Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

I might wear an opera cape or fairy wings tonight. I had to buy bulk candy for Halloween. I hope it’s enough.

I found this interesting news article: Halloween indulgence not so bad
“That’s if the kids normally have healthy habits”

You can influence others:
My mom and sister took my lead and have now lost weight as well. I love my mom but she was on a fad diet which wasn’t working very well.
I convinced her to calorie count and journal and she was shocked how easy it was.

What are your favorite things about fall
Favorite things about fall
Apples taste even better
Butternut squash is on sale
Candy corn
Carmel apples
You burn more calories in cooler weather than hotter weather

Monday, October 30, 2006

I love my new food scale

I just tried my new food scale and I love it. My new digital scale weighs up to 11 pounds does ounces, grams, and pounds and ounces. I just got the cheaper model $35 because the pricier one only weighed up to 5 pounds and why would I pay more to have less features. There was also an up scale model but it would not last wear and tear of my house hold due to the glass parts.

I bought some 100 calorie snack packs and they were good. I am craving some soy crisps mmmm.

I am thinking of submitting a children’s book and one of my sci-fi novels for publication.

I found out that kids will be coming this year and I have to get halloween candy. I want to get some hard candy or gum. I want something that I like. I want something low in calorie and long lasting.

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One tip on weight loss
You are not a good/bad person because of your weight but how you treat others.

Webgrl’s schooling should be over in December I think.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Foodscales, Fitness and More

I bought a new food scale. My first digital one. Does anyone use food scales.
I had a pretty metal one but it broke and I gave my cheapy plastic one to my sister.
I bought two new fitness DVDs one cost just a buck.

I wanted to remind you that you are all beautiful/handsome and strong no matter what you way.

Friday, October 20, 2006

News and Stuff

How is Everyone doing?
I feel like going back to bed and eating high calorie treats. I am not depressed just tired. I need to workout but I am getting so bored. I need something new and fun.

I got this off of the blog http://videogameworkout.com
Video Games for Health Compition

Up for Grabs cheap and free fitness stuff from game pad. From http://videogameworkout.com”

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Healthy Family
A new study that say children who don’t sleep enough are more likely to be obese

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Weight Loss Herbs: Just because something says natural or herbal doesn’t mean it’s safe Tobacco is an herb.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Binge Dreaming

Binge Dreaming
VH Melville
I had a habit when I diet to dream about binging. The binge monster is always in the back of my brain hiding. It smiles when I pass canned frosting in the groceries store.
When I joined weight watchers the dreams were a little less intense. After my dream binge I’d pull out my journal to see if I had to use flex points. In many cases I found out I over estimated.
I woke up this morning after dreaming I was eating but not over eating something pointy.
My sister and mom who lives in another state and my friend who just moved were both there. My sister says “mmmm real cheese.”
I woke up a little too full.
Is anyone out there who dream binges?

What diets are you on?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Soy Crisps, Disney to serve healthier food

Food Review: Quaker Soy Crisps barbecue flavor.
By VH Melville
I loved these so much I bought another bag today. They didn’t taste like potatoes chips but they reminded me of something I liked. It struck me today that they taste like pork rinds actually.
If you are on a diet and miss pork rinds or have become a vegetarian these might be a good substitute.

From Yahoo news:

Disney to serve healthier food at parks By GARY GENTILE, AP Business Writer
Mon Oct 16, 1:53 PM ET

LOS ANGELES - The Walt Disney Co. will begin serving more nutritionally balanced meals at its domestic theme parks and will sign movie and other endorsement deals only with restaurants that limit fat and sugar in menu items, the company said Monday.


Trans fats will be eliminated from meals at domestic parks by the end of next year, and will not be included in licensed and promotional products by 2008, Disney said.

Disney CEO Robert Iger said the move came in response to comments from parents about the eating habits of their children.

The company was "well aware of the huge responsibility we have, given our reach and our ability to impact people's behavior and opinions," Iger told The Associated Press from Singapore, where he was on business.

Given the increased attention to healthier eating, "it was the right thing to do," he said.

Disney said it would implement the new guidelines over the next several years as current contracts expire.

Iger said the company also sees a business opportunity in promoting and licensing healthier products, ranging from breakfast cereals to the children's meals it serves at its 11 worldwide theme parks.

The entertainment giant currently licenses characters to Indianapolis-based produce distributor Imagination Farms LLC to provide fruits and vegetables for the Disney Garden brand.

Other large consumer products companies also are pushing healthier eating.

McDonald's Corp. has been adding more salads and fruit to its menus, while Wendy's International Inc. recently said it would switch to cooking french fries and breaded chicken items with non-hydrogenated oil.

