Saturday, March 24, 2007

Super Busy

I have to exercise more today. I’ve been so busy.
I ate chocolate today. I seem to eat more real chocolate now than before I went on program.
Something has been coming up every time I try to update my blog. I have been working on articles, art work for a children’s book, hanging out with my family, and exercise. I also have a party to go to.
I forced myself to go on a walk yesterday. I thought my husband needed ink for the computer which just came in to the post office. I also decided to get groceries. I am going to need to get a pull wagon for summer.

I did my one on one trainer machine and my step. I was calling it my stepper and people were confused that it was a step.
I had an intense craving for multi grain tortillas Friday night while watching a DVD of star Treck Generations with my husband. I waited till morning to make them. I made them part whole wheat, part white, warm water, baking powder, salt, a little oatmeal a tablespoon and half of oil. They came out pretty good. I would have also used ground corn if I had some on hand.

I also prepared for a lession I am teaching in church.
I better get one more article written and some exercise in.


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