Saturday, December 30, 2006

About Last night’s Binge

About Last night’s Binge

Updated: I have had more time to reflect on last nights binge. Anyone with more pointers for me?

More added not so benefits of binging

1. Bloat
2. More cravings not less
3. Increased feelings of why you binged in the first place. The feelings could be stress, loneliness or more of them.
4. Harder to get back the next day or even at all.
5. A defected attitude, well I ruined one day I might as ruin this day or maybe I need a break.
6. More grocery expense because your buying more food unless you only start eating cheap junk.

Reasons why we binge
1. Our diet is to restrictive
2. We’re not eating enough calories or going too long without food.
3. We decide to binge. We decide the problem is worth the binge. Is it really.
4. Hormonal changes like time of the month can trigger weird food cravings
5. Stress
6. Our diet is way to loose we’ve been not writing things down here and there
7. A lot of people who say they do fine during the day then binge at night are eating too many non filling snack foods.
8. They do not eat enough filling vegetables.
9. Lack of planning. They know stress from work or not packing a healthy lunch causes a binge and they just so it anyway.
10. Not drinking enough water sometimes when we over eat we’re really thirst.
11. Not enough exercise: Exercise raises endorphins.
12. Real traumatic events that cause binge disorders and sometimes a professional needs to be sought out.
13. I don’t drink but for some drinking can lead to binging
14. We eternalize our problems instead of dealing with them
15. We act the “fake martyr” meaning we do everything for everyone than wine and put a show about it. Being a real martyr is being a willing sacerfice. The “fake martyr” is not really willing to sacrifice because we want people to pay for what we give them one way or another. This why the “I put myself first now to lose weight” is a cliché beaches they were putting themselves first before but in a backward way.
16. No one to talk too. YA I know that what weight watcher boards are for is and I should have gone to one.
17. They don’t eat enough protein or healthy carbs like oatmeal.
18. They don’t pamper themselves.
19. Watching to much TV. Too many food commercials.
20. Not being responsible: they let things slide like not journaling some foods. Not checking the points or calories when they have a food guide in their purse.
21. Letting other people dictate their emotions. “This one is hard”
22. Not finding something else to do.
23. Wrongly thinking they may never have their favorite foods again.

What I need to do: I have to examine those things in myself.

The stress I cannot change. Here’s what I can change?
It’s harder to eat fresh vegetables for me now. So I have to count canned non starch veggies as free. I need to eat less processed snacks and more fruits and grains. I need to exercise more and drink more water. I need to eat more protein and more oatmeal. I think yesterday I didn’t have any oatmeal. I have to journal better and take more responsibly but I have to ease up on myself. I also didn’t eat as much dairy as I should have last night.

I Decided to Binge

I decided to over eat. I decided to binge. I am not unhappy. I am very happy but I have a been so busy and exhausted. I injured my hand and stressed out my back today.
I decided to start over tomorrow. Which will be hard because it’s still the Holiday weekend.
I binged tonight not a vegetable binge but a real binge. I hope this is an isolated incident. What else can’t I stuff into my mouth? I haven’t felt this out of control in a long time. I am binging now as I type this. How sick is that? At least I am not scaring a whole angel food, a whole can of frosting or a stick of butter. I have in the past. I haven’t had a bad binge like this since early 05.
I counted over 50 points so far just in the binge.

1. I need to allow more canned vegetables and frozen and treat them as free too.
2. I need to talk to more people
3. Binge food in the long run doesn’t taste good, this doesn’t feel good. My body aches more from feeling over stuffed.
4. The binge was only fun for like 30 seconds.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Review: Truth About Beauty: Transform Your Looks and Your Life from the Inside Out by Kat James and Oz Garcia

My not shopping even for groceries isn’t working lol because my husband is asking me to go to the store. I learned a lot of stuff this week though.
I can make burger buns with a bread machine and homemade yogurt but my blender margarine and yogurt cheese is not so good. I also waste way too much toilet paper. I have decided to use cute same colored rags for dusting and wipe downs and this has cut down paper waste. I will write a bigger article on echo cuteness later

It took me over a year to post this. I rewrote it many times.

