Friday, September 29, 2006

Snacks and a Tip Tag

I took a walk todoay. I am glad I did it. It was a lovely day.
These are some of my favorite snacks at the moment
What snacks do you like?

Homemade frozen Yogurt
Choclolte chips
Bagged salads
Fat free chips “A ounce in while food”
Carrots whole or baby cut
Apples “Sniff can’t eat them like I used to”
Half bananas frozen
Home made cookies and cupcakes
Candy Corn
Sesame seeds “For salads”

Tip Tag
Share a tip on your blog.
To be able to change ourselves we must be accountable.

Thursday, September 28, 2006



My ADHD rant:
I have adult ADHD. My disorder is real. I read by some misinformed web person on post it’s a made up disease. ADHD is real though it can be misdiagnosed. My ADHD did not cause my morbid obesity per say that was a traumatic event when I was ten years old but ADHD has made it harder for me to keep track which is why I must journal.
I am at happy weight now but I know if I stop journaling I will go back to my old Eating.
It’s harder to clean when I am not journaling my cleaning.

1. A teacher, Annalist, cannot diagnose ADHD. A pediatrician for children
Or a psychologist with ADHD training are best to diagnose.

2. Medicine has been helpful to some but it will not work a lone. You must work on structure along with the medicine. Having to give medicine does not mean you’re a bad parent but some children have more severe forms of ADHD. Ask about the side effects.

3. Diet really has nothing to do with it. There was a poorly done medical study that said milk effected ADHD. Most doctors toss the study out because it was not a great study but media often quotes it. They also often quote that only %5 of the people who lose weight
keep it off as well. (The weight loss study is very old and has been miss proven by many studies)

When I was my most productive I ate a lot of dairy. The dairy didn’t cause my ADHD or help it. MY ADHD was helped by structure and journaling. I was doing fly lady and going to a support group with ADHD.
I am hyper/distracted if I have sugar or not.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Slacker Girl

I have been slacking off in my exercise and feel tired. I need to do something different. I feel the need to help people. I want to make the world a better place for my little one.

My aunt died recently. She was ill for some time. I feel for her family.

I don’t get basic cable. I saw part of biggest Loser on line the other day. Who likes it?
Who doesn’t? If there was anything you like to change what would you change? I guess I like the people on the show but I am not for separating families which is why I guess I liked the family clips on the net better.
I still need to work on a few more articles for the health rebel book.

My wants
For people to be kinder to one another.

I want a calorie counting softwear that has recipe builder and restaurant guides with a data base I can share nutritional information packets with others. Also having an exercise calendar with reminders a plus.

To have more energy.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Favorite weightloss sites

What’s your favorite weightloss sites? Here are just a few of mine.

Webgrl won’t be posting much for the next few months while she finishes school and her thesis.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


1. You can’t lose weight or gain muscle if you feel you are not worth the effort to journal and exercise. Support is great but you have to be accountable.
2. If you go on weird crash diet because you feel you can’t journal long run aspect to gain more in the long run. Journaling is the easy way in the long run. It might seem un-glamorous but it works. You make your program glamorous and sparkly.
3. If you go on crash diets your children will pick up on your behavior and will be more likely to get disordered eating. Our they worth the effort. You can not aspect your family to get healthy if your not.
4. True Anorexia is a mental disorder and needs counseling. You are worth the effort to seek help.
5. You are worth the effort.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Healthy Halloween

I went food shopping today. It’s getting colder where I live and already feels like Halloween. The bags of candy are out. I would have gotten the candy corn but I felt I’d eat the whole bag. I need someone people to split the bag with.

What are your Halloween perditions? Anyone throwing a party? Will there be healthy options.

I decided that I am throwing a virtual Halloween party. The theme is a stronger you.

My costume: A beauty queen because we are beautiful.
What is your costume?

I worked on Health Rebel ebook today.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ways we Abuse Ourselves

On 14 September 2006 The FDA has advised consumers to not eat fresh spinach or fresh spinach-containing products until further notice.

Ways we Abuse Ourselves to be Thin

1. Beat ourselves up for past failures
2. Take diet pills
3. Believing every new diet book down the pike without doing additional research.
4. Force ourselves to eat food we hate. Taste buds will change if we take things slowly.
5. Getting mad at ourselves if someone loses faster or more.

Well I did some mingle flying this morning I always feel better when I do my routines.

