Monday, April 30, 2007

Helping Others

I found out about the day of blogging silence from one of my favorite blogs of the moment
Life and Debt in Chicago
Many people lost love ones in VA and I do not know anything I could say or not say to take even a bit of pain away from those people.
I won’t take part in the blog day of silence April 30th but I decided I will be silent about my normal topics. Instead I want to focus today on helping others.
I do some giving to my church. My church helps with food and also provides special cheap loans to help members in other countries have opportunities to education. A lot of churches do good.
What do you do to help others? Giving circles have been popular where people meet once a month and do a pot luck and give a small amount or larger of money to a well checked out charities. Have you thought of forming your own?
What charities are you into?
Are there places you can help out that are local?

Here is a small list of charities some I donate too. Some of these I only heard about but thought readers might want to know of them.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I spent money on myself this week. I bought mail order shea butter one was free so I only paid for two of them. It’s higher price than the cheap discount stuff that I get but much lower than the ones that are just name. By far this brand has the best ingredients.

I went on another walk yesterday but it was a small one.

I over did breakfast today.
I have to go on a walk to day my little one wasn’t feeling well today hinted she’d watch DVDS or go on a walk.

Hope you have a great weekend?

For hugs

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I wake up at lot during the night. I woke up at 4am did a task I forgot headed back and didn’t get to go to sleep until 5 am luckily I got to sleep in.
My workout was house cleaning and boy am I ready to fall over.
I made some molded chocolate today out of organic chocolate chips. They were really good. I ate two salads today and yogurt.
I am still a bit stressed but I hope that it will be better in a few weeks.

Thankful List
My husband and little one

Things I like
Shea Butter
Water sandals “Crocs”

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I was planning to mope at home today but the water went out. I took my little one out to get water and myself some soda it ended up being quite a walk. I got myself a diet 7 up.
My weight watchers calculator died. I am pretty good with guessing points if I have the nutrition but I still need a calculator to help me with my math. I need to keep myself honest.
I am thinking of going calorie king in late summer. Any calorie king members?
For husband and little one

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I did better than I thought I would today. I was this close to buying and eating a whole bag of generic cheese puffs. I did okay. I walked a lot and ate salad and jelly beans, oatmeal. The cheese puffs are fine to eat but I wanted them because I was bored and not due to hunger. I will buy the cheese puffs I do want them but I do not want or need them today.
I baked bread sticks for a bake sale and played an online video game. I also got to hang out with my family. I am blessed.

Yes I am thankful today
I am thankful for my family and for all of you.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Junk food Diva

I made lower calorie cupcakes after spotting giant yummy muffins for sale in the store flyer. It came right to my box. There was no escape.
I want to eat mounds of French toast covered in ice cream, hamburgers, breaded chicken burgers. I want to eat fries and tater tots. I want oatmeal too and salads.

It’s not that I want to eat junk, a little junk is fine. I just want to eat a lot of food.
I am so tired of journaling but I lost so much weight and this is the longest I’ve kept at a reasonable size. I have to journal for health.

I had to gain some weight for heal but it’s hard keeping on healthy eating tract.
I did well eating wise sept for breakfast but went on a baking binge. I baked a lot of food. Besides I made mini pizzas, which everyone ate up fast and I made homemade bread which needed up in my husband’s lunch box or rather lunch bag. I also made tortillas but they didn’t come out as good as usual and I will have to make them over.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Too much good food

I ate way too much for breakfast. It was a blend of good food and junk.
I need to exercise but I am so sleepy which is why I over ate. I have been happy in the last few days and no reason to be doing this to my body. Anyone have ideas of what I should do. Should I do core for a week? Should I combine my journaling with.

Maybe I need to exercise more in the last few days that’s been not as good. Anyone with new ideas?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fear of Fat, thankful

Updated: I walked and used the stabilty ball.

Fear of Fat:
Fat is not ugly it's just fat.
I’ve been morbidly obese and very very thin. Right now I am in-between. I am not scared of being fat. I do not find fat ugly. Fat is just fat. You can be fatter than me or thinner than me and that’s okay. You can want to diet or be happy with your weight. I hate the stretch marks but other than that I have no problem with my former fat self look wise. She was not ugly "most of the time". She was not unlovable. She was just fat.

Here is what I do fear:

Fear One: Diabetes I am scared about is getting diabetes. I’ve seen the giant puss filled ulcers in my grandmother’s legs before they operated to save one and decided it was better just to remove the other leg.
I’ve seen my father suffer from diabetes at an early age even when he didn't know that what it was. His weight loss did not revert the effects. Though he tries to pretend that the weight loss and his supplements have cured it. His feet are constant worries for the family. There are sores on his feet.
Dad's sister also lost a leg.
I used to eat junk and veggies and stop when I was full. One day when I turned ten I had some traumas happen which wrecked my eating.
Knowing about my family's health issures did not keep me from over eating. I ate with abandon. I was depressed and ate normally most of the time. I even exercised but I binge ate. I wasn’t depressed because of the weight. The weight was the result not the cause. A lot of people think if only they will lose the weight then they will be happy. When they lose the weight and the happiness doesn’t follow it devastates them. Get happy about yourself first. I have a lovely family that deserve a heartier mom.

