Monday, July 31, 2006

Eat Me! wk 9

So some people just can't seem to be happy or excited for other people when they're trying so so SO very hard to do something positive with their lives.
In the past i would let this derail me - this time? I'm laughing all the way to the scales.
I went to the store with a 'friend' last week to get lunch.
I grabbed up a salad wrap and she grabbed up these disgustingly huge cheese buns. I've never had a cheese bun but my understanding is that its dough rolled with cheese and baked and topped with more cheese.
Basically a heartattack roll. She bought three of em.
She kept lingering by the dessert thingy (WOW did they look good)
Kept begging me to get something.
Mind you it was TOM so i was craving something wicked.
She motioned to the chocolate shelves and she begged me to have something she said she was buying me chocolate and i could pick out whatever i want - she even went so far as to pull expensive chocolates off the shelf and try to hand it to me.
I refused but i calculated the points for two small chocolate chip cookies and bought those.
I swear it seemed like she grew fangs and salivated as i ate the cookies.
I offered her one and she said no no NOO YOUUU EAT IT.
She was leering almost saying in her head 'yeeaaaass eaaat thoseee coookieess'
It really weirded me out. I'm never going to eat anything 'undesirable' in front of her again i shouldn't have had the cookies in front of her either.
If anything, her behavior makes me want to do this even more.
So to all the saboteurs out there - we're not interested.
Shoo fly.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Promote your Web Weightloss Blog

Promote your Web Weightloss Blog
VH Melville
I do not have a blog roll. Post in 25 to 100 words about your health/blog it doesn’t have to be weightless relegated. No diet pill sites. I believe a doctor is best suited to what diet pills or supplement a person should be on. I am not against supplements I feel alterative medicine is medicine and should be treated with care.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Healthy BBQ

Healthy BBQ
VH Melville
Maybe if you want a healthy BBQ you might want to host it yourself.
1. Find out a head of time where leftovers can go. What can freeze? What must be trashed?
2. Who will be doing the cooking? The invites.
3. What can you serve lean fish, chicken, trimmed steak, lean ham, veggie burgers,, roasted corn, and roast potatoes. Veggie burgers are good for those watching their weight and those who vegetarians too.
4. Fresh fruit like berries, grapes apples and melon. Melon is a summer treat and low in calories.
5. If serving sugar substitute for dessert you might want to put up a sign of what? Some people are sensitive to some kinds of sugar substitutes but not others. Also, some people might think the recipe has more sugar than it does. The sign will help them.
6. Condiments can be ketchup, mustard, salsa, lemon, low fat dressings, vinegar, salt and pepper. You might have little butter, and safflower oil for those who want it on their corn. Safflower oil is healthy oil like canola, light olive. I also add corn oil to this list.
7. Drinks: Bottled water, crystal light, diet sodas, club soda, vegetable juices. Have some diet sodas without caffeine as well. Some people can’t call any caffeinated drink water .
8. Make sure everything’s clean and properly stored.
9. Treats; Baked chips, and frozen yogurt. You might want some candy. Suckers have sugar in them but they are usually low in calories.
10. Find activities that keep you and the party moving and having fun. Do you love to play twister or dance?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Binging On and On

VH Melville
Webgrls post made me really think about binging. Once I ate a whole container of frosting after a bad date. I’d eat whole sticks of butter whole bags of barbecue potatoes chips, large pieces of cake. Angel cake a ¼ of a cake was a serving. Fat free fig Newton’s a row was one serving.
Even now I have a little trouble banking some food but I am a lot better than before.
I got to go and now I have to raise my diet by a few calories for losing too much while sick. I find I am binging on raw carrots. While carrots are very healthy and low in calories It makes me think. Why do I do this to myself? So I decided if I eat more than a couple carrots in a sitting I will count the carrot as point one.
While on plan. I binged not on food. I had to count that. I even counted most zero point stuff and vegetables but I stopped vegetables because I found I was more likely to binge eat them if free. Here’s what I binged on, Splenda. I binged so much that it now gives me tummy trouble. I can’t even take other sugar alcohols which were fine before. Right now I can’t even eat sugar free gum. If I could do it over again I would have only bought and used baking Splenda. I use brown sugar in baking more because you can use less of it. White sugar
I use brown sugar twin in my oatmeal or aspartame. Aspartame is not toxic but some people are sensitive to it and it can make them hungry or give them a nasty headache. I will avoid splenda for a few months and see if it helps because I really think it did well in cheesecakes.
I realized the need to binge is a part of me and I am not cured when I am at goal. I will just do my best.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bad Eating Cycle
VH Melville
I ate some hi fat foods as a child but that’s not what caused me to be unhealthy. I didn’t start gaining weight until I was ten. A relative started to bribe us with junk food and get mad at us if we didn’t eat all our food at restaurants. Also around this time a trauma happened to me.

