Friday, March 30, 2007

Wish List, Thanks

Wish list
What’s on your wish list?

More time spent with my dear ones
To be the best wife mother and friend possibly
To get more back rubs
To fix my vacuums
To stay inside with a good book
To get my sci-Fi novel published
To exercise more and eat better
To be more spiritual
To get some more shea butter. (Have to mail order it here.)
To get more sleep
To take a mini vacation with family

For my husband and little one
Blogger friends

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stress, writing, thankfull

I had a major binge. I have been highly stressed.

I will have announcement about my writing in a couple months. I also might as NIUiceprincess suggested post some writing samples. It will be a while though.
Writing became a hobby to me. I no longer care about fame or the lot.
I’d like to make a little extra money to say I am paid and to buy some splurges but I am not looking for vast wealth. Most writers make less than fast food employees. Only a small % get published if they are not selfpublished and a smaller % than that makes lots of money.
Nonfiction makes more money than fiction.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Get Happy

Anyone have good news. I’ve been stressed today and I love to hear something happy.

I don’t know if I feel like doing anything other than eating and sleeping today. I need to go to the library but I just don’t want to move. I have been cleaning this morning but there is a lot to go.
My vacuums need to be fixed.

I made fish per meson last night and it was a hit. I had no recipe for it. I am getting to be a much better cook.

I have been submitting my writing. In the past few days I submitted a children’s book, articles, a novel, and poetry.

Thankful list
Yes even today there is something to be thankful for
My family
My writing
Diet soda
Good chocolate
My weights

Monday, March 26, 2007

Webgrl, Forgot, Passing, More quick meal ideas, thankful

webgrl is really trying her best. She inspires people but doesn't always know it,

I skipped weight training Sunday. I just forgot to do it. I did weight train today.
I walked a little outside and worked on my stepping machine. My walking was a walk to the dentist office. I am glad I went. I don’t have a cavity which is good.
My husband was right. I am not afraid to tell my husband he is right.

I was searching for a net friend’s website. I emailed her some Christmas web cards and got no reply. I thought she was busy.
I found out she passed away late last year. It’s a shock to me. She had health problems but was just barley in her fifties.

More quick meal ideas
Tomatoes sprinkles with parmesan and basil with low call dressing
Boiled corn on the cob
Light pitas stuffed with veggies

Thankful list
I am thankful for my husband and family
I am thankful for diet soda
I am thankful for dentists
I am thankful for online friends like webgrl
I am thankful for joy
I am thankful for this blog
I am thankful for music
I am thankful I submitted my book today
I am thankful for exercise
I am thankful for cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots
I am thankful for sleep
I am thankful for sugar free ice cream good chocolate and fruit

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Super Busy

I have to exercise more today. I’ve been so busy.
I ate chocolate today. I seem to eat more real chocolate now than before I went on program.
Something has been coming up every time I try to update my blog. I have been working on articles, art work for a children’s book, hanging out with my family, and exercise. I also have a party to go to.
I forced myself to go on a walk yesterday. I thought my husband needed ink for the computer which just came in to the post office. I also decided to get groceries. I am going to need to get a pull wagon for summer.

I did my one on one trainer machine and my step. I was calling it my stepper and people were confused that it was a step.
I had an intense craving for multi grain tortillas Friday night while watching a DVD of star Treck Generations with my husband. I waited till morning to make them. I made them part whole wheat, part white, warm water, baking powder, salt, a little oatmeal a tablespoon and half of oil. They came out pretty good. I would have also used ground corn if I had some on hand.

I also prepared for a lession I am teaching in church.
I better get one more article written and some exercise in.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fitness Challenge, Quick and Mostly Healthy Suppers, Writing, thankful

I want you to use a piece of equipment you may not have used for a while for five minutes.
Are you up for it? What equipment do you have that you are not using?
What equipment do you want?
Is there any athletic or fitness equipment you wish you didn’t buy. Will you give it away, trade or sale it?

PearshapedGirl asked about Quick and Mostly Healthy Suppers

I decided to ad this post for quick suppers for her.

