Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trya Banks, Crafting is Hip, Food Cravings

Trya Banks, Crafting is Hip, Food Cravings

Trya Banks needs a hug:
Why do we allow the media to make fun of healthy weights so people have the distorted view of their bodies?
Trya Banks weight falls within a healthy guidelines at 5 ten and 160 ponds she falls within a healthy weight for her Height. We should not allow the media to call healthy fat anymore.

Crafting is Hip

Are you a crafting rebel? Do you sew, build, robots, paint? Crafting is for girls and boys now. Men are now making robots and forming sewing groups? I wish I could sew or make a robot.

I remember going to the independent bookstore years back and finding a advert to new line of YA books. A lot of it was nonfiction though some was fiction.

One line out of one of these second rate gems was a teenager going to her mother’s craft box and her friend saying she’s slit her own throat or wrist if she ever had a craft box.
The writing was trying too hard to be hip but it reminded me of hackneyed version of writing from the 60’s and seventies when that generation put down the generation before them.
Second it tried to hard to be subversive and honestly the real rebels at the time that line came out knew how to sew and craft. The Goths were major crafters creating much of their own clothes due to prices.

I wish I had learned how to sew as a kid. The teens who sew know are making their own ipod covers, their own designer jeans they are the rebels.

Food Cravings:
I already finished my free 9.95 book.
This moment I am craving a sour dough roll but no rolls and I am not in the mood to bake my binge rolls. These rolls are too good but they are not sour dough just bread machine yeast. I doctored the original recipe which was for bread. I seem to be a much better baker when I am struggling with my food plan. I think I am going to have some carrots.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Valentine Ideas, Starling Fitness News, Today’s walk

Valentine Ideas, Starling Fitness News, Today’s walk

Valentine Ideas

I see most Valentine sites and everything seems uninspiring. I still don't know what to get my husband. I think I will make him pirate peanut butter pearls or some peanut butter treat .

Things I would actually like

Homemade meringue cookies low in calories and tasty.

I wouldn’t mind Cooking lessons though some would find it insulting cooking lesions for two would even be better and more romantic.

Those homemade coupon books those are cool I could ask favors without the guilt

I’ve been wanting an Easybake oven lately. Little portion control cakes.

A box of conversation hearts is 110 calories

Starling Fitness News:

If you do not know about Starling Fitness it’s one of my favorite fitness and weight-loss
The new Starling Fitness DVD is out. It was filmed in Moab in September, so if you have been missing the sun and warm weather lately then you might want to check it out.

Today’s walk
Today was a lovely day to walk. I went to the library again today and got another discarded book with the cover price of 9.95 so I saved 9.95 today. I was tempted to go to the hardware store and buy a candy bar but I did my grocery shopping yesterday and I really didn’t need anything else to buy.
I also remembered to do my strength training.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Took a walk and Do Not Go Broke Getting Married

I did strength training in the morning. I tided the house took a walk to today to get grocery shopping and got plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. I binged over the weekend.

Do Not Go Broke Getting Married

I read an article in money magazine. I got the magazine free as a discard at the library.
The article I read about a couple’s wedding ran over 30,000 which is fine if you have the money for this sort of thing but though this couple had good paying jobs they both had massive amounts of debt. I like to spend money and I do on things that I value. I do use my kitchen gear.

This is for guys as well as girls. Things like rings and honeymoons can get out of hand.
Too many marriages start on the wrong footing when it's about the party and not the marriage.
Yes I love beautiful ranged flowers and candles on banquet tables but debt is not worth a few hours.
Chances are your expensive wedding to remember is just like all the other over priced weddings with nothing unique about them. In fact I’ve heard people complain about some $40,000 weddings of being boring. So the couple most likely ended up broke with their friends griping instead of enjoying themselves.

A lot of stress is added with a lot of debt. Your idea of a big wedding might be more than your parents can afford if they are helping pay.

Extras Add up.
I bought a lot of things at thrift stores and yard-sells when I was working for an online bridal magazine. They folded but I ended up gathering a nice hope chest. I had a stylish veil, a cake server, a pillow. Then I gave some items away to marrying friends.

A couple years later I met the man of my dreams and things worked out where it was better to marry sooner or later. We had to re-due are wedding invitations because of this I was out 27$ bucks. We luckily decided to make our own invitations at staples. I saw these lovely engravings of temples sold by print shops and they were 100’s and 100’s dollars. I emailed someone permission to use his photograph for my invitation. I made it into a sketch photo with an art program. I did 4 per page on my computer. I went to staples. I used lovely off white card type paper and had them print. You couldn’t tell any difference between mine and the pricey invitation.
I paid Staples extra for the cutting fee after I made my copies. Unless you own a cutting board or have a really steady hand I would suggest the cutting fee.