Fear Two: Clothes frustration Not having clothes in my size. I hate having to hunt a dozen stores just to have something that fits. Heck I am more than happy with thrift store clothes. I like vintage dresses.

Fear Three: Influence on my children I fear the kind of influence I have on my family if exercise and healthy eating is not included. If I don’t eat vegetables why would they want to eat vegetables? I fear that my family will feel crash diets, Starvation and binging is the answer.

Fear Four: Being a Hypocrite If I can’t keep this weight off than I feel I am not being a good weight loss leader. I fear my words of good nutrition on exercise will be left for unhealthy diet supplements if I can’t walk the walk.
Fear: Failing I don’t want to say I failed at healthy eating another time. I have to get over this fear. I just have to get right back up every time I fall.

False Fear:
The one thing is I don’t get is why are some people offended or rather scared of fat people. Unlike smoking someone else’s fat cannot enter your lungs.
They pre-judge fat people and instantly think they know why the person’s fat. Not everyone is fat for the same reason.

Thankful List
My husband and little one
Ice cream

Monday, April 16, 2007

Book Review: Shangri-La Diet by Seth Roberts

I really have to clean the house today and get some exercise in.

Here is my review of the Shangri-La Diet . Is anyone of my readers on the diet or has been on the diet.
Are you on maintatince?

I have adhd so I might go back and edit this review more for clarity.
I was hoping for another review on this book which is why it took so long.
I got this book for free but I will be fair to it.

Book Review: Shangri-La Diet by Seth Roberts
VH Melville
I read the original book but could not due the diet due to needing to gain weight after my loss from not having enough body fat. What I am judging on is only the science.
I will most likely try the book out or have someone try it out in early fall.

The positive points of the diet is that is fairly cheap. The diet seems to be a sort of a cheap flavorless slim fast.
Taste does set off hunger. When I do a religious fast I do get hungrier when I taste food. Bland foods part of the diet isn't a new secret it's very old diet
trick. If you get bored you eat less but it can set some people up for binges as well. This is the reason some bland diets do poor in stage two or maintenance.
I do fear that some people prone to extreme dieting will skip too many meals but they also might be weary due to the high calorie content of the oil or sugar water.

It was more entertaining than most diet books I've read.
There is something almost romantic about never having to journal again but then I'd have to drink oil or sugar water for the rest of my life which makes journaling not seem so bad.
They key to this diet or any is you have to keep doing it after you lose but you get more calories. I think adding healthy oil is a good thing instead of only eating trans fat laced items.

My problems with the book:
The science he states is a bit off. I think this diet might work for other reasons than stated. Maybe I am being too hard on Seth. A theory is just an educated guess. I do think his theory is flawed. If there is affect on metabolic or set rate I am not sure that's entirely good.

My biggest issue with this book are the blog reviews. I hated them. It was bad filler.
I read Seth's blog and he is smart enough to know that this is not evidence and doesn't cut it and is not real evidence.
The blog reviews were anecdotal and rather worthless.
How do you prove they are real? Also the ones that are real don’t prove anything most diets even bad ones can result in weight loss. A good diet is based on its maintenance rates. Tell me if you like the diet in a year.

I asked an expert in diabetes and health care and the lion's heart study does nothing to prove the diet work since the
oil was in food and not taken the way Seth envisioned. This book lacks real studies which is really odd because a study on this diet
would be rather cheap and easy to do.
His obesity clinic doctor missed a big thing colas that are addictive aren't addictive due to the flavor. They have caffeine in them which
is also addictive.
Taste is only part of food addiction. There are many obese and morbidly obese smokers who can't taste their food.

My over all view is this diet is not complete. It’s still an experiment.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bless you all

Today is Friday the 13th

I hope you’re not feeling too unlucky. Bless you all.

My husband is sick today and I hope he gets better soon. I also bought half off candy today. I am a sucker for a sale. I got some major sleep today. My little one decided to sleep in.
Normally do not have pizza cravings. I make healthy wheat pizza when I can but I am craving the full fat stuff. I can’t have it right now not without having to eat the whole pizza myself and I’d have to cook it myself as well. I am thinking of what my next children’s book should be. I have a little heartburn but still cannot avoid the onions on my salad.