Easy Meal ideas
Wash any bagged salad. Even though they say the are

Can of vegetarian chili serve with a bag salad
Chicken breast “Quick and easy” you can cut it up and serve it in hot wing sauce and fat free ranch dressing for dipping
Canned non creamy soups
Bag salad with a can of chickpeas and 2 tbs of raisons and 2 tbs of pressmen with your favorite low cal dressing
Whole grain wraps fill up with salad and things like cooked chicken, or lean ham, roast beef or spicy beans
Veggie burgers on diet bread or light english muffiins
Fat free cream cheese and salsa on light English muffins
Romen noodles made without the seasoning mixed with two cans of your favorite vegetables seasoned with low salt bullion
Canned light fish with fat free mayo and teaspoon of splenda and dill relish serve in a wrap, in diet bread or in a salad.


Microwave Baked sweet potatoes or small white potato
Fresh fruit
Yogurt and cut up fruit
Fat free ranch and baby carrots
Fat free refried beans

Eating Out
Chinese: Broccoli and chicken broccoli and shrimp
Subway wrap but don’t put any Atkins stuff in it use vegetarian or lean meats, roast beef, chicken, turkey, ham. Get the fat free dressing or mustered. Avoid the sun chips.
McDonalds if they still have the Asian salad have that but don’t eat the nuts croutons and noodles and you’ve lightened it a lot. Reduced fat ice cream.
Wendy’s Grilled chicken sandwich side salad with low fat dressing avoid the baked potato because it’s more calories than you realize.

Quick and Mostly Healthy Suppers

decided to ad this post

Easy Meal ideas
Wash any bagged salad. Even though they say the are washed they need to be re-washed.
I don’t want people to eat or serve food if they have know allergies to them these are merely ideas.

Can of vegetarian chili serve alng side a bag salad
Chicken breast “Quick and easy” you can cut it up and serve it in hot wing sauce and fat free ranch dressing for dipping
Portabella mushrooms cooked in a frying pan with pam and served with parmesan cheese
Canned non creamy soups or low fat creamy soups
Bag salad with a can of chickpeas and 2 tbs of raisons and 2 tbs of pressmen with your favorite low cal dressing
Whole grain wraps fill up with salad and things like cooked chicken, or lean ham, roast beef or spicy beans
Veggie burgers on diet bread
Fat free cream cheese and salsa on light English muffins
Romen noodles made without the seasoning mixed with two cans of your favorite vegetables seasoned with low salt bullion
Canned light fish with fat free mayo and teaspoon of splenda and dill relish

Cucumbers and fat free sour cream or plain yogurt with onion mix or your favorite spices
Canned asparagus
Microwave Baked sweet potatoes or small white potato
Yogurt or Fresh fruit or Yogurt and cut up fruit
Fat free ranch and baby carrots
Fat free refried beans
Celery and hot wing sauce with fat free ranch
Quaker soy crisps “They only come in 3 servings” “They are a pork rind replacement. They are nothing like potato chips”
Oatmeal “Old fashioned or quick” Sweetened with splenda and flavored with cinnamon

Eating Out
Chinese: Broccoli and chicken broccoli and shrimp
Subway wrap but don’t put any Atkins stuff in it use vegetarian or lean meats, roast beef, chicken, turkey, ham. Get the fat free dressing or mustered. Avoid the sun chips.
McDonalds if they still have the Asian salad have that but don’t eat the nuts croutons and noodles and you’ve lightened it a lot. Reduced fat ice cream.
Wendy’s Grilled chicken sandwich side salad with low fat dressing avoid the baked potato because it’s more calories than you realize.

I ache today. My walk took way too much stress on my body.
My lunch was toast and candy not a very good lunch I will do better I think I will make oatmeal or mashed potatoes.

I been waiting on word on publishing my latest book. I sent it to a non conventional publisher but they don’t make you pay for it.

Thankful List
Diet punch
Skim milk
Good chocolate

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yesterday, My Favorite Exercise Equipment, Thankful list. Another Pricey Dinner:

I feel I need to strength train more. Exercise started out well yesterday with little bursts but I needed more movement moments later in the day. I edited a novel and submitted a children’s book.

My Favorite Exercise Equipment
If your fitness equipment is just sitting there it’s being wasted. Today just use some of your stuff.

I love my step which is a small plastic step given to me as a romantic surprise from my husband which included the last Harry Potter book and Applebee’s so I could order from
The weight watcher menu. Beats fancy purses in my book any day.

I love my stepper. My stepper is a machine that my mom gave me. It has cross country polls on it. My mother gave it to me since she wasn’t us

Weights a reward I bought myself for exercise. I bought it on a New Year sale.

Stability ball: Another gift from my wonderful husband.

