Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Little Movements

All movements add up.
Less say you do ten to 15 minute min workouts through the day and they add to 1 hour 2 hours. You still got 1 hour or 2 worth of exercise.
If you work out during the commercials or during TV time it’s self that’s still a work out.
I called a cab to take my groceries home instead of carrying them but I walked there and I could have taken a cab there too so that’s half a work out. My back was acting up. It’s been a little tender,
When I got home when I was feeling better few minutes of weights and cleaned and did in door walking.

I kept within my grocery budget for past few weeks. I even bought special snacks for some guests I am having over.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Webgrl comeback?

I ate a lot today. Well, maybe not a ton but for what i should be eating - it was more.
Food preoccupied my thoughts today like it usually does when i'm trying to be good.
So i tried my avoiding tactics.
I painted my nails, i made artwork and i played around on the computer.
Then i realised that all the avoiding in the world wouldn't help me from staying out of the fridge and scarfing down something bad.
So i allowed myself a serving and a half of fat free ice cream and told myself that THAT WAS IT.
I got busy so i didn't have time to think about the food.
My binge monster was trying to sabotage my success. I was trying to sabotage my success.
I was trying to sabotage my efforts to have anything good in life.
I need to figure out what makes me think i'm so damned unworthy, that i fight myself everytime something good can happen to me.
For me , i think this means i have to re program how i think and more importantly, how i think of myself.
I need to take my mother's voice out of my head along with quite a few other people in my life
who always nagged me about my weight, how i would look and of course ' no boys will want you'
Well there is one who wants me and i refuse to let myself believe that he really does want me. All 200 + lbs of me (way plus 200)
AND WHY NOT??? I'm a good person. I love and love hard. I'm kind, concious of other people's feelings and needs and i try to be an all round decent human being.
Why can't i accept that i too, am deserving of the love and attention that i give to others.
I think i'm finally finding the root of all of this, or getting somewhere near there. I'm starting to really dig and figure it all out. I need to. Its not about the food anymore. Its about me and what makes me want that food. Why i need to 'numb out' and how in the heck did this happen to me? Either way, it did and i'm about ready to undo it, re program and fix myself.
No more bandaids.
Are you aware of your root causes for overeating, bad self image? What are your 'triggers' what things do you need to re program? We are in this together. Lets help each other friends.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Be strong

Diet cliché’s I hate
You can never be to rich or two thin: (You can die of starvation or stop menstruating)
Nothing tastes better than thin. (Food tastes pretty good and should taste good vegetables can taste wonderful

I made my first simple French soup it was actually very low in calories the only ingredients were bullion
and flour I per sonly ground “with a machine. “ I love salt but I would have added a little more water. It was a little salty for my tastes.

I weight trained in the morning instead of the afternoon. I have a weigh in planned but it feels okay even if the training gains me a few ounces in water. I want to be strong.

What are things you like to spend on that are pure splurges.
Gym membership?
Shoes or Purses?
Sporting goods?
Fast food?
Gifts? “I am not talking Christmas and birthday here but every day gifts for people”

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sellout, PC Bake, cakes and feasts

The world's "First" online gym sells out.
Online gym says they are going to sell diet pills to clients. These are clients they never met in person. I don't think real trainers give diet pills to clients anyway.
What about weight training and cardio? A lot of people think you don’t need weight training and cardio if you have a magic pill. It’s sad when the “experts” give advice like this to make a few extra bucks.

Think geek is Mean :-(
caffine meatloaf didn't intrest me but when I saw they were selling a PC Ez-Bake oven I knew this was the E-z bake oven for me. My husband said this was not a wise idea and would most likely pver-heat my computer. He was right it turned out to be a joke from Think Geek.
How could they toy with me like that. It wasn't April first when I happned on their site and it is a store.

I feel like making cake today.
I ate more friday but did not binge and used extra points I saved.

I watched Barbette’s feast a couple of nights ago has anyone ever seen it ? It might make some vegan Squamish. There is a lot of meat eating in this. The movie though food is center the real themes are scarf ice and art. What is your art? What things can you be sharing with others?
How do we feed ourselvs? With good food or with food we don't taste.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I am so thank full that web girl posted. I’ve been so exhausted and busy lately. I don’t even want to le

I am highly stressed today. What should I do to de-stress me besides food and yelling? I need some play time today. I did not get to eat enough yesterday.
I am thinking of making my first French meal. I don’t drink so there will be no alcohol. It will also be simplified. I am not ready to prepare something out of a French café just yet. It will be very basic.

