Friday, May 04, 2007

Book News, Home Gyms, thankfull

Book News:
I ate two atomic fireballs today they were the mouth burning goodness from my teen years at camp. I have a children’s picture book that is supposed to be being published next year but I will announce it.

I walked today and used my stepping machine.

The Art of Home Gyms
A pay for gym might interest me if it had on site babysitting for an extra fee, a mommy and child fitness class, weird and fun fitness classes and access to a personal trainer.
Right now the best place I find for fitness is right at home and going for walks. Here is why.

Why I dislike home gyms
1. Can be distracted by the open fridge or home snack bar. “This is my biggest issue which is why I do a lot of walks”
2. Can get distracted by the computer.
Even with these problems I still prefer doing a home gym.
Going to a gym would really appeal to me if it had daycare, a trainer and some silly fun classes instead of the same old equipment and maybe had a TV attached to the equipment to play video games. I get board easily and doing the same thing all the time just puts me into snooze

Why I like home gym.

1. I do not have to wait long time to use my equipment. If I want to use my stability ball I use it. If a family member wants it I just use another favorite equipment since everything is what I like.
2. I have no monthly fees.
3. I don’t have to find a baby sitter. I don’t have to wait till my husband comes home.
4. I can exercise even when I can’t make it out.
5. If I don’t use my equipment I am waiting money.

Thankful list
Back rubs
Diet canine free coke.


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