Thankful list
I am thankful for my husband and little one
I am thankful I got to sleep in for just a few extra moments

Another Pricey Dinner: 10,000 Dollar Dinner.

From the creators of the $25,000 dinner, there's another pricey gourmet feast on the horizon.
The will cost less than 10,000 a person.
A lot of the cost in the first meal turns out to be from the wine. I am glad I don't drink.
I really want to make a fancy dinner.
I am not looking to make a 25,000 dollar meal haven’t went to chef’s school which would most likely help.
I am eyeing gourmet cookbooks on Amazon. I’ve been hearing some bloggers talk about gourmet restaurants and cooking.
Could I cook a nice meal comparable to a little bit more fancy than red lobster?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Pizza, walking, family

I sewed a strap back on toddler snow pants. My sewing is so ugly but no one will see it under the jacket.

I made whole wheat pizza and instant mashed potatoes for dinner. I forced myself to weight train but I want to get it out of the way to hang out with the family.

I took a walk to pick up the mail but had to wait a little bit so I hung out at the grocery store. I didn’t buy anything but I have some ideas of things I’d like to buy next week.
Sometimes it’s so hard to go to a store and not buy something and sometimes it is easy.
Today I just didn’t want anything.

Thankful List
I am thankful to spend time with my family tonight
I am thankful I made a good dinner tonight
I am thankful for having a sweet mother in law

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rest, Low Cost Hobbies, Thankfull

I was lazy today.
I did my stepper and weights today after a little nap. I couldn’t function without it and wouldn’t have exercised at all without the nap. I slept for a half hour to an hour. Sometimes our body needs rest.

Low Cost hobbies: I responded to pearshaped girl’s blog with this:
Hobbies do not have to cost a lot of money Even if you’re bad at it by practice you get better.
I decided to add more to the low cost hobbies;

1. Writing a book you already have a computer. I have ADHD and am Bad editor. I still got a couple of books published. Is there a poet, a columnist or a novelist in you? I don’t get much money from my writing but it’s a hobby I love.
2. Exercise to cheap DVDs: what a great hobby.
3. Bath salts “Epson Salt is very cheap” and you can treat yourself and your husband with the results. There recipes on the net.
4. Scrap/junk Artist: I am not talking about scrap book art but art made from scraps and junk. Make something beautiful.
5. You can get a book on giving back and foot massages for a hobby. The library might have some free resources.
6. Dancing: Well I am uncoordinated. Cheap how to DVDs can be found all over the place/
7. Volunteer work you seem to be so caring your hobby can be caring for others.
8. Make reading a hobby and make your destination the library.
9. Walking another cheap for of activity and you can walk with other people, and or walk dogs.
10. Scrap quilting. Make quilts out of used and torn clothes.

Arts on a Shoestring "Found this aricle"

Cheap Collections:
Collecting pretty rocks or pebbles.
Collecting new or used postcards
Collecting used stamps sent to you
Collecting leaves "People press them into books"
Collecting dust. “Kidding on that one”

Thankful list for today
My family
My few minute nap
That I got to spend time with my husband
Sugar free gum
That I used my stepper even though I didn't want to work out at all today

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hard Day's Night, thankfull list, Spread the Word Day

Hard Day’s Night
I had a really rough day last night was supposed to be a little jaunt to the post office. I learned I am a better person and more capable than I give myself credit.
I didn’t get to strength train until after 11pm.
I ate Mexican food I spilt it and didn’t have the sour cream. It was good and something I don’t get all the time. I had my salad without any dressing and just put pepper on it.
I did eat real Pringles. I counted them. I wanted them for days. There were no reduced fat Pringles.
I ate lots vegetables. I do not know how I didn’t binge.
I went grocery shopping and brought home good food.
Husband made it better we watched a science show on DVD. It was called connections and is a lot of fun. It’s about different inventions and scientific processes and how they relate to each other.
I described my perfect guy to my mother when I was 12. She told me “He doesn’t exist”
When she met my husband who was my then boyfriend she exclaimed. “He does exist. He does.”
Ever since I was seven and then really starting at 12 I’ve been super attracted to math and since guys what other people call nerds. To be truthful I have an artist brain. Math and I have not gotten along.

I woke up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep.