I did strength training today but I think I missed Saturday when I was ill.
I worked on my novel today. It was just one passage. I wrote the book back in 2001. It took just a few months to write but years to edit. I guess that’s why I mostly blog.

Despite Janice Dickson’s claims.
Janice Dickson was never the world’s first super model. She was a Star model which is a model who is paid more than a regular model but is more known because they date a celebrity than a celebrity in her own right. She rubs me the wrong way she totally doesn’t get it. People don’t get Anorexia from living in poverty for having unsupportive families.
Anorexia is a mental disorder. They hear voices. Yes anorexics are drawn to modeling due to the strict weight requirements. Modeling in its self dose not because Anorexia but it does cause some severe dieting.
A lot of teens and models and jockeys who aren’t Anorexic suffer from severe dieting. Severe dieting they don’t hear voices they do it only to keep their jobs or feel accepted but they do often leads to obesity later in life.
Anorexics only make up 1%
Severe dieting ends up with binging and that is one of the reasons obesity rates are so high. More people suffer from binging disorders than Anorexics which would in clued bulimics.
Had acid reflux and couldn’t keep food down and I was over 200 pounds so the thin bulimic is an exception. Some super obese people have an eating disorder. We often place judgments on people smaller or bigger than us without knowing anything about them.
Dispute popular myths most bulimics are over -weight and morbidly obese and not all bulimics purge.
It’s okay to be a model. Some people are thinner than others and I am not jealous of people who are thinner or look better than me.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vanilla or Chocolate Mock shake

Craving a smooth creamy milkshake but don't want the fat?
Then try mixing up a mock shake.
Pour some skim milk into a cup and slowly add fat free sugar free pudding mix to it and whisk rapidly.
Be careful to only add a little at a time.
Stop when you have your desired thickness and flavor.
Add some crushed ice and you're good to go!
You could also try making this in the blender so its even richer and creamier!
Yum yum yum!
You could garnish with some berries or shaved dark chocolate if you feel fancy too! Don't forget ya bendy straw!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sick, Hungry Girl's salad and pie, Trainers

Hope you had a lovely presidents' Day.

I went out to lunch and had something way to0 high calories but the last time I ate something was 10 or 11 hours ago.
I feel sick. I think I have gastro since everyone else in my house has or had it. I will feel better tomorrow.

Hungry Girl Mentioned in one of her newer newsletters. Don’t be bummed that McDonald’s salad shaker’s are gone. I am not bummed and hope they never return. They were mess and horrible. The lids kept popping off. They never mixed right. Anyone else hated those salad shakers?
I saw hungry girl’s one point per slice cherry pie. I want that pie. I might be too lazy to hunt down the ingredients though.

I do not think good trainers promote diet pills.
1. It would mean if the pills work why would I need to be trained by them.
2. The way a trainer markets diet pills can get a trainer into trouble. Just ask doctor Phil
3. Trainers aren’t doctors and most have not been trained to know which supplements are good for a client. Soy in one person might be great but he/she might not know if the client is estrogen sensitive.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dance of the Beans

I just had a snack of beans. They were healthy and filling. I made them spicey.

I looked online about making homemade soda but everything I find is made with yeast. One I don't want it to be slightly boozy. I think I will just get some sugar free syrups online. Oh well at least that will be easy.

I deleted some books from my Amazon wish list one book I did research on and I most likely can’t make anything in it anyway. Then there is a pricey cook book I will use inner library for.

Homemade Candy I made last week the costs?
Now I did save a lot of money making these myself, but if I bought all of the ingredients special I would have been probably out 17 to 19 dollars.
Most of the ingredients I had on hand or had to buy anyway like the peanut butter. I bought an extra bag of chocolate chips and that’s it. I knew what was in these and figured the nutritional value with a calculator in old batches. I am bad at math. I did get lazy and I should have figured out exactly with the new batch in case I added a few more chocolate chips.

