Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

I had sugar free coco this afternoon. I worked on two non fiction wellness articles and I lost a little weight and I am closer to my set goal weight. I have some candy planned for tonight.
Not having some will make me want it even more.

A costly Treat: This article is on cost of Halloween

My true Halloween Costs:
I spent around $11 on candy and make up. Prices are a little higher where I live. I will use clothes and old costume pieces I have. I don't count the mini pumpkin I bought. That was an eating pumpkin.
My husband made cookies.
I might buy another pumpkin and half off bubble gum after Halloween.
I will not do a super low budget Christmas, but I don't think I will spend a lot in
decorations and I will use catalogs for wrapping paper again. The warpping paper is more about being earth friendly than the costs. Though they do save money.


Monday, October 29, 2007

ill, Save thousands on Workout/work Stations, Save Money this Halloween, thankful, free Charity

I am ill. It's not so bad when I am sitting Every time I try to do some cleaning I get winded so I am dig piece by piece. I can't tell if I am hungry or nauseous any more. A lot of time I just feel kind of full but I am sure soon I will feel starved.
I can't just take a nap. I will eat much later but I will make sure that I do.

Save thousands on Workout/work stations

This workstation is a desk fused with treadmill and is priced at 6,5000.
It's not the same but you can save 6,400
At 6,500 each these are overpriced and look like they are not worth over 2,500. It doesn't look like it fit all computers. You could get a new nice treadmill for under $2,000 or you could save lots of money and get a mini peddler for under $100 bucks and some models are less than $20
I've actually wanted these pedals for a long time.
I decided I want this as one of my goal awards, a $20 dollar model.
Why is this better than the treadmill station.
It's thousands upon thousands cheaper.
If I end up not using it, I won't feel quilt THAT about it. Let's face it I would feel guilty about not using it.
I won't have to be standing all the time. I can exercise while sitting.
I can fit it under my desk. The treadmill takes up too much room.
Of course I and others who by fitness equipment always have to be careful of injury.

Save Money this Halloween
1. Just get Halloween make up instead of full costumes. You'll be amazed at costume pieces you can find in your own closet or at a thrift store.
2. Get a low calorie or slow to eat candy in case you have leftovers.
3. Be careful with Halloween candy sales. Will kids eat this or will you be stuck with something high calorie or something you don't want in your home.
4. Make sure all Halloween decorations are found in a specific place so you don't have to buy anything more than a good pumpkin. "We ate our pumpkin"

Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Shopping

I did my Halloween Shopping and I am glad it's over with. I picked things that I could eat if I get leftovers.
I lost a winter glove and I am not pleased about it. I can't wait till it gets colder. You burn more in the winnter but wear good gear.

Free Charity
Ways you can give
All you do is have to click on a link to help others
Give away free books to children in need
Donate a free mammogram
Feed People

Thankful List
The Love of my husband and little ones
finding the last stick of gum
Mother in law

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I think I gained a pound but this after I found out I lost more weight at a checkup. I have the munchies lately and I am not as active as I should be. I need a new food journal with lines. I always start messing up when just using unlined paper. I also seem not to do well when I eat less fruit. I tried to cut back and it's not working.

I put the weight I want to be in the BMI yesterday and the BMI said that was still overweight.

My weight loss before this pregnancy was around 118 pounds. After this pregnancy I decided to have a heavier weight. I have said this before but I lost too much body fat even though I had a BMI of 21 something. My goal weight will be 145 all together it will be an 80.8 loss instead of the 118 but I don't need to be bone thin.

The BMI is wrong sometimes it list a lot people especially men and women who need more body fat as fatter than they are. It's broken. The world obesity record would probably go down points and some people would lose grant money. I know one female personal trainer whose listed as obese even though she fits in a size eight. We need something better.

I spent under my grocery budget last which included date night food. I have to buy my Haloween stuff soon and a few weeks I have to start Christmas shopping.

Thankful List
The Love of my husband and little ones
finding the last stick of gum
Mother in law

Free Charity
All you do is have to click on a link to help others
Give away free books to children in need
Donate a free mammogram
Feed People

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things To Do With $60 Instead of Buying a Kimkins Membership

I've been a little less confrontational about Kimkins communicating what I feel it's flaws are without attacking it's members.
I thought I knew what unhealthy diet was. I feel sorry for all the low and slow carbers eating there veggies.
If anyone doesn't know Kimkins is a very low calorie diet marked as low carb. It's more Stillman's than Atkins.

