Thursday, July 13, 2006

Not just about losing it.

Sure, losing some weight and fitting into cuter clothes is WONDERFUL!
But what are you doing for yourself other than changing the way you eat?
What are some of the things you've ignored that you're now getting back to?
For me, i ignored the whole me.
When any issue cropped up or thoughts of changing crept up i quieted it with some treat.
Thats what got me to where i am.
Now, instead of shovelling my feelings away, i sit with them. Understand them.
I feel so much better about me and i'm actually doing things for me.
Some of the things i do:
Pedicures (always did but do them more often now)
Switched to whitening toothpaste as i'm smiling a whole lot more now!
A skincare routine (i never bothered before)
Exercising (i LOVE moving my body but sometimes it hurts and i gasp and swear my head off)
Change around my haircolor (i nixed the expensive highlighting and am playing around with my natural brunette and bringing that out)
Massaging yummy smelling lotions all over after i shower at night. (touching my body would make me cringe...still does but not as much)
Meditating (i just sit still and listen to yoga sounds and just breathe and allow random thoughts to flow through my mind)
Drinking my water! (my friend made up the coolest thing. She said to make up a mantra for yourself whether its 'i am beautiful' or 'i am strong' or 'i am doing somehing great for me i love me' and repeat it every time u drink water. Its a beautiful affirmation!)

How bout you? What are you doing?


Blogger iportion said...

Way to go, take care of yourself :-)

3:03 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

Way to go, take care of yourself :-)

3:03 PM  
Blogger jodi said...

let's see - i've always painted my toes, been using whitening toothpaste for years, been using MaryKay since i was in college, exercise everyday, take vitamins, color my hair and keep it pretty short, use various lotions depending on my mood that morning/night, and drink water...

what am i doing different? i'm really trying not to beat myself up for not losing or having a small gain... that's life and we need to accept that there will be good AND bad days... tomorrow is always a new day so if you messed up, accept and move on...

oh, i thought of one thing - i started to take pilates once a week, its been great! :o)

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I get pedicures. I try to treat myself to lunch out with the girls every so often instead of working the full day! I try to work more hours during the week so I can tak Friday afternoon or even better, Fridays off!

8:24 AM  

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