Truth About Beauty: Transform Your Looks and Your Life from the Inside Out by Kat James and Oz Garcia
I wanted to like this book and it started out warm and witty but then it all falls apart
Some statements contradict each other and claim myth as fact. The science is long winded, makes the book boring at times is sometimes poorly researched. I found a good tip or two like using a water filter for your showers head.

1. Kat blasts the FDA for not approving Stevia as a food yet didn’t research why it wasn’t approved.
Here is the shocker of why Stevia is not approved as a food because it is according to mixed result studies as potentially cancer causing. The real question Kat should be asking is why isn’t allowed to have a warning label like Saccharin.
Stevia should not be consumed if one is pregnant especially if you want avoid impurities in diet. I am not saying boycott these things, I’ve eaten both saccharin and Stevia. Stevia tastes pretty good and I like saccharin because I am less likely to over indulge in it but research things before you accept bad info that the FDA is only out to keep your hearbs away from you. Remember tobacco is an herb.
2. Kat gives some very poor advice to people on low carb diets that will help them regain some of their weight. I do eat some low carb junk food but I know it’s junk she treats it as if it's natural food. If you want to lose the low carb way then limit what low carb junk food you eat because calories do matter.
3. She gives really bizarre advice on calories saying it’s the kind of calories you consume and not the calories themselves. This is a half truth. Calories still matter and you can over consume calories with healthy food you can gain weight. Some people need more calories some less. Kat contradicts this info with talk about the French diet. The French eat smaller portions.
4. Bottom line: Kat's and OZ's book isn’t all that natural.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

sleepy poem

I wrote this a few weeks ago. I was very sleepy. I was sleepy today to.

VH Melivlle

I feel tired
Baby doll
A woman grown
Sometimes ugly is not the same as sad
I feel tired
Need to numb the pain food anything will do.

sleepy poem

I wrote this a few weeks ago. I was very sleepy. I was sleepy today to.

VH Melivlle

I feel tired
Baby doll
A woman grown
Sometimes ugly is not the same as sad
I feel tired
Need to numb the pain food anything will do.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I think I am planning to stay home new years eve and maybe make a boxed pizza and watch a DVD or play a board game with my family. What are your plans?

I haven’t been able to play my new fitness video games yet and I am excited to.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

After Sales

After Sales
I was with my beautiful family and friends. I went to two different parties. Presents were in the morning and I did a clean up before I left. I didn’t want to come home to the biggest disaster. I will talk about my husband’s big gift later. It was not in the least bit point or calorie friendly. It was a thank you for being so supportive to me even though he’s not on the plan.

I don’t think I will do any shopping for at least a week. I am hopping for two weeks.
I am just tired out from shopping. I will enjoy it in a couple more weeks but I might as well take advantage of the feeling. I really have enough food. I don’t want to catch the rush of after holiday shoppers this year even if it means losing out on sales.

Buying discounted wrapping paper after Christmas sales is not for me. I won’t be saving that much if I buy discounted wrapping paper that will just get destroyed, lost or become crinkled clutter.

I’d rather buy a good gift than a bad gift with nice paper.
I found the cutest way to recycle. I get so many catalogs but after I am done with them what do I do? I bought from these companies but mainly shop online. So I decided to use the catalogs as wrapping paper. You could probably recycle them again. . It didn’t look cheap but rather cute. I had run out of packing paper. This is the first year I came out with cute gift wrappings.

I will avoid most of the after Christmas candy sales. I love candy normally but I have enough candy. My Mom sent me some for Christmas and I bought choclolte truffles.
I can also easily make peanut butter balls.

