Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have been only counting calories instead of weight watchers because they have no meetings where I live. I love weight watchers but don't have time to figure out my points since my calculator died and the fact I am just busy with family.

I have been thinking of getting rid of the blog though.
Eating healthy is just a lifestyle with me and not a calling. Sometimes I gain sometimes I lose.
I am not feeling bad or quality about spending money when it's needed to spend. I am frugal in some ways but spendy in others.
No one responds anymore.
I have been thinking more of just a blog on gratitude and abundance.
I don't have as many blogline subscribers as I used and I lost my domain name.

I bought the peanut butter and raisons.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

mmm raisons

I bought my raisons and peanut butter and crackers


Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am craving a peanut-butter sandwich with raisons not jelly with a glass a milk and a side of baby carrots and slightly salted sliced apples. I am also craving cookie dough and homemade frosting. The store is closed and shopping day isn't till tomorrow anyway.

I am thankful for my family

What do I want
More energy
To be a great friend to my husband
To be able to cook even better
To let people know I love them
To bring smiles to those who need it
To get more educational supplies for my little ones

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teach, Eat, thanks

I been buying and making educational material. I have to decide if the products worth it? Can I make it? Do I need it? Will it ship on time? I am thinking of getting teaching supplies to make games.

I been so busy. I am a little bit sick today with wee bit of a sore throat. It rained. While I love the rain that and my little illness kept me home bound. I was planning to go out but could not.
It was still a fun day. I made lentils with a tangy sauce and they were quite good. I made them instead of the weekly bean soup. We needed a change.

I am thankful for family 'Husband and little ones"
Days without sore throats
When I can teach through games

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


While I am eating healthier again I just find there's so much to talk about besides weight loss.
The only reason I started eating less again was to have more energy. I know I will sometimes slip up and that's okay. If I could be over wait and have boundless energy I'd say pass the homemade frosting. Life is for living. I love veggies again. MMM wonder how they taste dipped in my homemade frosting.
I've been wanting to buy every educational tool and toy on the market. I did buy some good ones but I also made some. I made them because they weren't items I was willing to wait for shipping on.

Husband and the little ones
Books at the library

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Life is going good.

Life is going good.
Playing and educating the little ones
Spending time with hubby
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.