Friday, March 09, 2007

Exercise, Ramen, Packaging vrs quality, thankful

I exercised a lot yesterday. A lot of the exercise was unplanned and I was walking a lot to pick up mail, delver something, an appointment I had as well, and my cookbooks came in at the library. Plus I did my stepper and weights yesterday before the day got busy.
I temporarily lost my weight watchers calculator. This is not a regular calculator and they don’t make it any more. The newer model isn’t as fancy. It actually recorded the points I ate for the day. Luckily my husband found it returning from work.
One of our phones broke or was rather destroyed. It was a rough day but I didn’t binge um yet.

Comfort Food Transformed
I am thinking of making my first true gourmet but the same time I am intrigued by instant mashed potatoes, old fashioned oatmeal, fruit and comforting Ramen.
I had Ramen noodles for supper Thursday instead of the burger and mashed potatoes I had planned.
Some people like to claim that Ramen noodles are high in calories.
My mom used to make Ramen soup for me as a child. Yes instant ramen probably don’t compare to real ramen which uses fresh noodles but it’s a true comfort food.
Instant ramen noodles can be transformed with the right ingredients to something higher than its parts but there is Gourmet Ramen noodle cook book that I spied on Amazon.
They really aren’t so bad. They are 400 calories for a whole package. You can split a package in have and serve with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. You can spate the noodles from the water and veggies to the water and have two meals. You can replace the season packet with low salt bullion if you want to reduce the salt. Ramen can be really high in salt.

Packaging Vrs Quality
Some higher priced products are worth it. I find good kitchen gear worth it over cheap imitations.
Sometimes the hype is only marketing.
Have you ever bought something that was designer only to discover it was all packaging and really a low quality product?
I got a great designer perfume that was well worth it but I also bought some fancy hand wash. The hand wash I bought was okay but really over priced with fancy name. It smells too harsh to me.

Thankful list today
My family
That I got my WW calculator back
That I exercised yesterday and did not binge
That I chose the ramen noodles over the higher calorie burger
That I met cool people blogging
That I worked on my novel today


Blogger NIUiceprincess said...

I normally don't have allergic reaction to beauty products...but the eye cream from BeneFit made my eyelids dry and irritated. It had cute packaging and I thought, what the hell, i already buy their makeup anyway...but after a few uses it is still sitting in my dresser gathering dust coz i can't use it...and i paid $27 for such a small pot!

10:45 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

I bought a similar brand to benefit.
I spent $12 on packaging. I love the packaging but it smelled like lemon dish liquid dish soap. I like lemon dish soap but not enough to pay $12 on it.
I thought of getting Benfit’s lip venom but non of the lip plumper’s out there plump all that much so I bought a cheap plumper made by Elf for Dollar. You will feel slight tingle/burn with it which is coma I hear about lip plumper’s.

5:24 PM  

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