Thankful List
I have more to thank for than usual
My family
That my little one only has a cold
That I get spend date night with my husband
That I have a heart full of love
My mother in law. “I love her so much”
caffeine free Diet soda
Save a lot products
Homemade wheat crust pizza
That I can send virtual cards to friends
Amazon they just sent me another package
Little miracles

Spread the Word Day
Sometimes I have a spread the word day which I allow people to talk about their blogs.
So if you have a health, cooking, or money blog and want to share about it post it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Crave, Financial fitness: Exercise, Diet Articles: “Vegetarian Diet Tips, Low carb Eating Out Tips,” Thankful list,

I wanted some Pringles and ice cream tonight but was too lazy to call for delivery or walk down to the store. I did exercise though. I did little movements. I even used my step and stability ball as well as my stepper. My step is a plastic step, my stepper is a sort of non electric exercise machine.

Financial fitness: Exercise
Could you downgrade on something in your life without noticing it? Like using regular gas instead of premium or using VO5 shampoo instead of the brand your normally use. What can you safely upgrade if you really felt you wanted to?

Diet Articles:
I decided two articles one for low carbers and one for vegetarian diets.

Vegetarian Diet Tips

1. Check packages some vegetarian foods are higher in calories.
2. If you have had long boats of weight problems you might consider journaling your food.
3. Do not make your own rice, or nut milk. This might sound romantic but it lacks vitamins in consumer friendly vegan alternatives.
4. French fries are not health food and many French fries are fried in beef or chicken fat.
5. Are you a binge eater? What are your non food triggers? Can you opt for fresh veggies?
6. Many vegetarian fake meats have 100 calories or less but check the packaging.
7. Get a calorie food guide as well as a guide to what foods are meat free and lower in cal. It’s a way you can improve your odds and not be frustrated.
8. Salad bars have lots of veggies but you might want to make sure that you have some meat free sources of protein like beans. Some beans are cooked in meat when in doubt ask.

Low carb Eating Out Tips

Many people on low carb diets just stick to eating bun-les burgers and chicken wings when there’s a lot more they can eat.
A medical study in a hospital had people were given the same calories but after a while the low carb ate less because protein is filling. That’s why so many people gained weight on eating low carb junk food because they didn’t mind portions anymore and the food wasn’t as filling.

1. If a restaurant has oatmeal on the menu get it oatmeal is filling can be sweetened with splenda. This is a good carb.
2. Find out if the chicken wings have sugar in them some are spicy sweet.
3. Have a side salad with your bun-less burger. You might want to opt for fat free Italian which generally has less sugar than other dressings. You can use a little splenda to sweeten it up.
4. Many restaurants even fast food chains have chicken breasts and this might be a leaner more filling alternative to a small burger.
5. Lobster is low in calories and carbs.
6. When eating at Subway you might want to have the akin wrap but bring your own dressing the Atkins dressing are fat and calorie nightmares. Yes calories still matter low carb works by filling you up. In-fact just have the Atkins wrap but none of Atkins fillings, chose meats like ham, turkey, chicken or roast beef all which are leaner options. The wrap it’s self is a little high in fat
but it’s low in calories, high in fiber and filling.
7. Other low carb foods besides burger, steak, chicken, shrimp, turkey, salmon, roast beef, spinach.

Thankful list
My little Family
I am thankful for my friends
I am thankful for oatmeal
I am thankful for hand cream
I am thankful for naps
I am thankful for my body ball
I am thankful for cookbooks

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fear Not Boys and Girls, Cheap Luxury, For carb counters, Thankful list

Fear Not Boys and Girls
Don’t be afraid of strength training cardio and strength training together is a good thing.

Live within our Means in Luxury
How can you live with your means?
Fancy cloth napkins are cheaper and look nicer then paper napkins.
Department store cosmetics often have a cheaper version of its self that’s the same price. Lancome and Loreal are the same thing.
Thrift stores can have designer clothes and even hand bags if you know what you’re looking for.

For carb Counters
Who does low carb here who does slow carb

I am not a low carber. I like whole wheat bread and pizza but I do realize some of my readers do low carb diets. So I wrote this article just for the low carb fans.

You cannot take a break from low carb after you lose the weight you just get to eat more low carb food. If you take a break you will gain the weight back. Though some people close to goal will switch to journaling or weight watchers when they are close to goal.

Avoid products that only give net carbs unless you’re sure of the company. Some companies doctor the net carbs by making portions smaller or adding a little fiber. Some companies have lied outright about their net carbs. If it’s a junk food type item your better making it yourself.