I got wedding bubbles on sale. They were dust covered and I had to wash them but the matched my wedding theme.

Now if you want your wedding catered look online for local caterers and also ask around. Your friends and family might have an idea.
Think outside normal wedding channels. These foods are generally less expensive than other wedding options, barbecue, breakfast, and pasta. Pasta and breakfast options can also be good option for vegetarians.
A lot of catering places who don’t list their prices jack up their prices when they hear the word wedding. Also be weary of cake cutting and serving fees are often not included.
Our food was part homemade from Mom and our friend Beth and partly from Walmart.
They provided fried chicken, potato salad, chips. We wanted something simple and enjoyable.

We served no alcohol. This was for spiritual reasons but it also saves a lot of money.

My mom got a sheet cake for a grooms cake and the wedding cake at Wal-Mart. She bought some food at walmart, chicken and potato salad. Then she made some. The food was good. I was a bit upset at walmart because they wouldn’t or didn’t know how to make the cake featured on the cover. But the cake I ended up with was pretty.
I was rush and our first choice was booked. I would have saved money if I baked it myself but my decorating skills are lacking. I plan to improve.

Wedding Dress:
My mom paid $360 that included the alterations for a mildest designer gown at this beautiful wedding shop where we live. The $299 dress was originally marked $800 and looked like it was a $1000 dress. It was also a one of a kind. They are discount house but are cute so I got my dress within a week or two.

Our church was free to hold our reception in. We held are reception 2 moths after we got married. I think that was a great way to have a reception.

If you do go to David’s bridal which I decided against in my case. Word to the wise do not do David’s layaway pay for it there and get your own people to alter it. I’ve heard they have really bad problems about the layaway. They will also refuse to alter some dresses as was with my first choice.
I picked a $99 dollar dress at David’s but they said it was too complicated to alter and if they did they would add 100’s to the bill. All I needed them to do was take it in a few sizes. I didn’t like any of the other $500 dresses not just on price but I wanted something modest. It wasn’t just because I was a bigger bride at the time but I had specific modesty restraints that she was totally oblivious to.
My sales lady didn’t seem to understand my religious need for a dress with sleeves. The dress that she did bring that had sleeves was backless.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Suzane Summers

Suzane Summers

I think Suzane is beautiful and capable and if someone gave me a gift certificate to her site I’d find stuff to buy. Who wouldn’t want a thigh master? I would, they are cool. Her recipes in most of her diet books look but I have never tried one. I like the funky food raw carrots and lots of them. I have read her diet book. It was a gift from mother before I found the plan for me.

For all of Suzane Sumers's talent she is wrong about hormones.

The information she is given on hormone replacement therpy has been proven wrong with the vast reduction of breast cancer of beautiful older women. This was 7% decrease. As much as she’d like to talk about Doctor’s lack of education in hormone therapy it is still more than hers and mine for that matter.

Yes I want to look a little younger or keep younger longer but I choose diet, exercise, and avoiding tanning.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I got a nap woo hoo

I was so tired this morning I did not want to get up but had too. I cannot wait till my sore throat is gone. I’ve been a very helpful mood in the past few days looking up info other bloggers need maybe to try to avoid house work but I force myself to do the house it doesn’t take too long as I try my best. It does not have to be show case worthy.

Question of the day:
What things are you into besides healthy eating or trying to eat healthy?

Food and Exercise

I’ve been good most of the week with eating
And I noticed I am binging or in a binge mood so I am figuring what’s wrong

1. I am running low on fresh veggies. I guy them weekend
2. I sort of allowed
3. I’ve been tired lately and really need more sleep
4. I have not been eating enough lately
5. Hormones have been a little crazy as of late.

What I want to do about it.

1. Monday get more vegetables and fruit
2. Do my best
3. Eat more over all everyday
4. Exercise

Things I am did right today
I have started strength training and I did my weights today.
I took a nap. I feel so much better.

My goal for today:
I will take a walk today.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I hope this Shows up

Bloglines for some reason wasn’t letting post and I don’t know why

I have sick been with a sour throat but that’s not why I haven’t been posting. For some reason my posts have not been showing up. I hope this post works.