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission announced plans to study links between the ads that appear on kids TV shows and the rise of childhood obesity.

A number of entertainment companies have come under fire for maintaining marketing deals with fast food chains and junk food makers.

Last year, Disney and McDonald's ended an exclusive 10-year deal to promote animated films using Happy Meals. The move coincided with a growing national interest in healthier eating for kids — although both companies said the decision had more to do with a desire to work with other promotional partners.

Disney said it worked with physicians to develop the new food guidelines that:

• Place a cap on total calories, which will result in smaller portion for children.

• Limit fat to a maximum of 30 percent of calories for entrees and side dishes, and 35 percent for snacks.

• Cap saturated fat at 10 percent of calories for main dishes, side dishes and snacks.

• Limit sugar to 10 percent of calories for main dishes and side dishes, and 25 percent of calories for snacks.

The company will keep licensing sweets for special occasions, such as birthday cakes and holiday candies, but will limit the number of "indulgence" items in its total food portfolio to 15 percent by 2010.

Starting this month, kid's meals at Disney's domestic parks are being served with low-fat milk, 100 percent fruit juice, or water, along with side dishes such as apple sauce or carrots in place of french fries and soft drinks.

Parents can still request soda or fries at no additional cost

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fitness Gaming my Big Disappointment and Other News

I have bad fitness gaming news:
Yourself! Fitness doesn't seem to be coming out after all "Sigh"
If anyone has a copy of the old game the game was like your own personal trainer. I loved this game and it’s a shame it didn’t sell enough copies.
You can get copies of the old version at Amazon.

Labels, packaging can hide the truth
I found this interesting about names of food and labels fool you into over easting but I wanted the brownie on the paper plate because I am in a lazy mood and felt most likely I’d be stuck washing it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

News: Eat Healthy or Else

Eat Healthy or Else: Glaxo warns pharmacists on diet drug:

Maybe the real secret is if you don’t eat healthy the side effects will get you. That wouldn't work for me.
I over ate despite over eating making me very ill. I had undiagnosed acid reflux disuse from age three to 29.
The heart burn and vomiting “I don’t mean to gross anyone out” never kept me from not over eating. I used food to comfort me and would binge eat when I felt lonely.
I took medicine for the acid reflux and got better but right now there is no good medicine for obesity.
Most of the natural diet pills can have anything in them and some were found to contain street drugs or dangerous hearbs.

Glaxo warns pharmacists on diet drug
Patients using Xenical must follow a low-fat diet and exercise or will face unpleasant side effects.
October 13 2006: 2:03 PM EDT

CLEVELAND (Reuters) -- Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline Plc has asked U.S. pharmacists to warn patients about the unpleasant side effects that may occur with a potential over-the-counter diet drug.
U.S. regulators are considering Glaxo's (down $0.17 to $54.10, Charts) application to sell a low-dose version of prescription medicine Xenical at retail pharmacies. The drug works by preventing fat from being absorbed by the body, a process that can cause oily stools, excess gas and rectal discharge.

"GlaxoSmithKline is really targeting pharmacists. They met with Walgreen pharmacists last week to really get them on board," according to Jennifer McFee, faculty coordinator and pharmacist at Walgreen Co (down $0.21 to $44.35, Charts)., the biggest U.S. drugstore chain by revenue.
"If a patient experiences these unpleasant side effects, they will likely discontinue use," McFee added, speaking on non-prescription therapies at a three-day conference on obesity at the Cleveland Clinic.
If approved, the drug would be the only weight loss drug endorsed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration available without a prescription. It comes as the market heats up with the pending arrival of the most-highly anticipated prescription diet drug in years, a Sanofi-Aventis drug called Acomplia.
GlaxoSmithKline spokeswoman Brian Jones said the company is educating pharmacists to let patients know they must follow a low-fat diet and exercise to avoid these side effects.
"If you keep to a low-fat diet, you won't notice them. But if you continue with a high-fat diet," the effects are likely to emerge, he said.
Glaxo officials have said the drug could help stem soaring obesity rates in the United States, where nearly two-thirds of the population is overweight or obese. Some express concern, though, about a weight rebound after they stop using the drug. The drug can also lead to hepatitis, gallstones and kidney stones.
British drugmaker Glaxo bought the U.S. nonprescription rights to Xenical from Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG (up $0.45 to $70.05, Charts). Glaxo expects nonprescription Xenical, called Alli, to be launched in the first half of 2007.
Xenical is one of the two major prescription diet drugs on the U.S. market. Abbott Laboratories Inc.'s (up $0.18 to $46.63, Charts) Meridia suppresses appetite.
Acomplia, for its part, "is likely to make this a new era in obesity therapy," said Donna Ryan, an obesity specialist at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who led a panel on new drug therapies here. "Our current toolbox is limited."
In clinical trials, the drug has demonstrated not only an ability to help patients shed pounds and waist size, but it appears to reduce bloodstream fats known as triglycerides and to raise levels of the so-called "good" cholesterol, known as HDL.
Side effects include nausea and vomiting and patients with severe depression are not advised to take the drug.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I'm still alive!
How are you guys?
I miss all the support and working hard on my weight loss but i'm maintaining.
I have 2 weeks to go on the thesis and working like crazy till 4am everyday - i will make my deadline and i will get back to working hard at my health!