All carbs aren’t all bad you need some slow carbs are good for brain function. A bowl of oatmeal or small shredded wheat is a lot better health wise than a low carb candy bar.
A low carb candy bar should be a treat but not the bulk of your diet. Sometimes a sugar free candy bar will be better due to it being lower in fat and calories. You will not be fat deprived if you grill non starchy vegetables with healthy oils and eat meat.
Also low carb women can be deprived of folic acid so seek a nutritionist or doctor out about proper daily almounts you should be getting. You also might want to add two slices of diet/light bread a day and freeze the rest so not to eat the whole loaf in a day. I could eat it all. Some of these light breads are also lower in carbs than regular bread but read the label.

Some low carb diets are scared of low fat dairy. Low fat dairy has a little higher in carbs but it also has protein and studies state that low carb diet that are just a little bit less in fat.

Eat low starch veggies low carb diets who eat lots of veggies keep the weight off longer.

Drink lots of water.

Thankful List for today:
My family
That I was blessed to write this blog today
That I got to exercise today

Monday, March 12, 2007

Food Sawp Truths, Morsels, Today's exercise, thankfull

The Truth about Diet Sodas and Other Food Swaps
Some studies say people who drink diet sodas are fatter it's only half the truth.
The people who drink it just end up consuming the same calories they saved somewhere else. People have an inborn need to over eat that’s why journaling is effective to most people with major weight problems. While some people cannot journal and keep it off success leans on the side to those who journal in some way.
Also caffeine makes some people hungry.
Swaps are fine, but after I lost weight the first time my swaps ended up being a whole angel food cake a hole row of fat free fig bar cookies.
Most people who swap out food for lighter foods often end up eating more. Low carb, and fat free does not mean calorie free. Weigh and measure this type of foods to make swaps be a benefit instead of adding more
Swap caffeine free diet soda for regular diet soda.
Soy crisps swap for pork rinds. Soy crisps are not a potatoes chip subsection. They are not remotely potatoes like.
Baked chips or fat free for regular potatoes chips.
Swap meringue and fortune cookies for a sweet treat. I like to make whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. They are a bit chewier but I save calories and add more fiber.

We can eat anything we want just no all at the same time and not all at once but portion controls so difficult. It would be so cool if restaurants would sell mini versions of the most calorie driven foods like just a morsel and then pare it with a big salad and mini dessert.

Today’s Exercise

I finished my First rough draft of my children’s book. I think my next story I will work on will be a fairy tale. I’ve written the first line already.
I feel bloated and starving today. I am just extra hungry.
I strength trained mid day today but tomorrow I’d like to do it early or real late.

Thankful List
I am thankful for my family
I am thankful that I can exercise
I am thankful for whole wheat toast

Saturday, March 10, 2007

When Bad Things Happen to Good Diets, Thankful, Favor Ideas

When Bad Things Happen to Good Diets

There is no room for ultra perfectionism in reforming your eating habits. Yes rules are great but most people fail because they make things to hard on themselves, too restrictive.
A diet that’s not livable works.
The people who I see who adapt an all or nothing will power usually fail in the end. If they eat a candy bar or one doughnut they get depressed instead of taking it from their calories, or from their points or from their crab allowance. Then they figure they’ve blown it and to take a break and start back on Monday but they can’t start back on Monday and they end up eating more. Studies shows those who start diets on Mondays are more likely to fail. Start now even if you just ate two banana splits find a TOPS or Weight watchers meeting or if you hate meetings join an online program like,

If weekends are hard plan to exercise more on weekends? Find some activates that require movement? If you do WW use your flex points for the weekends that are why they are there.

Sometimes bad things happen to good diets.

I mean sometimes your car breaks down and the only thing to eat while it’s getting fixed is burgers or pizza. Instead of saying woo I’ve blown it now.
.See how can you make it work?,
Do you see if you can make the item lighter like asking the pizza place for a small, or thin crust pizza and ask for less cheese.
Can you have two slices of real pizza and eat with a large salad?
Can you use marina dressing or salsa in case they do not have low calorie dressing. I do like to get some healthy olis in but many dressing over do it and I eat salads for bulk but some dressings can carry 1000 calories that’s more than a cheeseburger. I’d rather use my healthy oils for grilling vegetables or some baking.
Or maybe you want to eat four or five slices of pizza because the salads are fried and your really hungry.
Can you figure out what kind of workout to do to burn it off and stick with it? Can You take it from your daily calories?
If you decide on the burger place.
Can you get the children’s meal at the fast food restaurant or top a side salad on a small burger to ad bulk. Can you swap the fries out or order the child’s size fries?