Well I woke up craving ice cream and barbecue potatoes chips. When you get off track get on track as soon as you can. People who say I will start fresh Monday find it even harder to get back.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hey all

Weight Training.: I did weight training with my lowest weights since I haven’t done it in while.
I got out of practice waiting for our stuff to ship darning the move. I plan to be back up to 8 pounds in a year.

I overspent on groceries this week a little and will buy a little less next week. I wanted to get some of the buy one get one free sales. All the non dairy topping buy one get one free were already gone.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Tip tag and Start Blogging Tips

Tip Tag#
Share a healthy tip on your site or blog
Fast food tip
Swap out dressing for lighter dressings

Start Blogging Tips
Blog about what you are interested in. I was told to start a blog for writers but I didn't feel I had anything I really wanted to say.

1. Titles try to be witty but the subject doesn’t match: They will have cute title like Magic donut Land in the title but the blog will be about finance.
2. Spamming other blogs: Companies and loggers who just spam about their product are more likely to be blocked. Post on the blogs you actually read.
3. Never updating. Blog audience grows like seeds and if you rarely update people will forget about your blog and move elsewhere, aim for concisely like weekly at least.
4. They don’t have fun blogging.
5. They think they’ll get an instant audience. You have to build on it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Four Questions

Four Questions
I need to go to sleep but I had to post Four Questions
Answer any you want to.

Question: What makes you feel healthy?
Question: Do you go to a gym or use DVDS at home or both?
Question: Any good blogs that teach sewing for clueless people?
Question: Do you have a home scale?

Friday, January 19, 2007


I didn’t binge because I had extra points from yesterday but I did over indulge. The cupcakes were a much better choice than the snacky foods I ate today.
I made the cupcakes from scratch today they turned out to be less calorie monsters than I thought but decently not diet. They really were good. .

Any ideas for healthy crispy snacks?

Next week I plan not to get any chip type snacks accept for soy crisps or pretzels. I will get more yogurt.

Question About You: What books have changed your life?
Can be a religious book? A health book? A cookbook, business, cleaning or finance book.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In Defense of the Homemaker.

In Defense of the Homemaker.
VH Melville

Iportion talk about a couple of issues, health, saving money, and sometimes tech stuff
Review. New Trend: The Demise of the Trophy Wife
The article is a thinly veiled attempt to attack the homemaker as well as abuse women.
“You ate chocolate today you’re a Toxic Wife.” smack with a fist. “Now get me a beer! You free loader.”
It’s also playing up it’s an us against them like working woman vrs the homemaker which childish. I have many friends who work and want to. I have friends who like to stay home.
The tone of the whole article New Trend: The Demise of the Trophy Wife is negative and ugly.

Yes it’s faboulsas that women are now earning more but why attack the homemaker.

Homemakers are not trophies wives. Domestic Goddesses and House wives aren’t even trophy wives. What is a trophy wife, a much younger beautiful wife of a wealthy man.
There are very few of these woman to begin with.
I am a homemaker and a Domestic Diva.
I don’t buy 2,000 dollar purses and 1000 dollar shoes. I do not really like 2000 dollar purses. I feel a lot of them are just ugly and over priced.
Give me a $10 to $20 dollar pair of crocs, diet caffeine free coke, fat free chips, and books on Amazon and I am happy girl.
In-fact the stability ball my husband got me for surprise won my heart over like no bauble at Tiffney’s could. I don’t have basic cable because I like to get away from commercials, soaps and bad TV. I would keep the cooking channel, discovery and maybe fit TV. For mother’s day I would rather get an easy bake oven or a hand vac than a diamond.

Yes it be nice to go to a spa or retreat but I’d really only want to do something like that if I could drag the husband along. I like spending time with him and getting a back rub from him is often good enough for me.

Here are some myths of homemaking.

Myth one: Homemakers make no contribution to the family. I do not help create wealth but I do. Homemakers save on day care on cleaning expensive without me our family would have to be ran by nannies. Trophy wives can take care of their children but choose nannies.

Myth two: People have two incomes because they want to: Many people have to have too and many woman and men would love to spend more time with their children/

Myth three: Trophy wives don’t have jobs, are stupid. Yes many trophy wives jobs. Trophy wives aren’t stupid. Sandra Lee of Semi home cooking was one such Trophy wife. Though she might not admit it Sandra is a trophy wife. She is beautiful and much younger than her soon to be ex husband and had amassed a small fortune because she is brilliant. She realized people hate to cook and did something a bout it. Many true trophy wives are models and make their own money or are heiresses and inherited money.