I would like to buy some of the children’s toys but they only had two left of the toy I’d be interested in. I will wait till January and if I am able to get it

Monday, December 25, 2006

Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy
I am sending you comfort and Joy. I am indulging a little too much and I am craving fresh fruit. I am enjoying myself.
I am enjoying just enjoying my family and can’t wait till my husband and little one open their gifts. I am more excited about it than they are. I have a full day of head of me. Take time to realize that this day is about love.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and have fun. May you be the ones you love.

The Indulgent Pleasures

What are things you find indulgent they can be food, fitness stuff, books,

1. Good chocolate chips
2. Quaker barbecue soy crisps “Taste a little like those pig skin chips but less calories”
3. Body butter
4. Playing Bookworm deluxe
5. Sea-monkeys “Got to get a new tank”
6. Fresh fruit
7. Good carrots
8. Low Fat Soft serve ice cream
9. Fat free potato chips
10. Oatmeal
11. Chickpeas
12. Dancing in my living room
13. Sims "Haven't played in a while"
14. Good French truffles
16. Dolls
15. Fresh fruit
16. Books
17. Choclolte pudding made with powdered milk.
18. Crocs
19. Body butter
20. Sugar free gum
21. Caffeine free diet coke, Diet root beer, diet sprite and diet rite sodas.
22. Smoothies

Saturday, December 23, 2006

truffles, buns and Eating more.

I made homemade hamburger rolls/buns for the first time okay my bread machine helped. I could have walked to the store but I bought so much in the last two weeks and I want something worthy of these hamburgers. We’re having burgers tomorrow but I wanted something nice and homemade. I made the rolls/buns a little smaller because they would have calorie monsters without them and I am saving my calories for truffles and turkey.

I was thinking about healthy eating and I came up with "Eat More!"

Eat more! : Vegetables
Eat The foods you love: Just less of them
Eat More!: No starvation binges
Eat candy: If you have too many off limit foods you'll have binges but be honest is the food worth it.
I relished a truffle and snickers kudu’s bar does more for me than a regular snicker's bar. I found I can freeze some kind of chocolate.
You don't have to move to lose weight: Exercise if you can anyway. Of course you should check with a doctor. Exercise releases endorphins and makes you a little happier. Active people need more fuel.
Eat a salad before you go to a party.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Home Gadgets

Home Gadgets I love
What little do dads do you love. A rice cooker?

1. Crock pot. You can make easy food taste pretty good by the fact it’s slow cooked. Also it’s easier to be creative and healthy with a crock pot than baking.
2. Digital food scale: Weighs food more precisely
3. Roomba vacuums so I can do other things
4. My blender. I heart smoothies.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Year: Turning I Cant’s Into I will

VH Melville

I’ve been Lessing my points/calories for the past week it’s been helping me recharge my batteries. I have to be less lax with what I choose to eat.
New years is coming up. I don’t want you to think of resolutions and the like except maybe got something super easy down. Like I will open a book this year or I will try a new exercise just once. The New Year is the time fitness stuff and diet plans goes on sale.
So if you want to join weight watchers remember New Years sales.

Today is a new day.
We can do this together.
What has stopped you in the past?
1. I can’t go on program it’s the holidays
2. I can’t eat healthy I am in a bad mood
3. Well I blew today I might as well blow the rest of the week.
6. Making to big of goals?

Stop the deftest in you: Stop your inner brat. Do not glorify your brat. Your brat needs a smack down.

1. Start over now
2. Write what you’re grateful for
3. Exercise

Use mini goals
Focus on what you can do.

Write what you’re grateful for
Today I am grateful
1. Husband and little one. 2. My crock pot 3. Being able to get a nap in after I did my housework.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

catalogs, not bloated, Challenge, tip tag.

I feel less bloated today then I’ve felt in a while. I am drinking a lot more and eating more veggies


I like receiving a cat loge once or twice a year not every other week. There are some items where I live you cannot get locally without special order. I used to love looking at catalogs but it’s not my thing anymore. I see so much waste.

