Monday, November 12, 2007

A moment

A moment of respect for veterans who gave of there

Fitness gadgets
My mom might send me a cheap pedometer. I don't want an expensive one since I miss place them so fast because they always fall off from my and I only want to count steps not calories. I have an Heart rate monitor but it's batteries are dead and I can't find it. I will try to look harder later today. I hope it didn't get thrown out.

Well I didn't do Christmas shopping the whole house was a sick so I just enjoyed my little family.
Monday, I cleaned. I made Pizza for lunch. I had a smallish piece and it was 6 points. I will confess it's not whole wheat. I ran out of whole wheat and my grinder had some issues today.
I feel like doing some holiday baking "Oatmeal cookies" and eating Chinese food. I am taking the time today to enjoy my family.

Furnishing a First Apartment "I found this and it seemed like a good article for those who need it"


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