1. Have you taken Diet Pills? Remember advertising lies. Some diet pill companies and diets will take a normal sized person put them on a special gaining diet and take “their before picture” Then the person will resume normal eating lose the weight and the company will take the “After Picture”.

2. Many of us have been on crash diets only to binge again.

3. I think crash diets and pills lower the amount of people’s success rate of losing and keeping it off. Remember the average diet is 20% successes rate. Diets with breakfast journaling do better in the long run than diets without.

4. I also think banning all junk food and treats does more harm than good. I think Morgan Spulock got it wrong with his joke about punching his kid every time they pass a fast food. That child will know how to rebel by sneaking out to fast food restruarnts. It was the same thing the person in my family who yelled at me for not eating all my restraint food calling me a money waster. What about doggie bags? Forcing kids is not the answer being a good example is. If you don’t want TV ads of junk food get rid of basic cable and join Netflix. You can get news on the net.

More Real Reasons People are Overweight.

More Real Reasons People are Overweight.
VH Melville
1. Sneak eating. You eat like a birds in public but as soon as you get home it’s eat for three people.
2. Drunk snacker. Some people eat more than they drink alcohol but some people pick high calorie drinks like margaritas to begin with.
3. Binge and Skip. Some people skip breakfast and then binge. They confuse this with eating at night. They think it’s the eating at night. I ate at night all the time when losing weight it is total calories in a day.
4. You think one portion is the whole bag. This one was a big problem with me. I’d eat almost an entire bag of barbecue potato chips in one sitting and would have the rest for breakfast with cottage cheese.
5. “At least I am not as big as her/him” mode. This when we don’t want to deal with our weight by putting others down. This keeps us from getting healthy.
6. What we drink. Diet drinks can lower calories but mostly if we journal often people replace the diet soda calories with other calories. Fruit juices are high in calories. Make fruit juice a treat instead and eat more fresh fruits. Fast food smoothies can be calorie heaven sometimes it’s best to make your own.
7. Restraint assumptions: Get dining out guides sometimes salads we think are healthy have more calories than what we really want. Sometimes healthy looking sandwiches can really be high and what we think is bad is lower. I love salads by the way.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Week 8

Hey everyone!
Life is getting busier - i guess thats not a good enough reason for posting earlier in the week!
I really did mostly forget and when i remembered there was no time!
I had a bit of trouble earlier in the week and dipped into flex points (which as you know, i love to ignore that it exists) I thought for SURE it was the beginning of the end. Somehow i managed to check my behavior and finished up the week with flexpoints to spare and definitely not digging into any more than my daily allowance. Oh and down 2lbs!
I'm recommitting yet again to working out as of tomorrow - i think my knee had enough time to rest up, its been fairly good this week and i walked the same distance at lunch yesterday that i did last saturday, only this time my knee didn't bug out!
I think what helped me stop my binge mid week was identifying and naming my binge monster.
My binge monster just happens to be my younger self who is still a hurt little girl and can't accept that she is loved and cared about and needs to heal. She freaks out when things are going well because she's never had them go well for very long and attempts to sabotage before she can get hurt by someone/something else.
I had a little talk with her this week and she understood that it IS going to be okay and she receded....I don't think by any means that i've heard the last of her but at least i was finally able to identify her, name her and address her.
I can do this. You can do this.
Who is your binge monster?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Real Reasons Why People are Overweight

Real Reasons Why People are Overweight
VH Melville

We all know weight gain is you consume more calories than you burn but there are complications as I call them.

