Friday, September 28, 2007


What hobby have you ever wished you possessed talent in? I wish I could sew well. I used to try to sew dolls out of panty hose when I was 18/19. They were ugly but I was creating. I can't sew.

Favorite snacks at the moment
Fat free Pringles
Low fat or sugar free frozen yogurt
Fresh parmesan cheese
Turkey baloney

My Hair:
My hair is often best with use of cheap conditioner and lots of it and I mean lots.

I did strength training yesterday.
Weigh in: So far so good.
I look thinner now but have a big pot luck Sunday and a yummy date night Friday with Huby. He's cooking.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blended Paper Dolls

I used to love the little blender icons with the paper hearts in them. It was a time I was creative making paper dolls. Though I made heart themed ones. I am not sure I made any blender themed paper dolls but I could be wrong.
I want to make smoothies.
I am in the market for a new blender in 2008. Mine still works but has some issues. Sadly my food scale looks like it's breaking and it's newer than the blender.

1. Easy to clean. Mine isn't easy to clean.
2. Safety features like automatic shut off
3. Powerful ice shredder
4. Comes in black, pink or brown colors.
5. Good for smoothies

Thankful List
Life, husband, little ones, God, good food, any sleep

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I loved my parent's in laws visit. I was able to cook leaner foods and my little ones had a great time. They left yesterday.
I did strength training yesterday and no walking. I hope to do some indoor dancing.

We bought the ice-cream and a new hat the brand new little one needs for the upcoming winter.
Ice cream and warm hats just seem to go together. We will just wait till it ships in.

One of the stores got some fat free chips in.

Writing: Some edits came back from one of my books. I have also been tinkering with a novel I wrote around ten years ago.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I forgot to strength training in the past few days but I did a lot more walking. Made bread sticks with whole wheat.

Purchases: Well my husband has been complaining our ice cream maker hasn't been working the way it should. I do most of the cooking but when my husband does cook it's wonderful homemade frozen yogurt. So I will be ordering a new one in the next few days for my husband.

Our you on a diet or lifestyle change? If so which plan?

Sweet husband
Little ones
Whole wheat flour

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Salads for Breakfast

I am having a lovely vacation with the wonderful in-laws visiting. I love my mother in law.

I've been taking more walks which I won't be able take soon so I love the extra exercise.
I am planning flex points for tomorrow we might be having homemade fried Twinkies and homemade frozen yogurt. I am not joking about the fried Twinkies it is carnival food. I will not be eating the whole Twinkie or at least I hope I won't be. I've eaten I am having a lovely vacation with the wonderful in-laws visiting. I love my mother in law.

I've been taking more walks which I won't be able take soon so I love the extra exercise.
I am planning flex points for tomorrow we might be having homemade fried Twinkies and homemade frozen yogurt. I am not joking about the fried Twinkies it is carnival food. I will not be eating the whole Twinkie or at least I hope I won't be. I've eaten salads for two breakfasts in a row and chose a cleaner option from the delivery menu.

in a row and chose a cleaner option from the delivery menu.

What's your fave fitness toys?

Thankful List
My family

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Day

I only got to do a few strength minutes of strength training yesterday and no real cardio.
It's time for shameless self promotion so it's time to promote your favorite diet or frugal blog even if it's
your own.

My adorable and sweet mother in law is coming tomorrow to see the family and the new little one.

Thankful for my joyful life

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

mmm veggies

I am binging on carrots and veggies instead of candy bars. Woo hoo. My weight bounced a bit after some big first losses.
I know that after big losses the next loss might be smaller or a slight gain.
I look and feel a lot healthier. I could pick a smaller goal weight but I want a goal weight that's a little heavier and for me healthier. I will see if I want to lose more after I hit goal.