Everyone has been doing this here is mine:
Things To Do With $60 Instead of Buying a Kimkins Membership

Join calorieking for a year and have some left over "I want to join"

Help feed people in need and Buy stuff from

Buy some fitness DVDS on

Buy yourself two Wii game titles

Buy a whole bunch of really good gourmet chocolates
$60 dollars will buy you a lot of cheapo spa stuff at the dollar tree
Lots of veggies
Buy half a year subscription to
Get yourself some nice hand weights
Buy lots of veggies

Buy yourself loads of makeup from Elf. They have lip plumper for $1.00 "I got mine from"

Thankful List
Husband and little ones

Free Charity
All you do is have to click on a link to help others
Give away free books to children in need
Donate a free mammogram
Feed People

Friday, October 19, 2007

Date Night Challenge

Date Night Challenge

The iron chef date night was so fun that we are doing it again this week. I am not going to put on what I got
Of course you need the cooperation of your sweetie where one gets in the ingredients and one makes the dish . Or you could
You can challenge yourself by poking gourmet items or healthy items or budget items or a blend.
Free Charity
All you do is have to click on a link to help others

Give away free books to children in need

Donate a free mammogram

Feed People

Thankful List
My husband
My little ones
Corn tortillas Sugar free gum
Green vegetables
Lean meats

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Restaurant Confession, Thrift and Luxury, Free Charity, thanks

Restaurant Confession
If I could go try any restaurant in the world it would be Moto in Chicago. I am busy though. I love food, I love science, and I love entertainment. Chef Cantu food is expensive but where else could you eat edible menus and food prepared with a class four laser?
I wish that people that couldn't get there could mail order it and get a DVD with an edible invoice and some fun but elegant food? How cool would that be?
I also wouldn't mind Trying out Teany it sounds like a cute little tea shop and the fact they have herb teas as well sounds cool.

Thrift and Luxury
I am doing well but would like to reduce spending even more just to see if I could. I feel I have been spendy lately. I am addicted to good chocolate, fruits and vegetables. Does anyone read books about thrift and which ones do you like?

Free Charity
All you do is have to click on a link to help others

Give away free books to children in need

Donate a free mammogram

Feed People

Thankful List
My husband
My little ones
Corn tortillas
Green vegetables
Lean meats

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I think I am half pound Heavier than I thought. I don't think I gained. I just think missed the .5 still will take the loss I did have.
Someone noticed I lost weight when I was out getting gourmet chocolate chips yesterday.

The Rise and Fall of Kimkins Diet

Thankful List
My husband and little one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Goal weight reward:
I never did a %10 weight loss reward this time. I plan to do a goal reward and a fitness reward.
There no spas around here and I am not sure when the new beauty
The new beauty parlor hasn't opened so it will have to be something by mail order.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
corn tortillas

Wish list
World peace
Fat free chips
Diet rootbeer
A greener life
shee butter
to play on my wii sometimes this week

Monday, October 15, 2007

Date Night, Update: Environment Blog Action

Date Night
I got smoked pork hocks and ginger for my husband's iron chef supper. Of course he won, he's seeing the judge and he's the only contestant. He made a really rich tasting rice pilaf with a ginger ham cream. I used my flex points. It was so worth it.

What I do for the environment
I guess today is Blog Action Day
Found out from Jodi's Just Another Weigh

I use powdered milk
I walk to the grocery store
I use cloth napkins
I sometimes use cloth wipes sometimes use toilet paper.
I brown bag my husband's lunch
I buy food in bulk sometimes
I write articles with tips for others
I buy ebooks as well as paperbooks

Last week I did really well with grocery budget and that was combined with date night food.

Stall Broken
After three weeks I finally broke my stall and get this it was from upping my calories and lost two pound. I just upped them by around 100 calories a day and it had really helped. I still have a deficit but I am less hungry. Two pounds over three four weeks might not be a lot but I will take it. You can't always lose constantly. But some people have massive stalls that last for months. Due to everything from not eating enough, illness or medication.
Many people who've had big losses give up when the weight slows down or stalls. Sometimes you won't lose.
The scale sometimes lie. Some ways to break stalls is change your exercise adds more or less calories or drink more water.