HOW TO - Make a light bulb vase

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Books Books and more books

I did weight train but I did nothing much else Saturday but look up recipes and hang out with my family. I fought the temptation to buy more books off of Amazon. I have so many books coming. I even decided to put Harry Potter on inner Library loan. I just have to read the last book.
I almost went to the library today as well.

I wasted a lot of time today just reading experts of cookbooks, novels and the like. Okay I did make a macaroni dish for my family. It turned out spectacular. My cooking is improving so much. I wanted to make cake but it wasn’t healthy eating that stopped me I was just too tired to bake one.

Has anyone ever went to a spa? I went to the beauty parlor a couple of times like every few years. I can count the times on my hand. I’ve never went to a super pricey salon or day spa. Was it worth it?

Sparks “This was written for my friend’s Susan’s Birthday a few months back”
VH Melville
There are magical sparks inside you that you do not realize your own light
There is magic outside even amongst the mist of shadows
They try to stop you to say you can not glow
But you can
And I can
The light has been given to use
We are the sparklers on birthday cakes
We are the lanterns
No matter your candle it gives the same light and warmth
It might look different than mine but together it gives off more light
And together another spark and another
To celebrate to join
And people will know you

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I want to do it all

I decided to not get the easy bake oven right now and maybe get it for my birthday or Christmas when the ovens will be fixed. I could buy something else with my mad money instead like book or perfume. I bought myself some nice perfume that I've longed to try for the last few years.

I forgot to do my weight training so I ended up doing it at midnight.

What should I do?I want to do it all.
Learn to be a fitness instructor Learn gourmat cooking "I might do this just for fun"
Learn how to make my own bath pruducts.
Learn to make my own diet soda
Learn to sew. "This is very hard for me." I love to look at sewing and feel it's art but at the same time it scares me.

I found this article: The real reason your broke your car.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Yourself Fitness, Oatmeal and You

Yourself Fitness
Yourself Fitness looks as if they settled the lawsuit. I have no more info other than there might or might not be a new version but it looks a bit more promising. The fight was over the yoga parts. Why do they assume all women love yoga and men do not. I am a woman and I really hate doing yoga. It hold’s the breathe/move longer than I am comfortable with. I like weight training. I like Pilates which is similar to yoga but doesn’t hold the breath as long as does a little more toning. If I was Yourself! Fitness I would team up with a bigger name like the biggest loser. I do not really watch the show but feel it would be a smart business move.

MMMMM Oatmeal
I ate healthier on valentine’s day than Thursday. My problem is I was way tired and I didn’t eat my oatmeal. I seem to eat better when I include oatmeal in my diet. I love oatmeal but when I am under the weather it’s harder to enjoy it. Oatmeal is my feel good comfort food.
I did not walk today was exhausted from all the stuff I’ve been doing. I did some exercise in doors today and I didn’t forget my strength training.

Tell us about yourself?
Do you have a blog or not? What diets are you on?
What toys did you like as a kid?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Toys, cookbooks, candy

I had a holly Hobby toy Oven as childI hated Barbie I broke mine right away by accident. My sister showed me that you could snap the legs off and snap them back on but mine wouldn’t work. The kind people at the store let me trade for a doll that you could shove plastic suckers and ice cream in her mouth. My mother thought it was ugly.

I am supposed to get a new healthy cookbook through amazon. My cooking is getting better.

I ate well, a little candy but lot more veggie and even oatmeal.

Okay Valentine's Day I was food shopping and ended up buying candy for valentines. I made a card I found out about as a teen.
Valentine Candy Gram I made a candy gram which I spelled out words with candy bars to make a valentine for my husband. I didn’t eat them due to eating M &M’s I got him. He will get one in his lunch sack tomorrow. I make my husband’s lunch. He brought my crock pot soup Valentine’s day for a work pot luck. He liked it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Computer Genius

I love My Computer Genius Man

My husband left this morning with the big crock pot of stew I made for his work potluck today.
My computer was broken this morning. He called me to ask a small favor to put something away he forgotten.
I told him my comp was in bios and couldn’t get out. He said the delete key must be stuck and he was right.
Now my little one can watch home star runner and I can blog.

I did weight training today I am on a roll and woo hoo.