What goals are you working on?
Today’s Goals
1. Work on my health rebel ebook.
2. Eat a veggie today. Okay That’s the fun part.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Eating at Random

I had friends over to dinner yesterday most of my exercise was cooking, cleaning, and last minute dash to the store near by to get salsa. I had a blast.
I made home made wheat tortillas. I don’t make them as thin or big as I should but they are still good. My husband can make refried beans from scratch but these are most likely more fatty than the ones in the can.
I cought myself not tracking things like my free veggies. I realized that’s asking for trouble
I felt guilty for no formal exercise in two days “Not a rest day either” so I got a little in on my Tony little stepper”
I felt back on track.
What keeps you on track?

I want you to do something nice for yourself. It could be to go for a family walk, a hot bath, or some alone time with your honey.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Coveting Apples

I learned sadly that my food reaction might not not be splenda but one of my favorite foods apples. It seems that every time I eat an apple I will have a reaction a day later. I haven't had spenda in weeks so I will resume eating splenda to test this theory next week.
I am eating different fruits now, grapes, and melons, oranges.
Sniff but I really miss Apples. Apples with be a sometime food now like good birthday cake. I think I have just been eating them too much.

I want to learn to make good and healthy Mexican food.
I still have not found what to do when baking with yogurt. Right now it's a rare baker's secret.

Throw out the saying Nothing Tastes Better Than Thin
Nothing Tastes Better than Good Food and Health

Stop torturing yourself with bland food.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Model Ban

Too Thin Model Ban
My thoughts on the model ban.

MADRID. (Reuters) - The world's first ban on overly thin models at a top-level fashion show in Madrid has caused outrage among modeling agencies and raised the prospect of restrictions at other catwalk pageants.

I am proud of Spain for going for a healthy look. I do not want to punish people for being too thin but I want an industry to stop thrusting one body image as beautiful.
I feel these girls should get a chance to get healthy. Many were forced to near starvation.
Natural gazelle like models are so rare. Kate was forced to become a drug addict to keep her figure. The fashion industry then made a scape goat out of her.

You can also look very thin and have a BMI of 18. A BMi of under 18 isn't healthy. I looked extremely thin at 112-117 with a healthy BMI. I looked beyond twiggie esc.

Twiggie was one of the first super models.

They are not banning or punishing people for being thin but having an-unhealthy BMI. BMI is not my fave range because I think the BMI range should be 18 to 27 or 28.

The orginal article: This was pulled off Yahoo news
Ban on skinny models shocks fashion world By Andrew Hay
Tue Sep 12, 11:55 AM ET

MADRID. (Reuters) - The world's first ban on overly thin models at a top-level fashion show in Madrid has caused outrage among modeling agencies and raised the prospect of restrictions at other catwalk pageants.

Madrid's fashion week has turned away underweight models after protests that young girls and women were trying to copy their rail-thin looks and developing eating disorders.

Organizers say they want to project an image of beauty and health, rather than a waif-like, or heroin chic look.

But Cathy Gould, of New York's Elite modeling agency, said the fashion industry was being used as a scapegoat for illnesses like anorexia and bulimia.

"I think its outrageous, I understand they want to set this tone of healthy beautiful women, but what about discrimination against the model and what about the freedom of the designer," said Gould, Elite's North America director, adding that the move could harm careers of naturally "gazelle-like" models.

Madrid's regional government, which sponsors the show and imposed restrictions, said it did not blame designers and models for anorexia. It said the fashion industry had a responsibility to portray healthy body images.

"Fashion is a mirror and many teenagers imitate what they see on the catwalk," said regional official Concha Guerra.

The mayor of Milan, Italy, Letizia Moratti told an Italian newspaper this week she would seek a similar ban for her city's show unless it could find a solution to "sick" looking models.


The Madrid show is using the body mass index or BMI -- based on weight and height -- to measure models. It has turned away 30 percent of women who took part in the previous event. Medics will be on hand at the September 18-22 show to check models.

Under the Madrid ruling, models must have a BMI rating of around 18. That would disqualify top Spanish model Esther Canadas, and supermodels like Kate Moss, based on unofficial records of their height and weight.

"The restrictions could be quite a shock to the fashion world at the beginning, but I'm sure it's important as far as health is concerned," said Leonor Perez Pita, director of Madrid's show, also known as the Pasarela Cibeles.

When asked if they supported controls, seven Spanish designers showing at Madrid either declined to comment or said they did not want to become involved in the controversy. Designers in Milan gave a similar response.

A spokeswoman for the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain, which represents those at Madrid fashion week, said the group supported restrictions and its concern was the quality of collections, not the size of models.

Eating disorder activists said many Spanish model agencies and designers oppose the ban and they had doubts whether the new rules would be followed.