Comfort: Sometimes we eat for comfort.

Lack of Exercising: Jobs that require sitting for long pireds time. Not walking.

Thyroid Problems: This weight problem will resolve itself once medication is under control. Most people do not have problems with Thyroids.

Mind Fat: Are you really Overweight? Do you need to lose weight in the first place? You might be at a healthy weight or a few pounds over but your mind see yourself as fatter. You still are welcomed here.

Eating Disorders: Bulimics are often not the thin people you see in movies many bulimics are over weight obese and morbidly obese and super morbidly obese due to the binge/purge aspects of the disease. If you feel you have an eating disorder seek help. I was not bulimic but had acid reflux and did not know it. The acid reflux did not keep me thin.

Crash Dieting and Depredation related binges: When we deprive ourselves we can go into binges and regain all are weight and then some back.

Abuse: Some people have been abused and have food issues as result, this is not an excuse. If you are one who suffers from this get real therapy and seek out help. What if the person your making fun of for being fatter than you was a rape victim who sees no way out but food.

Supplemented Themselves fat: Many people who had only a little lose use supplements as a quick fix. Supplements and diet pills can make it harder to lose next time and they are harder to maintain with. They get bigger each time they find a pill.

They Give up due to the 5% Myth: 20% of people on diets keep the weight off not 5%. Weight watchers is slightly higher than the 20% and crash diets are lower. A lot of diets make you lose weight but they will not magically keep the weight off. You must slowly add food back but keep up your diet and journaling. The 5% myth was because of a small, old and debunked study. I think we can get the 20% numbers even higher.

Strict Food Parenting: Some people had such strict food parenting “You eat what I say you eat” that it makes them prone to binge eat but it is also theory to ruin a person’s hunger regulation. They can’t tell when they’re not hungry anymore.

Excuses: Do you fool yourself in believing you are eating far healthier than you are? We can gain weight eating really healthy food if we eat a ton of it. You might drink 400 calories of soda or day. You might be eating four five serving of cereal and counting it as one.

Sabotaging Family members: Sometimes people in are families do try to sabotage us but sometimes they really do want an ice cream.

Label and Portion Underestimating: Do you read the labels? Do you measure your food?
Many people get so comfortable when they eye ball three cups of pasta they journal it as one. They are not being honest with themselves,
Do you look at the back of candy bars many candy bars that look like they are one serving are two or three.

They Are Happy Fat: They don’t want to lose: Some people are happy the way the are and just don’t want to get lean. It’s their choice not anyone else’s. You cannot and should not force people to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, find out what’s wrong and seek out real help.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Iportion Looking for a few Good Bloggers

Iportion Looking for a few Good Bloggers
VH Melville aka iportion
Do you want to be an Iportion blogger?
Iportion is opening doors to 2 bloggers

1. Rules
2. iportion does not allow swear words or racial slurs
3. iportion does not allow promotion of diet pills or supplements
4. iportion is kind, fun and loving.
You can tell your personal journey
You can review low call recipes
You can review fitness DVDs, and diet gizmos
5. There is no payment but you may set up a cafe free press site and put it in your bio.

Write 25 to 200 words of why you want to be the iportion bloggers. You don't have to have them posted since it goes to me first.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cookie Monster Disaster

Cookie Monster Disaster
VH Melville
I was walking through the grocery store today. I was bored and needed to walk. I don’t get groceries till tomorrow. I picked up a giant cookie it said there were four servings in that one cookie. I plan to make my own soon. I then looked at muffins. Most of the muffins were medium size and something shocked me the blubbery said a serving was half a muffin. This was not an over sized muffin, it was regular sized. Half of it would have been slightly large than a mini muffin.
I have been obsessed with baked goods as of late. Mostly because I wish I was better. I want to be a healthy cook. I want my family to rave about some dishes.
My homemade tortillas are okay. My box mix cupcakes are pretty good. I used to make a good pie crust, but it’s been years since I made one. I’ve altrered some recipes with moderate successes mixed with a lot of failures.
I can follow recipes but I want to create my own. I am just not very good at it, yet. I think I need more of the basics. My latest creation disaster was cookies. I love oatmeal cookies.
I used to think oatmeal raisin cookies were just a trick to make you think were about to eat chocolate. That was until I tried one.
I’ve been making exponential low cal oatmeal and those I love have suffered eating it. You don’t want to make something that is tasteless or in my case slimy. Part of the reason I was missing ingredients that I didn’t have on hand. I just didn’t want to go to the store. I thought I could do without eggs and vanilla. I was very wrong.
I only found one person who enjoyed them and this person doesn’t have the most discriminating taste buds. These are cookies that would gag the Cookie Monster. Even the cookie monster on a healthy eating plan would still hate these.
The peanut butter oatmeal cookies were slimy. The raisin oatmeal cookies, were bready, slimy and sour at the same time. The mostly oatmeal ones tasted okay but were too hard.
I want to be a better healthy cook. What is something you want to work on?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What Eating Plan Are You On?