Thankful List
That I got to spend time with my family
That I got to use my stepper
That it is a beautiful day

Party Planning: Favor Ideas
For those planning wedding or birthday Parties
This is for a wide range of budgets
You also want to consider age and safety at all parties

Lollypops "60 or less calories each"
Ring pops "60 calories each"
Fortune cookies "25 calories each"
Wedding bubbles “Can also be used for birthday parties”
Paper bags or takeout food containers filled with penny candy
Fancy bath salts
Note books
Post cards

Update: I used my steper took a short walk and used my weights today.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Exercise, Ramen, Packaging vrs quality, thankful

I exercised a lot yesterday. A lot of the exercise was unplanned and I was walking a lot to pick up mail, delver something, an appointment I had as well, and my cookbooks came in at the library. Plus I did my stepper and weights yesterday before the day got busy.
I temporarily lost my weight watchers calculator. This is not a regular calculator and they don’t make it any more. The newer model isn’t as fancy. It actually recorded the points I ate for the day. Luckily my husband found it returning from work.
One of our phones broke or was rather destroyed. It was a rough day but I didn’t binge um yet.

Comfort Food Transformed
I am thinking of making my first true gourmet but the same time I am intrigued by instant mashed potatoes, old fashioned oatmeal, fruit and comforting Ramen.
I had Ramen noodles for supper Thursday instead of the burger and mashed potatoes I had planned.
Some people like to claim that Ramen noodles are high in calories.
My mom used to make Ramen soup for me as a child. Yes instant ramen probably don’t compare to real ramen which uses fresh noodles but it’s a true comfort food.
Instant ramen noodles can be transformed with the right ingredients to something higher than its parts but there is Gourmet Ramen noodle cook book that I spied on Amazon.
They really aren’t so bad. They are 400 calories for a whole package. You can split a package in have and serve with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. You can spate the noodles from the water and veggies to the water and have two meals. You can replace the season packet with low salt bullion if you want to reduce the salt. Ramen can be really high in salt.

Packaging Vrs Quality
Some higher priced products are worth it. I find good kitchen gear worth it over cheap imitations.
Sometimes the hype is only marketing.
Have you ever bought something that was designer only to discover it was all packaging and really a low quality product?
I got a great designer perfume that was well worth it but I also bought some fancy hand wash. The hand wash I bought was okay but really over priced with fancy name. It smells too harsh to me.

Thankful list today
My family
That I got my WW calculator back
That I exercised yesterday and did not binge
That I chose the ramen noodles over the higher calorie burger
That I met cool people blogging
That I worked on my novel today

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Busy, The scale, thankful

I thought today I could just exercise and clean I found out the day will be a lot busy than I thought.
I am glad I got my weight training out of the way in the morning and did a little on the stepper two.

Webgrl re-weighed in and was much lighter. I was right most of it was water when she was building her muscles. That kind of thing evens out. Doing everything right and having a small loss or a gain can drive people crazy. The scale is not always right.

My thankful List for today
My family to be and for my spiritual life
That I am learning to cook better
That I put away the laundry
I am thankful I pulled out my stepper yesterday
I am thankful that webgrl is back

what can jump start me if I am not in the mood to eat healthy or exercise?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hi from Webgrl

Hey gals how is everyone doing?
Thank you so much for the support and wonderful ideas about making this journey more fun!
I'm a week into 'being good'
i made some mistakes and i worked out hard.
I only had a loss of .2 but as val says its probably muscle and water.
I am scared that i wont sustain this that i'll quit working out so hard or i'll quit eating well but i'm going to take it as it comes.
I'm liking feeling that i'm working instead of moping around and whining.
Its consuming way too much of my time counting keeping track and all the 'what iffing' but if i wasn't doing this i'd be eating and not moving so as i said - i'll take it.
How are u guys doing?

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I did it

I Finally Did it
I’ve been really good the last couple days eating wise with a lot more vegetables. I really like home made salads because they are so filling. I had one for breakfast. I feel I need to do more exercise. I started a new today.
I pulled my tony little stepper out of the bedroom where it wasn’t being used there. I got it for free from my mother. It’s a nice little piece of gym equipment. I realized if I don’t use it I might as well throw it away and I really wanted to keep it. Not using what you bought or were given is a waste of space and money.

