Thursday, April 12, 2007

wbgrl, Are you rich? Size Trauma, thanks

I’m grateful that webgrl posted. I was going to beg her too but she did it on her own.
I have been feeling lazy and a little sick post. I got sick Tuesday evening. I think the funny tummy finally got me with full force. It’s acting up a little now but luckily that was after I got today’s grocery shopping in.

Are you Rich
This article states if you have just $2,200 and no debt you are rich

Size Trauma:
Goodbye, Belly - a journey to a healthier me! Blog mentioned about
size trauma. I have had cases where
I was told they only went to size large and had to hunt all over town to find something that fit.
I hated size trauma shopping.
I bet we could swap stories.
I was in tears picking out a nice outfit for my first date with my dream man. My now sweet hubby. I did find some cute pants at fashion bug. They didn't last but they looked cute and were worth dressing in for the guy.
I know am a smaller size but I still sometimes feel odd and bad about shoping in a store that doesn't have larger sizes.
Do not get too hung up on sizes. They do not determine everything.
At my smallest though not healthiest weight I fit in some extra small stuff but there was some clothes I could not fit into because they were made for people with smaller shoulders and ribs. I am not big boned, in fact I am petite in size.
I also see people beating others up saying “She can’t be a size two but a size four.” They don’t understand that different stores has different sizes. A size 12 in one store is size 16 in another.
Also shape, muscle and height have to do with size. I was thinner than people in smaller sizes than me do to my short body shape and my girly hips.

Thankful list
That I got to sleep in today
That I got to chat with my mommy in law

That I got a walk today and some stability ball
That I ate a salad


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