What Eating Plan Are You On?
VH Melville
It’s rainy here and I don’t know if I should go out or stay in. The only exercise I can do is march in place or do Pilates without a DVD. I have no access to my equipment for while. I feel like being lazy today. I feel like going back to bed and pulling the covers over my head. I woke up in the middle of the night. I always want to eat more when I am tired. I guess I am trying to replace rest energy with food energy.
I built this blog for people on many different plans. I wonder what plan is everyone. I wanted this blog not just to be about me but about the readers.
I am on a modified weight watchers flex plan or WW for short. I am still on it after I goal but I get more maintenance points. My maintenance points are more than some less than others.
This is the time to brag and explain your diet for others.
What eating plan are you on? Is it WW, slow carb, low carb, the zone, Tops, Deal a Meal, Jenny Craig, Shangri La Diet, or other?
When did you start your plan?
Are you doing it on your own, online or through meetings?
Are you planning to continue after you goal?
What makes you like your diet?
What about your diet do you wish you could change, if anything?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Unhealthy Guidelines

Unhealthy Guidelines
VH Melville

I decided to put out some unhealthy guidelines for people who want to stay unhealthy, unhappy and Yo-Yo. This all tongue and cheek but I am also using it as a teaching tool. You can share your own unhealthy guidelines as well or rather things you used to do and now realize are unhealthy.
1. Force yourself to eat food you hate instead of slowly introducing new foods. Tell yourself you don’t have the will power when this fails.
2. Join a marathon the first day of your diet even if you’ve never exercised in years.
3. Berate yourself for every diet mistake made.
4. Tell yourself ”Being thin will make all your problems go away. “
5. Stop eating all the foods you like because your on “Diet mode now” yell at people for eating a cupcake in front of you.
6. Just give up if you have a gain. The scale is the only thing to measure success.
7. Eat unhealthy fad diets because you want the weight to come back now. You will force yourself.
8. Don’t allow yourself to be pampered.
9. Throw away your measuring cups you can guess serving sizes just fine.
10. Buy every “diet” pill. Advertisers never lie. Okay Even I can’t right that with straight face.
11. Make people feel bad because they don’t want to eat a piece of cake for whatever reason. If you’re eating it everyone must eat it.
12. Don’t drink your water.
13. Exercise should be the same thing day in and day out.
14. Calories on vacations and holidays don’t count.
15. Don’t journal off leftovers from the kids. Sharing destroys calories.
16. If it’s a salad it’s got to be healthy even if the dressing has a half cup of mayo.
17. If a product says light or low carb the product is light and low carb and not just the same product in smaller servings. Yes a lot of companies were repackaging high cal and high carb foods as low carb and light by making the serving sizes small.
18. You can go off your diet the moment you hit goal. You might gain all your weight back but you’ll have fun doing it.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Eating Out is Fun to Do