Savings: A Home Gym
VH Melville
You can have a home gym that costs less than gym membership for a couple of months or even less. Gym membership is great if you go to it but most people quit their membership or try to after a couple a months. Most people who buy fancy gym equipment end up using that equipment for a clothing rack.
Before you decide to plunk down good money for a home gym why not create a gym for under $200 or even under $50 or you can build a home gym a few dollars at a time.
I do have a machine that my mom gave me. This cost me nothing.
Don’t forget the small stuff. I use small equipment like stability ball weights and a step. There is equipment that doesn’t take up too much space.
Do you have anything on hand that you’re not using and can use if you don’t have a medical condition that prevents you from using it.
Do you have hand weights or stretch bands? I Really think cans of food like some money saving experts don’t give you as much resistance as hand weights . Hand weights can be very inexpensive. You don’t need a full set right away.

That I got to sleep in late and go to bed early
That I got a sucker today
That I got a walk in

Thursday, April 12, 2007

wbgrl, Are you rich? Size Trauma, thanks

I’m grateful that webgrl posted. I was going to beg her too but she did it on her own.
I have been feeling lazy and a little sick post. I got sick Tuesday evening. I think the funny tummy finally got me with full force. It’s acting up a little now but luckily that was after I got today’s grocery shopping in.

Are you Rich
This article states if you have just $2,200 and no debt you are rich

Size Trauma:
Goodbye, Belly - a journey to a healthier me! Blog mentioned about
size trauma. I have had cases where
I was told they only went to size large and had to hunt all over town to find something that fit.
I hated size trauma shopping.
I bet we could swap stories.
I was in tears picking out a nice outfit for my first date with my dream man. My now sweet hubby. I did find some cute pants at fashion bug. They didn't last but they looked cute and were worth dressing in for the guy.
I know am a smaller size but I still sometimes feel odd and bad about shoping in a store that doesn't have larger sizes.
Do not get too hung up on sizes. They do not determine everything.
At my smallest though not healthiest weight I fit in some extra small stuff but there was some clothes I could not fit into because they were made for people with smaller shoulders and ribs. I am not big boned, in fact I am petite in size.
I also see people beating others up saying “She can’t be a size two but a size four.” They don’t understand that different stores has different sizes. A size 12 in one store is size 16 in another.
Also shape, muscle and height have to do with size. I was thinner than people in smaller sizes than me do to my short body shape and my girly hips.

Thankful list
That I got to sleep in today
That I got to chat with my mommy in law

That I got a walk today and some stability ball
That I ate a salad

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Popping In

To say hi and let you guys know i'm around!
I'm still in the game too - there are good days and there are days where i want to stand in front of the fridge and eat everything but counting my points help a LOT
When i workout too, i feel guilty about eating too much so that helps as well.
I've been trying different workout DVDs and doing to the gym sometimes.
Its going well, slowly as usual but i have come to accept that thats how i lose weight anymore.
How are you guys doing?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stability Ball

I have been using my stability ball and I feel it’s been helping my lower back but not shoulders.
ate a little much on Easter but I did have the points or calories to cover it. I made wheat bread today in a machine. I am also making bread sticks but with just a little wheat. I usually make them with more wheat but since this is for a party.

I used most of my fitness equipment today. My weight training yesterday was carrying my little one. I also danced in my living room.

I got some early blurbs from my children’s book. I have no idea when it will come out though.

I am thankful for my family
I am thankful for creativity

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

I hope to have a happy time with my family. I hope to be able to go to church. I am bad I can't wait to dive into the candy. I did put some lighter choices in but still.

Thankful List
For my husband and I am thankful for my little one
I am thankful for yogurt
I am thankful for lettuce

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Do over

I found out the whole post I worked so hard on just disappeared and never showed up on the blog. I didn’t back it up.

I guess I will just start over in more ways than one.
I binged most of last week including the weekend. I started over again. I ate a lot of veggies.
I went through a real hard last couple of weeks. I am not going to beat myself about it. I just don’t feel making fun of myself will help when feeling sad caused the binge in the first place.
This week will be hard dealing with the holiday. I forgot to get the stuff for the Easter basket. I would have binged on it anyway so it might be best I am waiting until the last moment.
I think we will be doing a church potluck for Easter. I won’t even tell you what we’re brining for the pot luck dessert.

Thankful list
That I am not exhausted today
That I ate take out and chose healthier option
Crystal light

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Fools Breakfast: Review, thankful and more

Fools Breakfast:
I made my husband pink mashed potatoes, green eggs, and canned meat with pineapple. All foods he loves but twisted. He enjoyed breakfast.
I made a cake too but I cut it too soon and it fell apart.

Teaching children about consumerism Review: Veggie Tales Madam Blueberry
This religious children’s DVD
Teaches children that stuff doesn’t make you make you happy that you should be thankful for what you have and learn grateful heart. While shopping is great wanting things just because others have them can leave you unhappy. The DVD has also has one of my favorite silly songs.

Confession: I was great over the past couple of weeks and had a major set back with my eating and exercise in the past couple of days. I am going to try to just do my best.

Thankful List
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.