Thankful List
My husband
My little ones
Good Food like veggies, apples, low fat cheeses, mmmm
Soft pillows '

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fill you up

Fill Your body Up
What foods fill you up so that you can have energy and give? These foods are good when I have to eat a higher calorie meal at the end of the day. I am trying to get into these foods again

Corn tortillas filled with veggies fat cheese and lean meats "I just started eating con tortillas again after years. I just started craving"
Old fastened or quick oatmeal with splenda and spices
Salads with protein like beans or cheese
½ tbs of Peanut butter
Chicken breasts with veggies

Chewables that keep my mouth busy
Carrots don't fill me up but they are great snack when filling binge or bored. I add splenda and common.
Sugar free gum
Besides water
Bare salads when I want to eat just for eating's sake
Diet caffeine free soda, crystal light, peppermint tea and or crisp water with lime juice,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

You can keep it off

I was inspired to post this after I read Christins post on keeping my weight off.

You can Keep It off

I gained 53 with my last baby I want to get 43 off. I am not counting a few pounds
that came of with birth. I tend to binge when my emotions are out of wack.
I kept the weight off for over a year before this. I lost over 100 pounds. I don't mind being big. I want to be healthy. I don't want to be dibetic. I want clothes that fit.

Extreme diets with ultra low calories have much lower than average rates but there is hope.

Maintenance rates for most other are also very low but not as low as people think %20 of all dieters keep the weight off weight watchers has 28%. Yes these numbers are still low and can be improved.
A lot of places use the %5 number but this number is from an old and poorly done study over 20 years ago.

Even bad diets can help people lose. So when people say "it's working I am losing" it doesn't mean it really is working go to the same person in a year.
Maintenance is doing what you did to lose weight but you get more food.

Maintenance rates can rise
If the diet is realistic and not too restrictive. While low carb can work for many if a person is too restrictive that will lead to binges.
What works for some won't work for others. Some people try to say my diet works so it will work for everyone. Meetings didn't work for me so it won't work for you is not helpful. People who think meetings work for me so they will work for everyone aren't helpful either.
Also you might want to think of adding plans, Like TOP meatings with south beach
or weight watchers Core with weight training.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Joy update

Update: My net and phone has been out from last night to 4pm tonight.

Update: On date night. My husband is having me pick a food so he can cook it sight unseen Iron chef style. We do think the iron chef's are told what the secret ingredient is. We saw Iron Chef America on Vacation. Chef Canto was challenger. I've never tasted Canto's food but I had saw clips on the net before. The molding of science and fine dining sound so fun. I wish he had a cookbook out but I guess a cookbook that uses lasers and liquid nitrogen would be considered a bit unusual.

Joy builders setting goal:
You should set goals to what you want but why do you want them?
will you be happy when you get them or are you happy now?
How can you be happy Now? How can you bring joy?

Poor Fitness: I really need to exercise today. I could have found the time but I took a nap instead.

Happy Joy Thankful List
Husband and little Ones

Monday, October 08, 2007


I am doing just fab I have a long weekend with my husband after he had to work a few weekends straight through.

My weight has stalled for two to three weeks after some really big losses and another stall. Average wise my weight loss was and still was amazing and I can't aspect the same losses after big losses. I only had one really bad eating day which was Friday and I used flex points to cover it and it just meant no flex points for Saturday and less flex points for the rest of the weekend.

I just want to eat and eat. No I am not depressed just really hungry and very tired. I am so hungry when I am tired. I get plenty of points but it's never seems enough. I am so sick of counting points. It's so much harder to do this without the meetings but there are no WW meetings where I live. I did okay on my own when I was in maintenance but know that I have to start over. I still am going to do the points but I will up them a little since I use no Aps. I am going to try to strength train more and focus on making it fun again.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Happy Joy

My life is blessed

update: I over ate a lot, husband made yummy bread bowl soup. It was homemade.

I got out today
I have a big date night planned with husband

I did some wash

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Christmas Shopping

There is no mall where I live and everyone has such diverse tastes.
Been looking online lately at online Stores for Christmas Gifts. I can't put choice's down because my family might read them.
Most People like to buy something or do hobbies more than other things.
I think I like the looking as much as the finding. I think I narrowed it down but would lie a few more choice's.

Mother in law sent me some low point snacks that I can't get here. She is a jewel.
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.