Pamper yourself.
For those who hate valentine’s day or are single why feel like crap when you can treat yourself to something.
I want all singles to make today a pamper day. Cheap idea1. Read a library book 2. Dance in your living room
3. Soak your feet.

If you have extra money 1. get yourself a new weights
2. go to a spa. 3. Buy a book off Amazon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wake me up!

I got up at 340 this morning well not on purpose. So I decided to clean the house and it’s already messy. I am going to tidy. I have people coming over tonight.

I was doing some online shopping a big old splurge treat today but I haven’t ordered yet because so few places seem to have easy bake ovens. It looks like I might have to wait on this one due to the recall. Man these recall’s work fast. I am glad they are taking care of it.

I took a walk and did my weight training.
I could use a fat old nap. I haven't binged so far today.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Pricey dinner, Homemade chocolates.

Question: Did any one read the article about the $25,000 per head dinner? If you had the money would spend that much on one meal?

Do you feel Anti Valentine’s Day:
Until I met my husband I was usually ignored on valentine’s day. It wasn’t my least favorite holiday that was new years it was romantic and lonely.
Question: What’s the worst gift you have received or given?

Workout and stuff:
It was windy today. I’ve been under the weather lately but was feeling a tiny bit better today. I did my weight training early today and I got all my vegetables in and a walk.
More Home Made Candy
I made more homemade valentines candy again today. Next year I plan to do mail order of my husband’s favorite gourmet chocolate but I do enjoy making something that’s simple and personable. The biggest work is in clean up.
I made molded organic chocolates from organic chocolate chips and chocolate peanut butter truffle balls. I hope I can control myself. I do a little better with a little good chocolate and the molded ones are very good. I had a few samples.
With the balls I didn’t use any cream all the fat came from the peanut butter and chocolate but the molds I feel are better.
Is the good stuff worth?
Sometimes cheaper is better but sometimes it isn’t. Do you binge when you settle for something lesser? Bargain chocolates might not be such a bargain.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

powdered milk

I love my google but it seems harder to log on to the new blogger beta

My cardio exercise was walking to both the post office and grocery store. I bought some organic and non organic yummies. I bought organic balsamic vinegar, organic cheese crackers, organic semi sweet choclolte chips.
The organic chocolate chips taste better are fewer calories. I would even buy these if they were more expensive then the brand name but they are cheaper.
The vinegar is for my salads.

I am for what’s reasonably priced, and tastes good. Where I live food costs more than average. I want good tasting food for my budget.
I heard that non organic celery is healthier than organic because if not sprayed it starts to produces its own pesticide. Has anyone else heard that?

Food in my community costs a but more but organic products can be slightly less to a lot less.

I did weight training today at my upped weights. I sit on my bed or chair. I do an arm set, read a little and do another arm set and read more. Having breaks in-between sets lets the muscles heal and improves muscle building.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dinner, ADHD, ANNA,

I have a special dinner planned tonight and I hope my husband likes it. He’ll probably arrive 6.45 to 7:45 knock on wood. I already made sub rolls from the bread machine. I ran out of bread today and do not want to go shopping till Saturday or Monday if I really can hold it off. I ran out of fresh vegetables but I have canned.

The packages I hoped to come did not arrive. I’ve been playing really fun word games in the past two days and I am going back to playing as soon as this blog is posted. I have ADHD and I need all the help I can get with grammar and spelling.


What indulgences do you allow yourself that you think are hurting you and causing either debt, ill health or other problems?

What indulgences benefit your lives?

Weight Training:

I am so tired and did not get a well needed nap today. I did do some weight training

Webgrl tells me she’s now going to a trainer at her gym. The trainer is included with the gym fee. Does anyone else have a trainer?

Webgrl also informed me about Anna Nicole’s smith sudden death at 39. That’s so young.

Anna Nicole Smith 1967 to 2007

Anna Nicole Smith had a troubled life I do not know her or her family. I feel for her for her little girl who needs her mamma.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Weight training, Save On Valentine Cards

Weight training:
I will be using to five pound weights but feel the eight pound weights until fall. I would like to go to ten pounds weights soon after.