"If they don't go along with it the next step is to seek legislation, just like with tobacco," said Carmen Gonzalez of Spain's Association in Defense of Attention for Anorexia and Bulimia, which has campaigned for restrictions since the 1990s.

Elite's Gould said fashion was not to blame for eating disorders that usually started at home due to poor eating habits and constant dieting by mothers.

So far, Madrid's move has yet to spark a worldwide trend toward catwalk shows with curvier figures.

London Fashion Week said in a statement it would not put restrictions on what type of models its designers use.

(Additional reporting by Sophie Hardach in Milan)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Did you Know

I am doing okay. I can't wait for October. I get to visit my my dear sweet mother in law. I have to start weight train today.

I decided to to do public service announcements like ABC today,

Did you You Know?

Reduced fat peanut butter is the same calories as full fat peanut butter. They replace that fat with sugar.

Did you know?
That calcium in orange juice is not soluble and the label on orange juice is just marketing.

Did you know?
Check the label some low carb foods are higher carb foods in smaller serving sizes.

Did you Know
Some people sweat more than others. Sweat is not an idicator of intensity levele.

Fast food Challenge
Try something new this week. Make a small change. What change can you make to make your food healthyer? Think about it then come back to me in a few days.

Health Rebel

What would you like to see in a diet book? I am working on my free Health Rebel ebook. It's got pointers how to begin, how to spot a diet scam.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Why did you decide to lose, gain muscle, or eat healthyer? What was your turning point?

Today is 9/11 sometimes it's hard not to shove bad memories with food. I was working on a novel the night before 9/11. It was one of the best pieces of writing I had done. I felt very numb at the time. I ached trying to find out news on some online friends. I ached for people I loved and hadn't gotten to meet. Mother's, Son's, wives', husbands, children, all lost their lives. There were people of faith's and races who died that day. There were people who were visiting from other countries. America was the greatest his but we shared lives lost with others.

This is my generations pearl harbor. I felt my life hadn't begun. I had books published but I felt I'd never get married or have a family. I want you to love one another. Do not stop living, do not stop carring.

My dying computer was down over the weekend. I have a newly built computer that is much more realible
but had some kinks to work out and I need to buy more memory for it.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Brown Bagging Your Lunch

Last night I had a crock pot dinner made and I worked on my free Diet Ebook Health Rebel.
I feel so lazy today. I planned on cooking and exercise. I didn’t feel like doing anything so I made myself blog. My husband’s home but works the weekend so all I want to do is stare in is eyes, adore my little one and play video games. I like sim style games as well as games like book worm.

Living to Feel Food the fly system is a cleaning system from and I’ve been getting back op in the past few days.

Brown Bagging Your Lunch

Lunchables are pricey, loaded with fat and don’t look very tasty. I once was in a store where a little boy actually begged his mom not to get the pizza lunch able.

Kids won’t eat something they won’t like or will trade lunches.
Do you try to force yourself to eat healthy foods just to binge.
Treat yourself like a kid and make your healthy food something you’d actually want to eat. Slowly add veggies such as making your sandwiches seem bigger. Though you might want to pack them in a separate container. Canned soups can also be an option and do not think just because it’s canned it’s unhealthy.
Make lunch fun and make it appealing. I am not vegan but there is a great blog called Vegan lunch box about a woman who makes creative lunches for her son Schmoo.
If you like ham and cheese can you go to a leaner cut?
If you like hot dogs can you switch to a veggie dog?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Baking on Empty

My dad was in a car accident yesterday and it was a miracle that he and his wife are alive. My dad’s wife was injured but by the sound of it the ascent could have been a lot worse. The other driver was at fault.
I am getting back on the fly lady wagon yet again. Wish me luck. The fly lady cleaning system is the only one that ever worked for me.

I am trying to learn healthy baking.

I am using some healthy oil and then replacing the rest of the fat
with yogurt. My cake tastes moist but sticks to the pan.
I don't know if it's I am not greasing the pan enough or if it's the
yogurt and I need to add something else to it.
I find it much essayer to create dishes for the crock pot than baking.
Baking is a science. Decorating is an art.

I made whole wheat tortillas and they came out well even though I made a mistake. I added too much water and corrected it by adding more flour and baking powder.


Do you have any Wi in rituals? I used to not eat two hours before. Then after I hit goal I always ate ten min before Wi.

