Friday, November 30, 2007

Iportion got mentioned by Calrorie Lab

I was mentioned on Calorie Lab and was called Mysterious that's kind of cool.

Baby shower
I had my baby shower even though my little one is now a few months old. There was some major things going on which delayed it. The cute clothes were so cute and it made me feel better.

The publisher reworked my cover for my children's paperback book. It's too large to show you.
It's a picture book. I will tell you more after it's published.

Thankful List
My husband and little ones
Shredded cabbage

Domain Lost

I lost my domain name do to a screw up during transfer. My domain server forgot to unblock it even though they promised they would and my domain expired and even though I paid for my domain name twice I no longer own it. So now is nothing but ads. I am truly sorry if I let anyone down.
Most of my readers come from elsewhere but it's sad losing my little part of the web. I am not even mentioning the company who made this mistake. What good will it do. I already lost. I wish they at least apologized to me for telling me that I could have my domain and giving me false hope. This is not the worst thing that ever happened to me this week but still stings a bit.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Light of My world

We will be having dinner with friends tonight. I hope to plan to make healthy options if I choose Chinese or a sandwich
I had a rough week and a half with the last two days being the hardest.

There are still things to be thankful for. They might be a little harder to find but they are still there. I love my little ones and my husband. They are the light of my world.

I am surprised I haven't binged.

I need a little miracle to pull me through.

Feed the poor

Friday, November 23, 2007


Hope you all had a lovely day with your family.
It seemed to go by too fast for me.

I got my first reward the day before thanksgiving. I know have a new workstation with pedals. You can also work your arms. I like it, but not lot of tension.
I like to do multi task workouts meaning I can type and pedal.

I am planning to get a pedometer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Still At Goal

Still at Goal
I am 146.5 Today still within my goal range of 137 to 149 with 145/146 being my perfered weight.

My online Writer friend Lois told me about free rice. It's a word game site where you earn rice

Domain Glitiches
I am having good morning. I am working getting my blog's domain back. There was a problem with transferring it over to the new register.

I am thankful to have a husband who loves me and accepts me for who I am.

Remember That an ultraaound machine will be donated to a hospital in South Aferica if they give 500 free Mammograms. All you do is click.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

At Goal

I Hit my weight Goal Today
My weight watchers weight was 234.8 I look best at a weight that is a little heavier. I've been as low as 117 to 114 for a while and got down to 112 when I was sick.
This time my starting weight was 189. I did indulge during my pregnancy but I did eat veggies soup.
I will most likely gain the last three pounds I all back thanksgiving. Even though I am planning to use my flex points. I am okay with this.
My weight loss rewards are in the mail. I am five feet 1 and 144.5 to 145 pounds. I will most likely be 152 to 154 next week. I will start maintanance soon.

I am thinking of either ordering pricey food made for thanks giving or do an ultra budget thanksgiving.
I just put the roast to thaw for thanksgiving. This one will take 12 to 18 hours to cook in a crock pot if we don't decide to do a meat roll. I don't know if I will make a last minute canned pumpkin purchase. I think we will make cranberry bread, fresh and instant potatoes if we do stuffing it will be homemade
and maybe homemade ice cream.

I dragged out a Christmas stocking
I bought more Christmas gifts for my husband since he picked out his big gift.
I am thinking of making some gifts to family.

Friday, November 16, 2007


The breast Cancer site is now 44% from goal
You may click on it once a day.

What do you want for Christmas?
I know I will love whatever I receive gift wise.
I want to spend time with my family. I want to see my family open their gifts.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Donate, Weigh in Update

Donate an Ultra sound Machine
If the breast cancer site gets 500 mammograms sponsored the site will donate an ultra sound machine to a South African Hospital. It only takes a click. This is the free way to donate. There is also a store.
You may post this on your blog and spread the word.

How to find the info
It's on the front page in small print before you give the freeclick.
It's where it says %40 covering the earth.
By clicking on the pink button you are giving a mammogram for free.
They are add sponsored and they also sell stuff.
You can buy stuff if you want to give further but you do not have too.

Weigh in Today
I will most likely have to do a weigh in. Maybe I shouldn't of had all that sugar free punch. I had no weigh in when I went to the doctor today. Someone did notice I lost weight though.