Eating Out is Fun to Do
VH Melville
You can eat out and still be healthy. I know many people who while dieting say “I will never eat fast food or Mexican or ice cream again.”
This is unrealistic and they are surprised that will power fails and they re-gained it all and then some.
Keep dieting genuine to how you live.
Here are some tips to help you eat out.
Tips# Many people decide to take off their diet for vacation or when eating out. They never get back on. Make sure your plan is livable and that you can go out to eat on.
Tips# Get some dining out guides. Yes I know I repeat this but just because it looks healthy doesn’t mean it is. Some salads due to the dressing are more calories than the fries.
Tip# Get yourself a food journal and a pen what you’ve eaten. Yes I know I repeat this often but food journal is a tool like a duster or a timer is to someone doing the fly lady program.
Tip# Buy yourself a good calculator so that you know half the calories of the hamburger. Let the calculator help you with math.
Tip# For me non starchy veggies are free I still journal them but nothing else is involved. I can write down a lot of veggies, or lots of salad. I used to count veggies but found it not as fun and I am more opt to eat them if they are free. I love veggies now.
Tip# Salad bars aren’t evil just go around with a veggie plate first. Then get small bites of must have foods.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Not just about losing it.

Sure, losing some weight and fitting into cuter clothes is WONDERFUL!
But what are you doing for yourself other than changing the way you eat?
What are some of the things you've ignored that you're now getting back to?
For me, i ignored the whole me.
When any issue cropped up or thoughts of changing crept up i quieted it with some treat.
Thats what got me to where i am.
Now, instead of shovelling my feelings away, i sit with them. Understand them.
I feel so much better about me and i'm actually doing things for me.
Some of the things i do:
Pedicures (always did but do them more often now)
Switched to whitening toothpaste as i'm smiling a whole lot more now!
A skincare routine (i never bothered before)
Exercising (i LOVE moving my body but sometimes it hurts and i gasp and swear my head off)
Change around my haircolor (i nixed the expensive highlighting and am playing around with my natural brunette and bringing that out)
Massaging yummy smelling lotions all over after i shower at night. (touching my body would make me cringe...still does but not as much)
Meditating (i just sit still and listen to yoga sounds and just breathe and allow random thoughts to flow through my mind)
Drinking my water! (my friend made up the coolest thing. She said to make up a mantra for yourself whether its 'i am beautiful' or 'i am strong' or 'i am doing somehing great for me i love me' and repeat it every time u drink water. Its a beautiful affirmation!)

How bout you? What are you doing?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Healthy Food: Start Slowly and Have Fun

Healthy Food: Start Slowly and Have Fun
VH Melville
Many people start to binge when they try to force clean eating. They make to hard of rules and then blame themselves for lack of willpower.
Instead of saying “I will never eat fast food again.” Say “I will buy a nutrition guide and make healthier choices and plan for some treats” or “I won’t be too embraced to get a kids meal and a side salad.

I eat healthy grains, fruit and non starchy veggies. I started slowly though. I think too many people start overnight. I first started adding veggies to light sandwiches until I was having more vegetables than grain.
I decided to add more beans and half a serving goes great in salads.
I still eat candy and cookies. Sometimes I make lighter versions and sometimes it takes using my flex points/ or extra calories.

I started with a couple pieces of fruit a week and now eat lots. You can get overweight on too much fruit so journaling helps.

Don’t beat yourself up for not be perfect but don’t decide to take breaks after goal many people just assume that now they’ll automatically eat like a thin person and don’t have to journal but sadly that is not the case. Sometimes the comment seems scary to people. “I can’t journal or count for the rest of my life.”

Journaling can help if you’re on, WW flex or Core, calorie counting, the zone, OA, Portion Teller, Jenny Craig, TOPS, and other plans. Some exchange plans like those ran by Richard Simons have simplified/fast journals with cards or windows that require no writing. Give yourself prizes I plan to get myself a small reward for a couple months I journal even if it gets ugly. I am not sure if I am going to get a new cake pan, a book, or fishing poll. Could you count or journal if you would reward yourself with a new pare of shoes, weights, books, or whatever you want to treat yourself is.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I wrote the following email to a weightwatchers email group i belong to on the 23rd of June.
I thought i should share it with you and to let you know that i am completely within points and not eating like theres a hungry worm in my belly:)