Save On Valentine Cards

I already bought valentine cards. I bought children’s cards for 1.99 this will cover my husband, my little ones and I will have enough left over for a treat for my healthy weight group. A box of children’s valentines is a great to spread the love and save as well.

For out of state people try sending virtual cards and you don’t have to pay for the stamp and your loved one gets them instantly

I used my all time new favorite wrapping paper to wrap my valentine gifts. Yes I still love catalogs for this. It might sound cheap but it’s way cutter than the funny pages by a long shot.

I have some more valentine gifts coming via the mail. I am doing a mix of bought, and free. Some gifts I am putting on hold buying until father’s day.

Today: I feel so bloated.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Retro me

Retro Me: Low Cal bundt cakes.
I still want to be a better lowfat baker. I am getting a little better at that too. can be good high fat baker but I still haven’t found the trick to using yogurt. When I replace the fat with yogurt it tastes rich and most but won’t come out of the pan.
I spray the pan with real oil. I want to make giant bundt cakes. I think I want retro baking that's kitschy, elegant and simple all at the same time.

Questions to Ask yourself
Do you binge and what sets your binges off?
Do you binge with food or with other things as well like shopping binges?
Are you tired when you binge?

My husband and I decided to pick out our valentine gifts so we have both have vague ideas. I did get him another discarded book from the library. It’s already wrapped in catalogue pages and will be a nice little bonus to what we got each other, The library is my new/old addiction. I love libraries. The walk to the library is my exercise too.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Before We buy: What to ask ourselvs

Super bowl Sunday:
I did okay at the party but binged afterward. I have to do better. I know I can do better.
I had a fun time at friends watched part of the game and had a good time.
My little one’s birthday is this week. I liked the blockbuster mouse commercial and the coca cola spread the love commercial was sort of cute. I didn’t see all the ads.

Before we buy

I am in a buying mood. Right now the things I want to buy are in my amazon cart. I think I will give them another week and delete some of the items I feel I really don't need.
There is this indulgent skin care product I’ve wanted for a while. I wanted to try philosophy but always felt that was so self indulgent. Then I found out if I buy the handwash online with another product I need it’s cheaper than buying the product locally,
I save money plus I get something self indulgent and some needed house hold goods.

Questions to ask before you Buy Stuff?
Spending money is okay and can be fun. But overspending can bring headaches. Most everyone has purchases they regret or a purchase they wish they made. I am an impulse buyer that I try to keep in check with lists.

Will I use it or will it be stuck in a closet somewhere or under pile?
Can I afforded it and how can I afforded it?
Does it benefit my life?
I am I buying it because people made fun of me in high school?
I am I buying it to impress coworkers? Will I feel people won’t like me if I don’t buy it?
Have I been pulled in by flashy ads?
I am I getting this as a planned reward or to fill a bigger need?
Am I buying this because I can’t find what I need under a pile of clutter?
Do I think not getting what I need makes me a bad person?
Have I done research on the product?
Is it worth getting a more expensive product? Sometimes it is if your buying a some kitchen wear. Would getting something used be better? While getting a business suit or a baby crib, it be better to buy new. For my clothes since they do not need to be business used is fine.

Can you take your indulgent reward and save up for it? Instead of having it now?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Real wishes

I got some sleep today. Yesterday I was completely exhausted and people were impatient with me. I felt a little sad. I over ate but used extra points to cover it. I looked at the scale this morning and it says I am up 5 pounds I doubt all of the weight is real.
Many people don’t realize a scale can fluctuate so I will not get my real weight till a couple of days. I am going food shopping Monday. Monday I am cutting back a bit.

My real wish list
Back rub
A good night sleep
To spend time with my husband
To weight train

What is your real wish list?

Friday, February 02, 2007

workout, Luxurious Saving People Have different Budget needs

Work out:
I did weight training today. I drank my water and ate carrots.
I still want an easy bake oven. :-)

Luxurious Saving People Have different Budget needs

I see a lot advice on the net and through books. Some advice works for me but some doesn't. I know most of the good ideas anyway. We have different goals. Some want to save for a big house some want to live in a small apartment and buy organic or gourmet food both are fine.