How did you lose or are losing your weight? Please provide a link or name the book your diet came from. If you written a book then please link to Amazon. A posted diet doesn’t mean I support that particular diet but I know what worked for me won’t always work for others

Tip Tag:
Share a health tip on your blog if you don’t have a blog share on this one. I will share two.
Don’t beat yourself up for a bad WI. We all have bad ways ins even if we thought we were doing it all right. I would get sad due to bad WI and to perk myself up I’d choose a new fitness routines.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Fat Rebel

The Fat Rebel

People who “tell things like it is” often bagger people into be coming fat. Really, if you come from a house where people who are fat are made fun of that’s how you rebel. You become fat.

I am now going to be a health rebel where I treat people of all sizes with kindness and love.

My whole computer is dying a slow death and I am getting it replaced soon.
Didn’t get to complete My yourself! Fitness because of this but I attempted it and I did get a walk in later that day.
I will be doing something different. I will have a virtual computer inside my real one to run audio, video and games.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kicking it Up

Challenge for the day: If you have a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend send them a virtual card. Let them know how much you care.

I started strength training again today. It was just two minutes but it was a start.
I also started de-cluttering. I am not being OP with my fly lady routines.
I am going to start yourself fitness today again. It mistakenly got packed into our stuff instead of our suitcases so I had to wait for the movers.

I didn’t exercise much over the weekend.
I did journal but I caught myself in a slip up and I had to get out of bed to fix it. I have to be accountable to myself. I decided to do this do over now at goal before I slip up again. I tried to do this without accountability before after goal and it didn’t work.

I read Candy’s blog about biking and rafting and she’s my new exercise motivation. I am in awe of all these blogs with the commenting to get stronger.


Question: What works for you? What makes you want to be fit?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Yogurt, news and all.

I got two free candy bars Friday and I divided my candy bar up into servings. I had two and gave my little one left. Now I have three to 4 servings left but they disappeared. My little one can now reach the kitchen island. I was counting each piece I eat as .7. I feel this way I won’t eat the whole thing at once. The other candy bar was for my husband.

I’ve made yogurt, and yogurt cheese with my husband. The yogurt cheese tasted better than fat free cream cheese after it was seasoned. I can’t sew, or knit and I need to improve on my baking so I make yogurt. I have some Chinese recipes I want to try out.

Steve Irwin – the Australian TV adventurer best known as the "Crocodile Hunter" – has been killed by a stingray. That’s kind of sad.

Pet Peeve: This still annoys me even at goal. Clothes stores that treat big people like they don’t exist. I mean can’t they order bigger clothes for larger clients as they come in even if they feel they can’t keep big clothes on hand.

PS these are for whoever craves Mexican food.

Flour Tortillas
Serving Size : 12 to 20 depending on size

3 cups Unbleached all purpose flour
2 teaspoons Salt
4 teaspoons Baking powder
2 tablespoons safflower oil
1 cup Warm water or more if needed

In a large bowl, stir together the flour, salt and baking powder. With a pastry blender, a fork or your hands, gradually work in the lard or shortening until it is all incorporated. Add enough warm water to make a soft but not sticky dough. Turn out onto a lightly floured board and knead for 5 minutes.
Divide the dough into 1/4 cup (3 oz) portions and form them into balls.
Roll each ball into a flat round about 6 inches in diameter and 1/8 inches thick.
Heat a large heavy skillet over medium high heat. Place the tortillas one at a time into the dry hot skillet; cook until brown on one side, then turn and brown the other side.
Remove from the skillet and keep warm in cloth towel.
Three things about me.
1. Given a choice between a shopping spree for Amazon or tiffany’s I’d choose Amazon.
2. I love girly/fun lotions, soaps and perfumes
3. I am gadget girl.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm not dead!

I left without warning, for that i apologise.
Im not sure if i ever gave a heads up before, but i'm finishing my last year of university so i'm a smidge swamped AND stressed.
My thesis is driving me nuts.
My eating was derailed with my guests that visited two weeks ago.
I couldn't afford to get to the grocery store so i ate any weird combination of things i could conjure up.
I've gotten paid though so to the store i go tomorrow and let me tell ya my body is CRAVING good food!
I want salads and fruit i feel so nutrient deprived!
I've noticed a huge drop in my energy level and as a result i'm not putting enough into my workouts.
I'm looking forward to being back on plan as of tomorrow and keep going.
I know i won't be where i want to be by year end but i'm not stopping.
How are you doing??

p.s. i miss talkin to you on msn too val!
p.p.s My schedule is nuts due to the thesis so if i disappear again please understand!
I'm done with school on december 10th so i'll be more regular then!!! woo hoo!
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.