1. I mostly shop online because the prices are updated more. There are sales online not listed in the catalog.
2. There is a lot less clutter in my house
3. Less trees had to die
4. I feel less like I want to buy something if it’s crammed down my throat. Send me a little email reminder once a month and a yearly catalogue and I am good to go.

Fast Food Challenge
How’s everyone doing on that? I had chicken broccoli last week and it was good.

Healthy Tip Tag
You’ve been tagged share a healthy tip on your site. Do not take vacations from your eating plan for holidays instead plan them. Since my plan is flexible I am going to use my flex and mainline points for Christmas dinner. Often when you take a day off you get off track. I still plan to journal what I eat and I will probably eat more than people who take it off. I might gain a little but it will easyer if I say no matter what happens I have a plan.

Monday, December 18, 2006



I feel so heavy and bloated my weight has jumped a couple pounds in the past few days but I feel for the most part this is water. Though I ate healthier this week I had more calories the week in question. Calories in and calories out does matter. (this was before the peanut butter balls)

I feel I need to honestly exercise more. I am getting so happy in my new hostess homemaker roll. I need to get more movement.

I plan to eat less today and save maintained points for Christmas. I think we will be going to a friends house

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Candy: Making it lighter: Peanut butter Balls 2

Christmas Candy: Making it lighter: Peanut butter Balls
Fat Free cream cheese in the peanut butter balls didn’t really work it’s much softer and wetter than peanut butter and you have to add more powdered sugar plus it affects the flavor and is a wasted of good fat free cream cheese. It ads a slightly bitter sweet note which isn’t what you want when biting into a peanut butter ball.
Some dieters might be able to full themselves but they wouldn’t be able to pass this on to candy lovers.

The full fat peanut butter worked better and I saved calories because it really didn’t need the butter and cream that a lot of other peanut butter ball and peanut butter truffles recipes have in them. Also I didn’t dip in melted chocolate. I made the full fat version ultra small
Last time and in honor of Living to Feel Good I made them ultra small and called them Peanut Butter Pirate Pearls.

I might next time add two tbs to the mix.
I am thinking what over lower point Christmas candies and treats I can make.

I think I need a good Mexican cookbook. The restaurant around here is only summer seasonal.

Friday, December 15, 2006

What's For Your Christmas Dinner

I went through my cabinets to look for what Christmas food I have on hand first.
I have canned cranberries, canned potatoes and canned green beans. I can’t find my extra bag off stuff mix. This stuffing had a lighter version on the box which I really liked. I am thinking of a lean meat crock pot. I do plan some fun baking. I am thinking of pumpkin cake but I want the main and side dishes to be easy.

What are your plans for Christmas?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

What diets have failed you?

What diets have failed you?
Sometimes we do things to sabotage our healthy eating like not writing down that TBS of humas you ate or that chocolate bar. 2 starving yourself 3. not going to your weight watchers, tops meeting or logging on to calorie king or other online program.

But truth be told most diets fail us we do not fail the diet.

1. Was it too restrictive?
2. Did it not have enough calories
3. Did it have a poor maintained plan
4. Did it really to heavy on weird things like carb blocker pills?
5. Was it to complicate?
6. You have Trouble with accountability?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Peanut Butter Balls

I made peanut butter balls last night with real peanut butter but in the end they were so small they weren’t so bad calorie wise. I didn’t dip in chocolate so that saved calories.
It’s simple to make to. ½ cup peanut butter and half cup powdered sugar mix in a bowl with a fork shaped ball. Next time I might try making them even lighter I am thinking of a little fat free cream cheese but only a little.
It’s hard not to keep munching on these I am sending them with my husband as a snack. He loves them. I think I might roll them in coco powder next time and make them truffles.