I live comfortably as a stay at home mom. I have a wonderful charming husband who I just adore. I feel that my life is luxurious and beautiful.
I don’t drink coffee so strabucks was never a pull of me. The only time I'd go to starbucks was in the airport to get an apple.

I actually use a good part of my kitchen gadgets and though sometimes I slack off with exercise gear. I would feel bad if I got rid of my weights because eventfully I suck it up and start using them. Having to buy new weights would have been a waste. I also declutter things I don't need.

Giving up going to the movies once a week or a daily 4.00 treat is not going to help when you have some serious unaddressed debt problems like a smoking addiction, renter property you don’t know how to handed, a impulse to buy a new car you could barely afford when you had too jobs, shopping addictions.

You may be addicted to shop for anything, baby clothes, fancy purses, yard sale fines.
If you buy things you don’t need and can’t really use you are adding clutter. Clutter makes you poor in more ways the one. Something that might help me save money like using game meat might not help you.

There are some things like student loans which are less debt than an investment in yourself but figure that you will need to pay these off.

My biggest problem is books. I've been using the library again to stop on bad purchases of some titles. There are books I have gotten that I knew I loved and wanted for my home and books that miss represented themselves. I also am trying to use my cookbooks instead of collect them. Not everyone has my love of books.

If getting a nice $1000 purse is important to you than budget for it. Put away a small amount each week. What can you do without to get the purse without going into debt. There are people who buy purses they never use or only use them once. This makes their home cluttered and ugly. It makes their expensive bags look cheap.
The only trendy bag I even remotely like is moo roo and it's way to small for my needs. I needed to combine purse and diaper bag. If you buy purses you can't adored and either leave them in the house or have to show off a new one each week that you can't afforded you might want to see a councilor but there is nothing in itself wrong with a fancy purse.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Workouts, crockpots, and Budget Honeymoon or Second Honeymoon Ideas

Workouts, crockpots, and Budget Honeymoon or Second Honeymoon Ideas

Work out
I want to get back to my Tony little stepper if only a few moments a day.
I should have taken a walk Wednesday but I felt I wanted to sit at home and do nothing. I worked out at home.
My sweet husband loved the soup I made. He even commented that he's not a veggie lover but loved it. Crock pots are amazing ways to make soup. They transcend simple ingredients with a slow cooked taste. My soup was just canned vegetable soup, green beans, canned potatoes, a lot of water and lean meat.

Budget Honeymoon or Second Honeymoon Ideas
Honeymoons can be budget buster.
1. Go to the library and look up budget travel for inspiration.
2. Think domestic. We went to DC because we love museums.
3. One tank trip is there a city or state close by you wouldn’t mind visiting? This would most likely be one of the least expensive options. But check hotel ratings are hotel in DC didn’t have handicapped parking if we read reviews we would have known that. Are they any amusement parks theme hotels close by? Anything unusual like a giant toy store,
Free museums, art shows.
4. House sting dirt cheap but to me sounds like the least fun.
5. Allow some small splurges. Set a side a small honeymoon budget for shopping and restaurant. Could you each set aside $5 to ten dollars a week without? By the end of three months you’ll have something reasonable to play with.
6. Can you bring a cooler to store some snacks like fruit and only eat out once or twice a day that ay you can choose a nicer restaurant instead of three budget ones. Picnics can be romantic. Who says they have to be indoors either?
7. Go to at least one splurge restaurant.
8. Breakfast is cheapest but some hotels give breakfast free.
9. Get good directions to the hotel if you buy hotel online. You might find yourself paying for two hotels if you don’t. Yes this happened to me.
10. Find out what if there are off seasons.
11. Set budgets on souvenirs, post cards are cheap and you can use some and put others in a scrap book. They take up less room in your bags too.
12. Take a fun board game and some inexpensive home spa stuff for times you just want to relax in the room or if some activities have been called off do to whether.
13. Do not pack to heavy, a nice outfit for dinning out and some classic but good looking casual clothes, deodorant, a digital camorra, tooth brush, comb, and sun screen are good starters.
14. Lunches a cheaper than dinners.
15. Instead of a full cruise you could do a diner cruise.
16, Relax and keep everything low key and fun.
17. I read in a travel magazine which I agree with to do the things you really want to do your first day or too in case something happens. Do not save the best for last.
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.