Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Retro me

Retro Me: Low Cal bundt cakes.
I still want to be a better lowfat baker. I am getting a little better at that too. can be good high fat baker but I still haven’t found the trick to using yogurt. When I replace the fat with yogurt it tastes rich and most but won’t come out of the pan.
I spray the pan with real oil. I want to make giant bundt cakes. I think I want retro baking that's kitschy, elegant and simple all at the same time.

Questions to Ask yourself
Do you binge and what sets your binges off?
Do you binge with food or with other things as well like shopping binges?
Are you tired when you binge?

My husband and I decided to pick out our valentine gifts so we have both have vague ideas. I did get him another discarded book from the library. It’s already wrapped in catalogue pages and will be a nice little bonus to what we got each other, The library is my new/old addiction. I love libraries. The walk to the library is my exercise too.


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