Good News
Webgirl hopefully should be returning soon now that school is over. She needs to get more settled in before she posts.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lighter Holiday Treats

Lighter Holiday Treats

I decided to do a holiday snack and treat list for today with ideas. I might have to take a mid day nap instead of an early morning.
Here is some ideas for lighter holiday fair that you can include at your next party

1. Meringues
2. Lean meats like skinless turkey and skinless ham
3. Pumpkin
4. Grilled asparagus
5. Clear soups
6. Grilled mushrooms
7. Apples
8. Reduced fat cheese
9. Lobster with lemon wedges
10. Stuffing served in mini
11. Fresh cranberries in splenda
12. Grilled tofu and potatoes
13. Baked butter nut squash
14. Salad with reduced calorie dressing
15. Grilled shrimp
16. Baby carrots
17. Diet sprite
18. Egg nog made with skim milk.
19. Fresh fruit
20. Dark choclolte
21. Baked chips
22. Dip: Fat free cream cheese and salsa. Just pour as much salsa as you can stand over the opened package of cheese cake.
23. scallops
24. Truffles “Truffles are often 60 calories each” but it’s hard to stick to just one.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Shopping. No Pain Christmas Shopping on a Budget

I had a lovely weekend and a date with my husband. I also have some wonderful new gift ideas and I think I will add them this year.

We had a higher budget this year for Christmas but there a few things I did to keep spending in check. I enjoyed spending for our beloved family but in the past I had a much smaller budget. I decided this year to get great gifts and not waste money on things like paper and decorations. It would have been nice to set up a Christmas tree but it get destroyed so I decided a few simple decorations. I feel it looks better this way. I see so many finale posts that say tell your friends and family no gifts this year. I like giving Christmas gifts to my family.

1. Set a budget for the holidays include Christmas decorations.
2. Do not buy wrapping paper be creative. Use news paper, packing paper or anything that’s cheap or free.
3. Check prices and postage on online stores. Sometimes they are a deal and sometimes not.
4. Do not get pulled into red eyed Thursday aka Friday madness Aka black Friday unless it's for fun. In the long run you end up losing sleep and possibly buying more than you want.
5. Use web cards to send Christmas cards
6. Use last year’s decorations with maybe one new ornament and one package of tinsel or green ivy. Keep it simple a tasteful nativity scene, some tinsel. How much new stuff do you really need?
7. Hunt thrift stores for gift baskets and make your own themed gift baskets. You could make a fitness basket with jump rope, a couple of bargain DVDS. You could do a spa basket, a sports basket or a book basket and blend homemade things with purchased things.
8. If you can safely walk to local stores it saves on gas plus you feel fitter.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

What Do you Really Want For Christmas?

What do I want for Christmas

1. To hold my husband
2. To tell my mother in law how much I love her
3. To see my little one tear open the gifts. I mean the paper is half the fun. I didn’t buy paper this year. I used the brown paper that came with the things I ordered online and a red target box. I figured it was a great way to recycle. It was also one less thing I had to rush to the store to get. There is always something.
4. To play with the activity video games my husband gave me. Gifts are fun to open and I am sure I will love anything received. It's more the thought than the gift.
5. To watch a Musical or old movie on the coach with popcorn after little one is fast a sleep. Watching a Musical is somewhat of a tradition at my house for holidays one I love.
6. To let my husband play with his gets. Hint if he’s reading this. It is not a double boiler! It is not a double boiler!
7. To spend time with my little family and friends.

What do you want for Christmas or Hanukah? or Kwanza?
What makes your heart sing?
May love be in your hearts?

Friday, December 08, 2006

New Shoes

Things I did this week

1. Went to the post office and got my new indoor shoes or rather water clogs. I am not a huge show person but I do like comfort.
2. Ate tofu this week
3. Indulged on chocolate truffles and salad. I staid within my calories points but I did have a little two much fun with sweets.
4. Read 7 habit of Effective people wrote poetry. I’ve been writing poetry today. I used to write poetry all the time now I mostly write it when I am stressed unless it’s a gift. I am a lot happier now but writing poetry sure beats eating a can of frosting.
5. Made supper and invited someone over.
6. Thought loving thought of my husband.

Right now I will tidy the living room and then read some blogs.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Healthy Plan for Society

Healthy Plan for Society
A few Days a go I outlined the causes of obesity.