I was watching the Oprah show episode with bob greene when her staff did the bootcamps. She was saying (After talking to a woman who lost a lot of weight) that the key words that the woman said was 'I decided'
And Bob Greene said thats the difference between somebody who is willing and determined and someone who isn't - someone who says I decided vs I'll try.
This really hit home to me as i keep saying i'm TRYING. i'm goin to TRY.
I don't want to try i don't want this to be just my umpteenth TRY at weight watchers.
I want to make the decision to succeed.
I'm petrified of failing but i think i need to stop thinking about that because we all falter at some point - we just need to keep going. So i'm going to stop looking at my past attempts as failures, but as parts of my journey.
Today i have decided to commit to me and to making myself healthy.
Not doing this for anybody else, for ME.
I've always thought that i would do it
To look hot for an eventual someone
Have a great body to offer to that someone
Look good in 'skinny' clothes
Make it easier for people to look at me
Want people to want me around because i don't look embarrassing.

Well - those reasons are NO REASON for me.
They might be some perks but definitely not reason enough (for me)

My new reasons:

To be healthy
To feel good
To look better
To not be uncomfortable or afraid of going to certain places
To be a healthy active mom in the future.
To stop being a spectator in my own life and start living it without being afraid of my body.
To be strong and to feel strong.

Thanks for 'listening' :)

What are YOUR reasons or LIGHTBULB moments?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Addicted to Yo-Yo dieting

Addicted to Yo-Yo dieting
VH Melville
I think I I chose to yo-yo. People were always nicer to me when I was losing. The first time I lost for the first time I got praise in a long time. We’re also at heart romantics, food is romantic and filled with not just nourishment but stories and memories. We feel guilty for this instead of bracing this fact.
Diets them self can have a sense of magic. It’s so fun to find a new diet instead of a diet we do long term like journaling.
I stopped receiving praise when I was ten. Are you addicted to dieting as much or more as being preoccupied with food?
1. Praise and award yourself for keeping it off.
2. Be kind to yourself.
3. What tips can you give to get rid of yo-yo addiction?
4. What diets have you been on?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Long Day

I'm posting my weekly a little early - i think i need the accountability.
I had a very high point day today - in fact i was sure i'd gone over my daily allowance AND flexpoints - since i indulged in a couple flexes last night as well.
I did something strange - though i ate a lot, i still journalled it ALL
and i'm NOT over my alotted weekly points.
I'm planning my meals ahead of time for tomorrow, as a day like today is usually the beginning of the end for me.
Not this time. I'm going to do my BEST to hold on.
I was exercising mid week and my knee made a very unhuman noise!
Its been hurting ever since and my doctor's appt is still a couple days away.
I'm resting it, but the lack of exercise is really affecting the way i eat!
I realised that for the past two days not exercising i felt a little down and didn't do any of my new beauty routines.
Could my body be dependent on exercise now?
I do know that week 6 is going to be difficult as my semester has started back (With a bang) and the knee makes it difficult to get my cardio in.
I'm going to do pilates and arm weights and i'm counting on all of you to kick my butt this week.
I've just had a yummy shower and now i'm off to do my nightly skincare routine.
I deserve it.
What are you doing for yourself today?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Fad Diets Not for Children and Teens

Fad Diets Not for Children and Teens
VH Melville
I started to gain weight at ten.
When I was a teen family and tried to “help” me by making me go on “diets” that they either read bout in a magazine. They didn’t realize their was a book for sale or worse a diet they tried and failed.
I remember this ghastly only fruit in the mourning diet. I love fruit and eat it often for breakfast but all this diet did was make me crave food like bread, cheese, ham and tortilla chips.
Another diet was a awful powdered pre packaged meal plan. We’re not talking Jenny Craig here. This stuff left me starved and was bland as anything. None of these diets worked. I really didn’t like being on them. I also was tired of adults getting mad at me for my weight problem. I felt unsupported and unloved. I met my husband. This time I felt cherished at over 200 pounds. I wanted to lose in a healthy way.
If you feel your child or teen is overweight go to the doctor or if your teen feels she/he is over weight a doctor can help. Some teens who aren’t overweight see a distorted mirror and some parents as well.
1. Children will not eat healthy if you don’t. It’s not selfish to eat healthy and exercise.
2. Being too restrictive can cause binge eating disorders. In children that can last well into adult hood.
3. Diet pills are not for children. They aren’t even for you.
4. Go seek professional help. A child is not a mini adult when diet is concerned. Children do poorly on the kind calorie/carb restriction journaling that is for adults. See what exercise will be best.
5. Get them moving and be active with them. Have fun, walk together, take up sports together. Buy them activity toys like jump ropes, dance pads, twister, or a hula hoop.
6. Teasing yourself is fine but do not be abusive your family picks up on that. They pick up your habits.
7. Making fun of your child or teen is not very helpful either. You might think your telling it like it is but in reality you might have issues that you’re taking out on other people. Our you afraid your child will get the attention?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Celebration: Do it Now