Myth Four: Homemakers are unfulfilled losers: I am a published novelist

Myth Five: Trophy wives are really on the decline:
If trophy wives/husbands were really in the decline divorces would be down.

Myth Six: We lie about what we spend. I am honest with what I spend and admit to my mistakes. I like to enjoy life but I also don’t like waiting money on things I will never use.

Myth Seven: All homemakers are women: Some female doctors/lawyers business women work and the husband stays home this is so that the children aren’t raised

Myth Eight: Only homemakers can be toxic: There many women who work who are toxic to their spouses treating your spouse meanly has nothing to do with weather someone is working outside the home.

Myth Nine: Working inside the home isn’t work: Try it some time.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Secret Life Of Food

Hope everyone spent Martin Lurther King Jr Day with those they love.
My family spent time together which is a good thing.
I got in time for a walk and to read my blogs.
My back is hurting more than usual and I will probably stay in doors till at least Wednesday re-reading my Amazon books. They arrived Saturday.
I got The Secret Life Of Food by Clare Crespo. Iportion did an interview with her about cupcakes awhile back. I might like fruit and veggies but I still love cupcakes.
While The Secret Life Of Food is not a diet book. The books has fun sounding and looking treats like Mutant Chicken, Monsterhead Potatoes, Baked Ice Cream Cones.
The pictures are fun to look at and I can’t weight to try some

Friday, January 12, 2007

My blog is worth Something and Whole Trump and Rosie thing.

:-) I started at zero and slowly grew. It’s just fun to work on.

My blog is worth $46,856.82.
How much is your blog worth?

I unsubscribed from the Trump University Newsletter. I don’t even have basic cable. I did get the apprentice DVD for Christmas because I was keeping tabs it online.

This what I wrote in comments when I unsubscribed:

I know no one will read this.
Trump doesn’t have to like Rosie. There are things I disagreed with her on but as someone who was formally obese and a blogger who writes about health issues. I found the fat slob comments offensive.

People without a good argument go for the weight comments.
I will probably give trump and Rosie a second chance but needs to die down. All trump needed to do was say once that he felt Rosie was a Bully.
It’s sad I have the first season apprentice on DVD and love the business lesions.

Now all that being said I do not dislike trump because of his comments they disappoint me but a lot of people have fat predjdces. I think most out of fear and listening to the media. I feel people need to be called out on it every once in a while. Even overweight people do it to other over weight people. It’s okay to help people lose weight but let’s not make fun of those not there yet. My weight can always come back on if I am not careful.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy, three questions, de-lurking

Today was a great day. I am so happy.
I couldn’t do my grocery shopping even though it’s usually less than five minute walk to my house because it was so windy. I did have a yummy lunch out at a cafeteria today
And got to eat lunch with super cool people.
I had dry pasta, powdered milk, margarine, flour, spices and a can of stewed tomatoes. I made a pasta dish and my husband loved it. I love food storage because without it I would have been desperate for something to make.

1. What are you talented at? What inspired this question: Webgrl is such an amazing artist and she shared some work with me. She really should be doing book covers.
2. What exercise do you like to do? What inspired me: I am needing to do new things.
3. What are you planning for valentine’s day. What inspired this question: I read living to fell Good blog and eating healthy on valentines day was mentioned. I think it will be order in or cook in and watch a DVD with my husband.

PS it’s de-Lurking week I found about this on the Domestic Chicky so if you never posted before say hi

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Like yourself

I realized something today that people only focus on the obesity epidemic but a lot of people ignore the fact of the problems of starvation diets.
We need to get healthy not trade one problem for another.

I want you to do this exercise

1. Find something about yourself that you like
2. Realize you are beautiful or handsome you may have weight to lose or even gain but you are beautiful.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Snacks and fast food

What are your favorite foods right now?
Here are some of mine.
It’s winter and I am longing for more comfort foods. But not the healthy ones I normally crave like oatmeal. I will have to eat some oatmeal later. I slept in a a little today but I am still exhausted. I need a lot more good sleep.