What are your ideas? These just popped in head. Do they sound right?

1. Work with doctors and dietitians to create a new BMI
2. When submitting to Toys for Tot programs, donate jump ropes, twister, hula hoops, Nintendo wii, and other movement based toys.
3. For walking clubs at work
4. Add a stability ball or a mini cycle to your home office
5. Form community gardens
6. For charity; Donate canned vegetables, powdered milk, dry beans, whole wheat pasta, unsweetened fortified cereal, oatmeal to shelters instead of junk food. If you are vegetrain canned wheat meat might work.
7. Treat people of all sizes with respect not just the very small or the fit.
8. Cook as families together.
9. Get together with parents and form after school exercise clubs for both parents and kids. Teens would get their own class but could do to the parent kid class if they want to.
10. Make home economics class a way to teach healthy cooking, as well as needed skills such as balancing a check book.

Got food storage?

I lost the article I was writing. We had a power outage. I decided not to rewrite what I had written and talk about sudden emergencies thrown at you.
I have some food storage but I feel I need to know more and do more.

What do you do in case of a power outage and you need something to eat? Do you have flashlights and a non electric can opener ready or do you binge eat food in the fridge? Opening the fridge too much in a power outage will make it spoil faster. What do you have planned for your food pantry if you are too busy to go to the store?
I Anyone have ideas?

What do you need for food storage?
1. Powdered milk?
2. Instant sugar free pudding mix?
3. Canned beans
4. Canned vegetables
5. Dried beans
6. Old fashioned or quick oatmeal.
7. Sugar substitute.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

News Bites

Too Thin is not in for pregnancy

Diet myths I do weigh most dayily for maintaing
but I see nothing wrong with a weekly wi for losing

Monday, December 04, 2006

Growing Obesity Rates

Growing Obesity Rates

USA obesity is getting higher it’s getting higher all over the world because the bad for you food is cheapest and people have jobs that require a lot of sitting. Why is this trend?

These are the main issues for growing obesity rates.

The cheapest food is usually calorie laden and full of transfers. Small kitchens, and no safe place to walk. Stores that only sell junk food. Some people who mock people because the person is obese are really mocking them for their monetary standing. Junk food is often donated to food based charities.

No Time for Family meals
Family meals are key for having healthy children and families. Eating together is good. I need to do this more myself and it is hard.

Video games, TV and Computer.
These three things heightened obesity. Some video game manufactures like Nintendo are trying to remedy the situation with the Nintendo wii.

Desk Jobs
As more people move to the office they move less and eat more. It’s so easy to put snacks on the desk.
The Amish in US eat a lot 3,000 to 5,000 calories a day and are very lean do to the Amount of activities they do.

The Fake Out
Not all obesity rates are real. There are French, German, Americans, Japanese listed as over weight who aren’t. I am beginning to believe that they keep people artificially fat to get grant money.
But not all body fat is bad and not all obesity rates are bad. I also think the BMI is wrong and that a healthy BMI should be 18 to 28 not 18- 25
I had to get medical treat meant because while my BMI was 21 I had to little body fat and a BMI of 25 to 26 was healthier for me. I had weight or lack of weight related health issues.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Gratitude I am thankfull for today

I decided to come up with a list of gratitude.
I felt grumpy and ungrateful this morning and I wanted to just list a couple things that make the day sing.
The list grew

1. I am not binging
2. My husband and little one who I love
3. The beauty of the snow
4. The sweet people at church
5. Books
6. That I finally hung some of the art up in my home
7. Oatmeal. I am thankful I get to eat something filling and good.
8. I am thankful for chocolate, powdered milk, vegetables and fruit.
9. I am thankful for fairy tales. I love fairy tails.
10. I am thankful for lotion.
11. being able to walk to church.
12. That my family Christmas shopping is done.
13. Back rubs from my husband
14. My little one smiled at me.
15. Music.
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.