Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Healthy Food: Start Slowly and Have Fun

Healthy Food: Start Slowly and Have Fun
VH Melville
Many people start to binge when they try to force clean eating. They make to hard of rules and then blame themselves for lack of willpower.
Instead of saying “I will never eat fast food again.” Say “I will buy a nutrition guide and make healthier choices and plan for some treats” or “I won’t be too embraced to get a kids meal and a side salad.

I eat healthy grains, fruit and non starchy veggies. I started slowly though. I think too many people start overnight. I first started adding veggies to light sandwiches until I was having more vegetables than grain.
I decided to add more beans and half a serving goes great in salads.
I still eat candy and cookies. Sometimes I make lighter versions and sometimes it takes using my flex points/ or extra calories.

I started with a couple pieces of fruit a week and now eat lots. You can get overweight on too much fruit so journaling helps.

Don’t beat yourself up for not be perfect but don’t decide to take breaks after goal many people just assume that now they’ll automatically eat like a thin person and don’t have to journal but sadly that is not the case. Sometimes the comment seems scary to people. “I can’t journal or count for the rest of my life.”

Journaling can help if you’re on, WW flex or Core, calorie counting, the zone, OA, Portion Teller, Jenny Craig, TOPS, and other plans. Some exchange plans like those ran by Richard Simons have simplified/fast journals with cards or windows that require no writing. Give yourself prizes I plan to get myself a small reward for a couple months I journal even if it gets ugly. I am not sure if I am going to get a new cake pan, a book, or fishing poll. Could you count or journal if you would reward yourself with a new pare of shoes, weights, books, or whatever you want to treat yourself is.


Blogger jodi said...

i haven't really done the 'reward' thing w/myself but perhaps i should... my boyfriend gave me a spa certificate for my bday and i told myself, "when i lose 10 pounds, i will use this"... my bday was in march... we'll see how this round of WW goes, if i start losing again - maybe i'll stick to the 10-pound thing but if not, i'm going to use it anyway... i think i deserve it no matter what my size is... :o)

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