Thursday, February 15, 2007

Toys, cookbooks, candy

I had a holly Hobby toy Oven as childI hated Barbie I broke mine right away by accident. My sister showed me that you could snap the legs off and snap them back on but mine wouldn’t work. The kind people at the store let me trade for a doll that you could shove plastic suckers and ice cream in her mouth. My mother thought it was ugly.

I am supposed to get a new healthy cookbook through amazon. My cooking is getting better.

I ate well, a little candy but lot more veggie and even oatmeal.

Okay Valentine's Day I was food shopping and ended up buying candy for valentines. I made a card I found out about as a teen.
Valentine Candy Gram I made a candy gram which I spelled out words with candy bars to make a valentine for my husband. I didn’t eat them due to eating M &M’s I got him. He will get one in his lunch sack tomorrow. I make my husband’s lunch. He brought my crock pot soup Valentine’s day for a work pot luck. He liked it.


Blogger Weight Master said...

You're so sweet.

2:01 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

I try to be a kind person. My husband is just the type of person you want to do nice things for.
He’s a hoot and so brilliant.

4:02 AM  

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