Monday, March 12, 2007

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The Truth about Diet Sodas and Other Food Swaps
Some studies say people who drink diet sodas are fatter it's only half the truth.
The people who drink it just end up consuming the same calories they saved somewhere else. People have an inborn need to over eat that’s why journaling is effective to most people with major weight problems. While some people cannot journal and keep it off success leans on the side to those who journal in some way.
Also caffeine makes some people hungry.
Swaps are fine, but after I lost weight the first time my swaps ended up being a whole angel food cake a hole row of fat free fig bar cookies.
Most people who swap out food for lighter foods often end up eating more. Low carb, and fat free does not mean calorie free. Weigh and measure this type of foods to make swaps be a benefit instead of adding more
Swap caffeine free diet soda for regular diet soda.
Soy crisps swap for pork rinds. Soy crisps are not a potatoes chip subsection. They are not remotely potatoes like.
Baked chips or fat free for regular potatoes chips.
Swap meringue and fortune cookies for a sweet treat. I like to make whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. They are a bit chewier but I save calories and add more fiber.

We can eat anything we want just no all at the same time and not all at once but portion controls so difficult. It would be so cool if restaurants would sell mini versions of the most calorie driven foods like just a morsel and then pare it with a big salad and mini dessert.

Today’s Exercise

I finished my First rough draft of my children’s book. I think my next story I will work on will be a fairy tale. I’ve written the first line already.
I feel bloated and starving today. I am just extra hungry.
I strength trained mid day today but tomorrow I’d like to do it early or real late.

Thankful List
I am thankful for my family
I am thankful that I can exercise
I am thankful for whole wheat toast


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