I did my weight training today. In august/September I want to get some heavier weights.
Has anyone tried the weights you fill up with water? I’d like to be up to ten to 16 pound weights again.

Late Night Eating Vrs Binges
There is nothing wrong with evening snacking but it’s what and how much we eat overall.
I mean if you eat a whole container of frozen yogurt and a bag of chips in one sitting does it really matter when you eat it?

For the Writers: More about my latest children’s book
Everything we write isn’t gold and sometimes even good line must be cut.

I last night I cut out a huge chunk of deluge I first thought was so essential.
It was too wordy to preachy and too distracting I know it sounded bad undoing most of the work I did do yesterday. I did keep about two or three lines.
But then I added two whole scenes so all in all it was really productive.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Writng, Late night snack ideas, Spielberg’s Art Colection, Gratitude

I did better eating Monday then last weekend I hope I can continue. I worked a little on my book and I hope that goes well. I still need a lot and I mean a lot of work on it. I think I might do it as a picture book or a middle reader.

Healthier Late Night Snack ideas
I like to snack late at night. Sometimes you get really hungry. I decided to make a snack idea list.
1. Salads with spices splenda and vinegar as a late night snack you can add some canned beans or lean meats for a little protein if you want
2, Also Putting a sugar free yogurt placed in the freezer is hard as a brick and takes forever to eat.
3. Also carrots with splenda and cinnamon are a great snack
4. Low sodium bouillon cubes and a couple no starch veggies can make a great soup
5. Diet caffeine free soda, and herb tea,
6, Oatmeal can be very filling and is one of my favorite snack.
7. Grilled mushrooms.
8. sugar free gum
9. Sugar free smoothies made with ice, powdered milk, whole fruit and sugar free syrups and substitutes or left unsweetened altogether.

Spielberg’s Art.
Stephen Spielberg most likely will be able to keep his painting.
The reporter called Finder’s keepers but there’s more to it than that. There is no longer a clear cut owner. The original owner was paid off with insurance and the gallery/museum has been long out of business. Spielberg also bought the painting years later from a established source.

Gratitude for today:
What are you thankful for.
I am thank
1. for vegetables,
2. For my family
3. For spirit and playful heart

Monday, March 05, 2007

Shopping, Why I strength train, goals, and tip Tag

I finished my review of the Shangri la diet but I have major editing to do on it.
I walked to the closest store today. It was way too cold to walk to the other one but I got my work out walking around the store going and re going over my list. I remained on my budget even though I had to buy laundry soap and dish detergent stuff. I am not on a budget because I have to but because I want to be on a budget. I like being a stay at home mom which I know is not to everyone’s liking. I like to be able to buy books and bath luxuries via mail.

Why I strength train.I strength train to build up my back muscles even with my weight loss my back is a bit tender. I strength train not to burn calories since strength burn is minimal but it makes cardio burn more efficient. I strength train to be stronger.

What are your goals besides weight loss, weight gain or maintenance?
Weight should never be your sole goal. I want you to think about your goals and research them.

Tip Tag if you read this you’ve been tagged share a healthy eating, budget, cooking, or fitness tip on your site.
# Use vegetables to bulk up your sandwiches this are a great way to have a bigger sandwich and feel fuller.
# Figure out what things you buy that do not give you pleasure if you are always feeling guilty about buying them how can they be a need or even a want?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Lets eat a whole Cake Well maybe not/

I feel like eating cake and chocolate all day. I am not in a bad mood but in a lazy mood. I overworked myself the other day.
I should be cleaning
Working out
Baking a low fat cupcakes
I worked on my latest children’s book today. It’s about food one of my favorite subjects.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

House cleaning workout, webgrl, Groceries

My workout today was house cleaning which I am going to do more of. I am reading another book on hose cleaning.
I did my weight training twice today.

I found what she posted on people’s voices as very profound. Insults can hurt and do more harm than good lets kick past insults to the curb.
Idea for webgrl: She is sick of counting anyone have any ideas? My idea is every day that your OP the next day you get a non cost reward like a foot soak, 15 minutes to read a book, ectra.
Anyone with any other ideas to keep webgrl op?

I know some articles suggest you save more for shopping around and for the most part that’s true but I find that I save more in groceries when I stick to one store per week. I shop at more than one store but I try not to do it at once because I end up spending too much on sales.
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.