy lately. I don’t even want to le

I am highly stressed today. What should I do to de-stress me besides food and yelling? I need some play time today. I did not get to eat enough yesterday.
I am thinking of making my first French meal. I don’t drink so there will be no alcohol. It will also be simplified. I am not ready to prepare something out of a French café just yet. It will be very basic.

I did strength training today but I think I missed Saturday when I was ill.
I worked on my novel today. It was just one passage. I wrote the book back in 2001. It took just a few months to write but years to edit. I guess that’s why I mostly blog.

Despite Janice Dickson’s claims.
Janice Dickson was never the world’s first super model. She was a Star model which is a model who is paid more than a regular model but is more known because they date a celebrity than a celebrity in her own right. She rubs me the wrong way she totally doesn’t get it. People don’t get Anorexia from living in poverty for having unsupportive families.
Anorexia is a mental disorder. They hear voices. Yes anorexics are drawn to modeling due to the strict weight requirements. Modeling in its self dose not because Anorexia but it does cause some severe dieting.
A lot of teens and models and jockeys who aren’t Anorexic suffer from severe dieting. Severe dieting they don’t hear voices they do it only to keep their jobs or feel accepted but they do often leads to obesity later in life.
Anorexics only make up 1%
Severe dieting ends up with binging and that is one of the reasons obesity rates are so high. More people suffer from binging disorders than Anorexics which would in clued bulimics.
Had acid reflux and couldn’t keep food down and I was over 200 pounds so the thin bulimic is an exception. Some super obese people have an eating disorder. We often place judgments on people smaller or bigger than us without knowing anything about them.
Dispute popular myths most bulimics are over -weight and morbidly obese and not all bulimics purge.
It’s okay to be a model. Some people are thinner than others and I am not jealous of people who are thinner or look better than me.

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