Oranges “Usually its only apples”
Apples of course
Peanut butter “The real stuff”
Tomato soup
Tortilla chips
Fat free rye crackers
Fat free cheese slices
Parmesan cheese
Soy crisps
Diet right soda “Had one can last week”
Sugar free lemonade
Been wanting Italian food the past few days last week was Mexican. Made boxed pizza which I know isn’t authentic but it was good. I lightened it by straining the sauce to put a lot less pepperoni on my serving. I also used some fat free cheese.
Low fat brownies “Too addictive”

Fast food Challenge:
What are your fave places to eat out.
We have no chain restaurants were we live and I honestly do not miss regular fast food places to much. The food here is pretty good. Sometimes taco bell but I made some soft tacos that were really good last week. I find I’d like to go to a casual chain or two when visiting relatives but casual chains can be mind fields because many never offer nutritional information.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Why Do we Put each other Down

Why do other woman/men want others to fail in their weightless?
There seems that seems to be gloating every time Kristie Alley gains a pound.
They make a comments “Oh I am 215 and I was never that big”. A lot of people are bigger than they realize or have a body shape that hides their weight. A woman who is taller and carries weight in her but is going to look smaller at the same weight than someone who is shorter.
I also seen woman scream but I am a size two how can that woman be size two.
Sizes are a joke a size two in one store is a size six in another so yes that woman can be a size two for the store she shops.

Second having a little belly doesn’t mean you are fat either. I lost so much fat with a healthy bmi of 21.1 that I stopped menstruating and I still had a little belly because it was lose skin
Kristie wasn’t my inspiration because I goaled before she did but I do give her props for doing so. I think Jenny Craig needs a better maintenance plan from what I hear it’s harder to stick with but I am not hopping Kristie has failure. It’s not like she was cramming unhealthy diet pills down her throat. Most diet pills don’t work by the way and the ones that do usually have weird health consequences.

Why is there need to put someone down who is doing the best?
Why is there the need to sabotage others or a accuse someone of sabotage when they are just eating the way they always eat?

Also some people want to be big. Being big is their choice. Fat is just fat. There many attractive people who are overweight. Also Kristie still looked pretty when she was heavy.

I have a habit it’s not wanting people to fail but converts them to my plan because I fear they will fail. It’s journaling, bet you’d thought I’d say weight watchers. I do weight watchers but journaling is key. I have to realize journaling scares some people
. I realize it’s okay that I have a more scientific way to weight loss and yes people who journal keep it off longer. For people with 5 or 15 pounds I see journaling as short term unless they start gaining weight back. For people with more weight to lose I see it for long term.
I think journaling goes well with any diet low carb, low GI, Jenny Craig, Tops, Dash.

Okay I will confess: I put dr. Phill down a little because he seems a little mean when I comes to other people’s weight loss.
Also that he was selling phony diet pills that got me mad.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Talents sewing, robots, Sock monkeys and crafts.

My mom tried to teach me how to sew and crochet when I was little. My crochet would end up as a bunch of knots. Now I see people stitching and crocheting toy robots, sock monkeys and little monsters and it makes me wish I could so.
I have such a creative soul but my ADHD which makes it a little harder to remember what I eat which is why I journal. My ADHD gives me lack of patients when doing sewing. Maybe if I could work out and use a sewing machine at the same time I could actually sew. I do reverse procrastination so not to put things off but that’s if I enjoy them in the first place.

1. Do you have a talent? Is it sewing, crocheting, poetry, writing, painting, cooking, soap making, stitching, drawing, or dancing?
2. Does anyone have any good ideas for sewing or crocheting workouts?
3. Is there a good craft book for people with a short attention span.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Diet books Good and Bad

What books on nutrition do you feel are the best out there? What diet books have you read but didn’t like and why? What diet books did you think were just okay.

I did my cleaning early today I just want a nice day of reading, getting mail and research on recycling. It’s for a future Iportion article.
I was able to take a nap today and I am so glad I did. I have so much to do today and need the energy.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

exercise cleaning

Who are your favorite exercise guru or gurus and why ?

Richard Simmons ?
Leslie Sansone?
Ellen Barrett?
Susan Powter?
Maya from Yourself fitness?

PS Can someone tell me a non toxic way to clean soap scum off the tub and sink?

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years: Binge Free Saturday and Sunday

Binge Free Saturday and Sunday

I didn’t binge Saturday. I made sure I snaked all through the day with healthier and more filling choices except for the friend Twinkie and moon pie. I did not have a whole one but the Twinkie and the moon Pie were very good. I ate steamed/microwave cabbage, fresh fruit, and a lot of tomato soup, some cheese, crackers, beats, cereal and, small bite of cookie and homemade candy.

I also think I should have had Chinese food earlier in the week when my craving started and went for something lighter.

Happy New Years

Things I will do this year
I like easy New years goals

1. read a book
2. Try a new exercise
3. Try a new recipe
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.