I worked on a little bit of a Children's book today not as much as I did Tuesday but maybe later tonight. Yesterday I even completed a family scrap-ebook.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Close to Goal, Kimkins Update, Christmas

I am six to ten pounds from my goal.
I ordered my fitness rewards which are mini exercise peadls and my second one is
WarioWare: Smooth Moves. I heard lots of good things about this wii game. Does anyone know any good exercise games for wii.

Kimkins Update
My site has been less contfrontaional than other blogs. I do not believe in beating people up for choosing a crash because they read about it. People who try this diet are not stupid they are desperate to lose.
I am thankful I never tried the Kimkins diet.
There was another show on kimkins and the PR reprehensive also known as Tippy Toes admitted that Krimmer really was Heidi and the diet needed work. Kimmer is really morbidly obese. Kimmer's claim she gain wait back and is human but she also used fake photo's as her own. Why use fake stories of other people's losses? Why give advice that isn't healthy. Why ban people from the site if they just asked questions about their health or about the photos.
Most people cannot maintain on a diet like Kimkins which has much lower maintenance rates than Weight watchers. Those maintaining switched to other diets and some have health problems.

This morning.
I worked on writing on writing a couple children's book. I did a more complete rough draft on the first one. I also worked on finishing the scrap ebook for my little one.

I started on some Christmas shopping but still have more to do. I only got one part of the family and two frinds done. I got the wee little one a practical gift.

I am so thankful for my husband. He is my light in this world. My husband makes me a better person.
I am thankful for my little ones that I was given the chance to be their Mother.
I am thankful for the chance to eat fresh vegetables. They are some of my favorite foods.
I am thankful to be living rather than just to be alive
I am thankful that there are sites that care
I am thankful for
I am thankful for oatmeal. I ran out of my big oatmeal stash. I love whole grains.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A moment

A moment of respect for veterans who gave of there

Fitness gadgets
My mom might send me a cheap pedometer. I don't want an expensive one since I miss place them so fast because they always fall off from my and I only want to count steps not calories. I have an Heart rate monitor but it's batteries are dead and I can't find it. I will try to look harder later today. I hope it didn't get thrown out.

Well I didn't do Christmas shopping the whole house was a sick so I just enjoyed my little family.
Monday, I cleaned. I made Pizza for lunch. I had a smallish piece and it was 6 points. I will confess it's not whole wheat. I ran out of whole wheat and my grinder had some issues today.
I feel like doing some holiday baking "Oatmeal cookies" and eating Chinese food. I am taking the time today to enjoy my family.

Furnishing a First Apartment "I found this and it seemed like a good article for those who need it"

Friday, November 09, 2007

Non Scale Victory, Gender Genie, Christmas Shopping This weekend

Non Scale Victory
Another person noticed my weight loss and my clothes are fitting much better. I am doing great if only I could shake this cold.

I am spending time with my family this weekend.

Gender Genie
This is supposed to guess the gender of the writer
Christmas Shopping this Weekend

The family will go grocery shopping tonight and tomorrow we will do Christmas shopping online.
Everyone's so far away it's easier just to buy and have the items sent to them.
I am so excited the item that my husband wants finally went on sale. He knows he's getting it. I will probably buy some things in town too since I know he will not wait to open it. I am so excited about Christmas. I am totally into the Christmas Spirit. I put up my nativity set in the bedroom and decorated the main room with a red scarf. I am not putting the tree up Little Big Sister would knock it down but I might put up some more decorations later. It will all be subdued but inviting with Christmas cheer.

I am so thankful for my husband. He is my light in this world.
I am thankful for my little ones that I was given the chance to be their Mother
I am thankful for the chance to eat fresh vegetables
I am thankful to be living rather than just to be alive
I am thankful that sites exciste
I am thankful for and their free shipping
I am thankful I never tried the Kimkins diet

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I gained a pound, Exercise Goal, 25 pounds

I gained a pound or maybe two. I ate too much candy. I also was sick so some of my loss was a fake loss. I got sick yesterday to so that might make a false loss on the scale.

