Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sellout, PC Bake, cakes and feasts

The world's "First" online gym sells out.
Online gym says they are going to sell diet pills to clients. These are clients they never met in person. I don't think real trainers give diet pills to clients anyway.
What about weight training and cardio? A lot of people think you don’t need weight training and cardio if you have a magic pill. It’s sad when the “experts” give advice like this to make a few extra bucks.

Think geek is Mean :-(
caffine meatloaf didn't intrest me but when I saw they were selling a PC Ez-Bake oven I knew this was the E-z bake oven for me. My husband said this was not a wise idea and would most likely pver-heat my computer. He was right it turned out to be a joke from Think Geek.
How could they toy with me like that. It wasn't April first when I happned on their site and it is a store.

I feel like making cake today.
I ate more friday but did not binge and used extra points I saved.

I watched Barbette’s feast a couple of nights ago has anyone ever seen it ? It might make some vegan Squamish. There is a lot of meat eating in this. The movie though food is center the real themes are scarf ice and art. What is your art? What things can you be sharing with others?
How do we feed ourselvs? With good food or with food we don't taste.


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