Celebration: Do it Now
VH Melville
During this years Fourth of July celebration, children ran through the fair grounds with their silly string. The ground was muddy from last night’s rain and booths sold all kinds of yummy looking foods.
My town also held foot races. I entered for my age and gender which is female ages 30 to 39. I did not disregard my family do so. Daddy watched our little one so I could run.
Did I win? I could tell you a story but to be truthful I came in last but I competed. I did not fail. Failure would have been sitting on the sidelines wondering what might have been. How many times do we do this to ourselves let others live the life we want?
Are these you? I will eat healthy tomorrow. I will exercise next week. I will start this miracle fad diet/pill/tea because why would advertising lie? I will start dating once I am thin. Everything will be great once I am thin.
When you are thin sometimes you still come in last. You will still have stress.
Live your dreams now. What are your dreams?
What are your goals?
1. Do you want to be healthy? 2. Do you want to run a marathon. 2. Do you want to publish a book or learn how to paint? Do you want to learn how to dance? Do you want to learn to bake?
Make small goals that you can finish and work your way up. What are your goals?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

5th time's a charm wk5

Technically its week 5 of my 5th try.
The last time i did weight watchers i was at the 14lb mark around here, i'm not that far from it now but definitely not there.
I don't mind. This time around i'm not crazy obsessive or in a hurry.
I was OP every day last week and worked out 5 days.
I faced my first hurdle on sunday when i had to bake 48 chocolate cupcakes for an event.
I wasn't asked to do this - i volunteered.
I managed not to lick my fingers by washing them obsessively and i dunked all used bowls and utensils as soon as i was done with them.
Also, the thought of raw eggs in the batter totally grossed me out this time. ( i'm having serious egg issues i CANNOT smell one it grosses me out. I held my breath everytime i broke one into the mixture!)
Anyways i got through the baking just fine. (a small turkey pita helped that)
I ended up eating two cupcakes (they weren't huge cupcakes!) for lunch just because they were there.
I got angry at myself for it but i counted out the points and journaled it.
It just meant that i was going to have to keep busy at the party.
I did, i stayed far from the food table and instead took pics of people enjoying my cupcakes.
We went out to dinner after and i had a yummy low point salad and i do believe i came in under points on sunday(val helped me estimate the salad points).
I find though, that one low point day and one higher point day in the week helps me to lose.
I'm still checking that out to see.
Today is my first exercise day of the week and i find its always the hardest.
But i'm going to do it.
Thank you so much for your continued support!
What are you doing for yourself today?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Finding your Inner Inspiration

Finding your Inner Inspiration
VH Melville
Been feeling a little ill since last night. I hope I feel better for a walk. I don’t have access to most of my fitness equipment right now and I am very busy. I’ve been trying not to binge. I will just try to channel my motivation with good attitude.
Many people confuse good attitude with will power. Will power is a fleeting glittery thing easily lost in the day to day stress of daily life. The more you reach for it the farther it seems.
What are your tips for being motivated?

1. Write problems down, what are your binge triggers. What are your reasons not to exercise or eat healthy. How can you turn this around.
2. There will always be a party a summer barbeque, a Christmas party, work diners and vacations. Saying I’ll take a break when party season is over can harm you as much as being so deprived that you turn into a binge. I do WW and I am dipping into reserve flex and maintenance calories for the fourth. Even if I mistakenly go over I will do my best. Do not take breaks after you goal either. Yes you can eat more to maintain, but make your diet livable. In the past I gained all my weight back and then some for that very reason.
3. Stop beating yourself up for past failures. Yesterday is not today.
4. Have fun. Make exercise a game. You can’t do it if it’s not fun.
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