Freecycle "Article"

Three Fat Chicks article "about kimkins diet"

Thankful List
Little one
Powdered Milk "Don't always have to rush to the store for milk"

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dihydrogen Monoxide, About ME

Dihydrogen Monoxide

About ME
1. To me a great date with my husband, would be fast food and going to a computer store. I am gadget girl.
2. I love hibachi style restaurants
3. I love second run movie theaters and thrift store
4. I am so glad I got my wii
5. I am spiritual
6. I love being a wife and mother
7. I am addicted to Pringles. I love fat free Pringles but the store no longer sales them where I live.
8. I used to make weird goth paper dolls

Friday, September 14, 2007

KimKins Again

I cleaned today and played on my Wi. I did a little with my weights.

I don't like some of the advice kimkins gives and feel diets that are 1000 calories
and over are more to my taste. Some of the advice I've seen that is supposedly by Kimmer is way to low in fat for me and I try to watch the fats I eat.

Joy Health Challenge:
1. When going out to eat make plans to eat healthier.
2. Do ten minutes a day exercise and it must be something fun like a Wi, stability ball, ice skating, or even a hulla hoop.
3. Make a reward system for healthy eating and exercise.
4. See a doctor if you haven't in a while.

For everything

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fitness, Don't Sell Yourself Short, Cravings, and Thanks

What's your favorite light snack food? It can be healthy or just a lower calorie version of something you like?

I stressed ate today but I got through it without turning it into a major binge. I ate lots of carrots and I exercised on my Wii. So far I love boxing, bowling and tennis.

Don't Sell Yourself Short:
VH Melville
So many people state they will get a boyfriend or girlfriend once they lose the
weight. I was well over 200 pounds when I met my dream man.
I was a novelist/poet and the guys who asked me out online were less interested in me and more interested in my persona as writer which really is only a small part of who I was.
I didn't meet my husband online but at a church singles meeting.
I had been going on and off for ten years and was about to give up. I looked around the room and told myself there was no one there I could date. Then I spotted the guy who is now my husband. I had seen him before. He had moved to the state over the summer. I thought I could see myself going out with him. A month or two later I was home not feeling well from church and decided to go the singles meeting anyway because my sister came down with the stomach flu and our friend didn't want to go alone. That night my dream man asked me out. He even heard me say to my sister well I guess I should just be happy being a spinster. He chuckled to himself since he already had planned to asked me out.
He is funny and intelligent and he saw something special in me.

This last week or two I was craving
Bread pudding "Had instant pudding instead"
Apples "Yum and healthy"
Carrots "A good craving"
Chocolate "Ate good choclote chips"
Potatoes chips
Cheese curls "Ate them but weighed them"
Caramel apple "Split it with little one"
Olive oil
Crab cakes
marshmellows "MMMMM"

Thankful list
Little Ones
Back rubs from husband
Naps "When I can get them"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11, fitness, Britney Spears, Kimkins, thankful

Hug your family

I didn't get to exercise yesterday. I hope to get some movement in it. I did some on my body ball but I need to get more in. I am snacking on carrots again. It's like my taste buds are changing back. I still have the cravings for junk but I like to crave veggies as well.

Britney Spears
I didn't see the VMa's. As I stated before I don't have cable. I watched a second of the Britney Spears online. Miss Spears looked out of it and nervous.
She should have picked something long and classy. I don't understand why they are calling spears fat. She's a bit thicker than she used to be but she is not fat.
Most women who've had two kids back to back would love to look as fat as spears does.
Britney's stylest picked an awful outfit even someone without an ounce of body fat would have looked bad in that slutty attire. It's just unforgiving.
I think Britney needs to go back to rehab and get rid of a lot of people around her.
She needs to where more clothes and have respect for herself but I am not sure she knows how. She's been told to play on that since she was a child.

I heard of this diet from the wonderful Candace on her blog. I hope she is doing the modified Woman's world diet and not Kimkins official diet. It's ran by someone who calls herself Kimmer.
Is the diet all over the blogs,
The people on Kimkins are for what I've seen intelligent women and men but the diet worries me.

