Saturday, July 08, 2006

Long Day

I'm posting my weekly a little early - i think i need the accountability.
I had a very high point day today - in fact i was sure i'd gone over my daily allowance AND flexpoints - since i indulged in a couple flexes last night as well.
I did something strange - though i ate a lot, i still journalled it ALL
and i'm NOT over my alotted weekly points.
I'm planning my meals ahead of time for tomorrow, as a day like today is usually the beginning of the end for me.
Not this time. I'm going to do my BEST to hold on.
I was exercising mid week and my knee made a very unhuman noise!
Its been hurting ever since and my doctor's appt is still a couple days away.
I'm resting it, but the lack of exercise is really affecting the way i eat!
I realised that for the past two days not exercising i felt a little down and didn't do any of my new beauty routines.
Could my body be dependent on exercise now?
I do know that week 6 is going to be difficult as my semester has started back (With a bang) and the knee makes it difficult to get my cardio in.
I'm going to do pilates and arm weights and i'm counting on all of you to kick my butt this week.
I've just had a yummy shower and now i'm off to do my nightly skincare routine.
I deserve it.
What are you doing for yourself today?


Blogger iportion said...

You can do this

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