How about you guys? whats been going on?
Gotta run its bedtime almost!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It’s a workout, really it is!

It’s a workout, really it is!
VH Melville

I went food shopping today. I walked to both stores instead of taking the cab. Both food stores in town are pretty close. It’s not grocery it’s a workout. I bought a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread, soda, cheese and soy crisps as well. I never tried soy crisps before and they were different but I still liked them.

Halloween indulgences
1. Candy corn. I just love it.
2. Carmel apples. I got myself one this year but it has sprinkles instead of nuts and was a small apple. Yes I know I am supposed to lay easy on the apples but I am addicted
3. A costume if I can. I love putting a costume together.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I realized that this month I have hit the one year maintaitance mark. I’ve never maintained longer than a few weeks before gaining the weight right back and then some.

I need a non food celebration. I am getting a new food scale this month and video games so I am not looking for prizes per say but something nice to do. Any ideas?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

To Journal or Not

I've been thinking about this a lot. I saw a trendy new diet which promised I never
had to journal again a few months ago. I will admit it sounded tempting but I knew for me it would not work.
Then I read on one of my favorite blogs The Amazing Shrinking Mom about not wanting to journal forever. It's a well written blog and I love it.

You can lose an maintain without journaling but journaling makes you a lot more accountable. Most people stop journaling they claim they are bored but truth be told they cannot stand what the journal says. You cannot lie to the journal. It knows you ate six extra extra slices of bread with butter even if you didn’t write it.

I remember a fellow weight watchers member pulling me over and telling me “Wouldn’t it be great if you just didn’t need weight watchers anymore.” I was worried about moving from my meetings. I had to be honest to her and myself. I’d gain the weight back.
I know I’d gain the weight back and then some. It’s not a little weight but to some people that ten to 15 pounds might see as hard as my 100 plus.
Keeping the 100 plus pounds off is worth journaling. Not feeling crushed under my own body weight is worth journaling. I even journal now after I lost and had to regain some.

I find that when I journal my house keeping with the flylady program I am opt to keep flying. Why can’t I do this. I am afraid I will stop journaling food next. Journaling food is important.

Many people can lose weight on most diets but journaling though it seems boring and hard is the easiest thing you can do for yourself. You need to reward yourself with prizes just for journaling and you have to make journaling work for you than do so. I use pen and paper but some people take photos, swap cards, use beads, bracelets . If you can’t stand journaling in your old way find a new way and if that doesn’t work after two weeks go back to the old standby,

the National Weight Control Registry stresses the importance of journaling food intake
The ABCs of Weight Loss We've got 26 tips to help you succeed.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Cost of Beauty

This is a new poem I wrote.
I don't write poetry much anymore.

The Cost of Beauty
VH Melville
Weights have a price
As you buy them to get a strong body
Fresh produce
Lipstick the color of rust can be purchased
That is not real beauty
Plastic parts cost more
With a hug
You cannot buy grace it is given
You can only things to change our outside casings
Beauty is given with kind words
Best when purchased for you

Monday, October 02, 2006


I got this Book TAg from Domestic Chicky :-)

1. One book that changed your life. I can't name just one, scriptures, Sink reflections.

2. One book that you’ve read more than once ~ Jane Eyre A slob in the Kitchen

3. One book that you’d want on a desert island ~ A really thick how to guide on house, food gathering and boat making.

4. One book that made you laugh Dogzilla "It's a children's book"

5. One book that made you cry ~ The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks ~ Yes, sappy, but so am I.

6. One book that you wish you had written mmm I plead the fifth too many to count.

7. One book you wish had never been written ~ I can think of a whole lot of diet books that have unhealthy advice. There are some good ones out there.

8. One book that you are reading at the moment ~A lot of children’s picture books to my little one. ~

9. One book that you’ve been meaning to read Body Clutter, but the only way I can get it here is special order it.
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.