What scares me about this diet?
1. There are not enough vegetables
2. Laking in fiber.
3. KimKins diet is way too low calorie for my liking.
4. The maintenance calories are a little low and I like diets that allow you to eat more even if that means more exercise.

Thanful list
huby and little ones
any short nap

Monday, September 10, 2007

I ate a lot

I ate a lot this weekend but did not cheat I used my flex points. I have to get it into my head that's what my flex points are there for. I don't want to start going over them and binging of course.
I didn't get to go to bed when I wanted to but I was lucky to get a short nap.

I think I've just seen hood winked for the 100th time. The writing and music in this movie is absolutely spectacular. I think toddlers and people over 25 would enjoy the film the most. Hoodwink doesn't have the same fancy animation as some high budget movies. They look more like dolls than animation.
I've seen so many beautifully animated but poorly written children's films over the years. I love good writing which is why I also love Shrek.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Online Diets, Baby Clutter, Wii, Spendy, Fitness and thankful list

Online Fitness/diet Programs: Anyone a member of an online diet program? I am looking for an online program. I am doing weight watchers on my own but I'd like added support.
1. Weight watchers? 2. Tops? 3. Calorie King. 4. Spark people. 5. Fitday

Baby Clutter
VH Melville
Babies seem to need so much stuff and more furniture than adult does.
Many articles tell you what you need but many articles skip and forget to tell you what you don't need.

1. Baby walkers with wheels: These look fun at toy stores and many parents think that they will have faster walkers. What these well meaning parents are unaware of is these walkers are dangerous. They have problem with tipping over and can cause brain damage. Also many children have been burned when it gives them mobility to the stove.
2. Life Insurance: Children usually have no income, health insurance is a much choice.
3. Crib pillows, heavy quilts, large crib toys and borders. These are expensive, unneeded and sometimes unsafe.
4. Expensive baby clothes: It's good to have one or two nice Sunday outfits but for a newborn they grow out of things quickly and look good in a $5 dollar outfit as they do in $60 dollars.

I have always been more into casual and mini games so the wii seems cool. I am looking forward to the Wii Fit board as well as the game Ninja Bread Man which is a budget title.

I've been more spendy lately. Produce can be very expensive when you're eating healthy.

Fitness: I did a little stability ball and a little dancing.
If I eat out this week I will get delivery I am thinking grilled chicken sandwich or Chinese.

Thankful List
I am thankful for my husband and little ones
My friends
For water and peppermint tea

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Wow, the counting paid off and I feel healthier and my clothes fit a lot better. Also my acid reflux has reduced. I can only do light exercise right now but I plan to up it every week or soon. I don't want to harm my body and delay further progress by going too far, too fast.
I am making whole wheat bread in my machine. It smells good. I want to start making whole wheat pizza again and cookies,
I can't wait to see my husband today. He took a short trip but I miss him because I really enjoy hearing his voice.

My husband and my little ones
My lovely friends from church who've been kind and helpful with my recovery
Fruit and vegetables

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tired of Counting

I 'm sick of counting points already before this mandatory break journaling was second nature. I don't think I have my old deal a meal cards either to jump start things.
Why I need to journal in some way.
1. If I stop I will binge.
2. I haven't had my first weigh in
3. I forget what I eat

Thankful for
Husband and my little ones
Back rubs

I am thinking of learning how to cook better. I am thinking of getting, good baking choclote,
Truffle oil. Has anyone used truffle oil?

Here's an article New Book. I haven't read it yet.
America's Cheapest Family Gets you Right on Money

Saturday, September 01, 2007

My first few days

While clothes are fitting better and I know I will have lost a pound or two by my weigh in I still feel I am not doing enough for my health. I am not physically up to exercising as don't feel I am exercising enough I do a little on my wii but know I need to add weights, stability ball and indoor walking.
Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge More blogs about iportion.