Monday, April 30, 2007

Helping Others

I found out about the day of blogging silence from one of my favorite blogs of the moment
Life and Debt in Chicago
Many people lost love ones in VA and I do not know anything I could say or not say to take even a bit of pain away from those people.
I won’t take part in the blog day of silence April 30th but I decided I will be silent about my normal topics. Instead I want to focus today on helping others.
I do some giving to my church. My church helps with food and also provides special cheap loans to help members in other countries have opportunities to education. A lot of churches do good.
What do you do to help others? Giving circles have been popular where people meet once a month and do a pot luck and give a small amount or larger of money to a well checked out charities. Have you thought of forming your own?
What charities are you into?
Are there places you can help out that are local?

Here is a small list of charities some I donate too. Some of these I only heard about but thought readers might want to know of them.


Anonymous GYNIPHER said...

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11:37 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

This is the fat fighter blog
I waited for a spot to open and emailed.

12:28 AM  
Blogger JP said...

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3:22 AM  
Blogger NIUiceprincess said...

I'm Catholic, and there's this church in downtown Chicago that I pass by everyday to work. Even though I don't "belong" to that particular parish, I still give them money because they have this program that help the city homeless/bums. THey give them a coupon book that can be used to redeem food and drink (non alcoholic) at area restaurants and convenience stores, and the business can ask the church for the payment. Instead of giving the bums cash that might be used for cigarettes or liquor, they are actually used for real food. And I don't have to feel bad anymore about passing up bums and not giving them anything, I do it through the church.

I also donate to Paws, a humane society that funds no kill animal shelters nationwide.

9:54 PM  

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