Friday, February 16, 2007

Yourself Fitness, Oatmeal and You

Yourself Fitness
Yourself Fitness looks as if they settled the lawsuit. I have no more info other than there might or might not be a new version but it looks a bit more promising. The fight was over the yoga parts. Why do they assume all women love yoga and men do not. I am a woman and I really hate doing yoga. It hold’s the breathe/move longer than I am comfortable with. I like weight training. I like Pilates which is similar to yoga but doesn’t hold the breath as long as does a little more toning. If I was Yourself! Fitness I would team up with a bigger name like the biggest loser. I do not really watch the show but feel it would be a smart business move.

MMMMM Oatmeal
I ate healthier on valentine’s day than Thursday. My problem is I was way tired and I didn’t eat my oatmeal. I seem to eat better when I include oatmeal in my diet. I love oatmeal but when I am under the weather it’s harder to enjoy it. Oatmeal is my feel good comfort food.
I did not walk today was exhausted from all the stuff I’ve been doing. I did some exercise in doors today and I didn’t forget my strength training.

Tell us about yourself?
Do you have a blog or not? What diets are you on?
What toys did you like as a kid?


Blogger jodi said...

my name is jodi, i'll be 36 next month, i live in maryland, and work as a graphic designer... i've been following variations of the WW plan but most recently bought 'you on a diet' and am going to see if i can incorporate anything new into my plan...

my blog is -->

and some toys i loved as a child: barbies, rollerskates, litebright, crayons, uno, and playdoh...

9:37 AM  

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