Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vacation My Big News: Staring over

Vacation My Big News: Staring over
I didn't want to state this on the blog but in private told some blogger friends off line.
The reason I had trouble with binging was hormones related to expecting another little one.
This cutie was well worth the gain.

I gained around 60 pounds. I want to lose 34 to 43 pounds depending how I feel when I hit these goals.
I think for now 42 pounds will be my goal weight. I get ill when my bmi is 21 because of too little body fat. I worked with my midwife/nurse Practitioner to gain the right amount of body fat without binging.
My newest little one was delivered by C-section.
If you decide to use a midwife make sure that the midwife is a nurse Practitioner because they can give life saving care other midwives cannot .

Spending/saving Luxury
I have been addicted to cheap chocolate and potato chips turning my pregnancy. I am still going to eat a mini three musketeer once in awhile and those off brand valentine chocolates but I want to include more quality foods. We bought organic semi sweet chocolate chips and those have been my treat. I am not a fan of Godiva chocolate bars it's overpriced and not any better than tasty cheap chocolate. What are your favorite candies? They don't have to be chocolate?

Can I start over? My husband who finds my beautiful at any weight thinks I can.
His faith in me is very motivating? I am diving in. I have no ww meetings due to my move.
I got my note book out wrote my rules down actually they are just tips to keep it more flexible
but still structured. I might start my own healthy weight support group.

My reasons for weight loss
1. Less acid reflux
2. Diabetes runs in my family
3. It's annoying having to shop around due to clothes not fitting
4. More energy
5. Exercise is fun

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Vacation was .. . .

My vacation was cool, fun and tiring. We took walks and had such yummy food to eat.
My husband got me a Wii for my birthday.
He located one a few days after my birthday. There is an amazing story some where in this which I will tell you soon. My birthday was wonderful. We went to Benihanas. It would be cool if there was something like that around here.
I had a blessed vacation and stayed with great people.

The wii is awesome.
This is great for people who usually hate games and anyone who is into exer-gaming.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wedding Insurance??

I love luxury but my form of luxury is different than others.
I have no problem with thrift store clothes because they are usually
as clean department stores. Who knows who is trying on your outfit?

I haven't been going on much walks in the past week due to my back
pain which I hope will be relived soon

Wedding insurance "Cold feet not included"

It's time to stop apologizing for your frugal living choices!
No Apologies

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I rewrote my clutter articles and will work on them again. I plan to work on a writing article today instead of taking my nap.
I am grateful today for love and life.

There is nothing wrong with spending money on luxuries but ask these questions:
1. Am I in debt?
2. Can I afforded this item is I cut something else out
3. Can I get long use or fun out of this
4. am I buying for self esteem or due to being bored.
5. Do I have a clutter filled home

Monday, August 13, 2007

Why palystation3 "ps3" isn't selling

I probably will get my wii after my birthday. We couldn't find one at walmart
while on vacation and I am not paying twice the amount of money
for one. I got my husband a watch he needed but it's a bit big.

Why palystation3 "ps3" isn't selling?
VH Melville
I haven't yet played the ps3 but the problems are obvious. It has good graphics from what I've seen in screen shots, but graphics alone can't save the ps3. Can sony turn this into a win? Only time will tell.

1. Wii is hurting Ps3 in development. Ps3 is said to be
extremely difficult to program to so who wants a console with so few
2. Blue Ray shoved down our throats. It made the ps3 too expensive to
produce. It means regular DVDs won't work on it and that's a pain.
3. Little real value: It's issue with wii is not that ps3 people are
buying wii's but they most of the hard core gamers already own an xbox
360 and there is little value to the ps3 to warrant the price.
4. The console is ugly compared to a Wii or x box.
5. Lame controller that doesn't even rumble.
6. PS2 is outselling the ps3. Ore people want ps2's due to price and gameplay.
7. Wii’s are cheaper if you can get them.
8. you can exigencies with a wii better than a ps3. I don’t know if ps3 is planning bawdily needed improvements to their eye-toy. I loved kinetics by the way but readability of the eye toy needs improvement and some of the other titles are buggy.
9. Over promising
10. Massive delays

Love husband and little one

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Good Week So far

I have spent a lot less this week than I thought I would and that includes going out to eat twice. Groceries were half as what I usually spend. We did spend money on some house hold goods that we had needed and they were less than what we had planned to spend.

I have been tired more than usual but had the chance to sleep in.

I am working on an article on clutter and toddlers. It won’t be done for a long time.

Thankful list
Husband and little one

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I did get to go for a walk yesterday

I was sick today.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Finished my Book

I finished Harry Potter and the deathly Hollows around 4pm Thursday. I got the book in the mail Tuesday. I loved it. Parts were sad and there was a death that became so sad and touching in the chapters afterword. Some pages stuck together so I had to go back and re-read some parts :-(

I was asked why I am thankful for apples. I love apples it's like candy to me.
Fresh fruit where I live can get rather expensive and sometimes hard to get. We are having good sales right now. Little things can bless as well.

I will be busy with my family so bye for now. I hope I can find a little time here and there to post but I may not be back to blogging full time for another month or two. I will be just way too busy Hopefully webgrl

Thankful List
My husband and little one
My friends
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.