Exercise Goal
I plan to exercise for 5 min before bedtime.

Up to 25 pounds
According to a new study being up to 25 pounds overweight won't increase your risk for cancer or for heart disease. There might be a slight risk in survivable diabetes. If thirty pounds overweight there is much more of a risk.
But did the study do just people overweight or overfat?
You can also be at a healthy weight and underfat.
I think one of the reasons is that the BMI is wrong. A body builder will have a larger BMI than a junk food junky who is just thin.
Extra fat isn't always bad as well, extra body fat is not the same as obesity.
While I am not sure adding 25 pounds to a BMI. I do think the BMI should be more realistic and adjusted to at least a ten to 15 pound range and ask factors about gender, if a person is a body builder, body shape, age or if they are in child baring years.
We should strive for health.
Some people do need to be thinner than others.

Click the charity links
All you do is have to click on a link to help others
Give away free books to children in need
Donate a free mammogram
Feed People

I am thankful for
My husband and Little ones
My Mother in Law

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Treat yourself to a yummy mini pedicure

Even though summer is over and your feet are going to be mostly covered up, there's no need to walk around with icky feet! Here are my steps for a mini pedicure, perhaps you're tired and don't want to do a full pedicure or you just need a pick me up. This is the perfect minipedi for you!

You will need:
Foot scrub or some sorta scrub (btw - sugar and olive oil or coarse salt and olive oil makes a great scrub)
Nail polish (and your topcoat/basecoat)
Moisturizer and oil.
Nail file / buffer.
Nail brush

Do this immediately after showering to skip the soak.
Remove your nailpolish and file/buff nails before showering.
Use the scrub or a pumice stone in the shower along with scrubbing your nails with the nail brush.
After showering, apply moisturizer liberally.
Apply a tiny bit of oil to nails and surrounding areas and massage in well.
Tissue off or swipe nails with a cotton ball moistened with polish remover to get rid of excess grease
Paint nails and voila, instant fab feet!
Feel free to skip any steps you don't have time for EXCEPT for moisturizing and some sorta scrubbing!

Treat yourself!
(this was reposted from my personal blog Casting-On)

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Sick Again, not A diet, I love, The reason. I keep posting the free Charity Links, Splurge, spa Questiom

I am sick again.
I had a funny tummy for a day and now I developed a sore throat which is why I am snacking on suckers.
MMMM suckers a great way to feel better :-)P
I weight trained yesterday and hope to do that again too.

Not A diet

I was reading a popular food zine and the calorie content of this one appetizer was 2,000 calories and an insane amount of points due to the fat. While this dish was not even remotely appetizing and it was the calories most people should have in a day but I still wanted it because I made it a forbidden food.
It was meant to be shared. While it had more fat than is normal. I can eat that monstrosity. I just do not want to. I do not believe all fats are bad. I do not believe all body fat is unhealthy either.
I remember I did so well on WW before the baby because I made it a lifestyle and not a diet. I use the term OP.
I am doing well weight wise but feel I could be eating even better.
I did include some Halloween candy so not to feel deprived also suckers sooth my sore throat. But I feel feel I am ready for this to be a life style. I already tweaked my plan enough that it can no longer be called following weight watchers. I love weight watchers but I have no meetings here yet. I feel WW works better for me with the meetings. I need to buy some WW stuff the next time I am out of town,
I felt I needed more motivation to eat more nuts and eggs. I am now tweaking it again to motivate myself to eat healthy oils. I hope not to go overboard.

I love
My husband and little ones
My mother in law

I am thankful for my family

The reason. I keep posting the free Charity Links.

" Why do I post this Every day. It is to remind me to click.
I would forget to do so without posting it again.
I believe we are put on this earth to Spread the love and learn to be better people.
If I remind someone else to click that is just a bonus but I am the reason I post this.
Click the charity links
All you do is have to click on a link to help others
Give away free books to children in need
Donate a free mammogram
Feed People

I have decided the mini pedals will make a great award and maybe some make, home spa stuff up or a pedometer to go along with it.

Spa or Home Spa
Has anyone gone to a spa? Did you like it?
Does anyone home spa and what do you like? I don't have the time to do a real spa.
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.